Jal Desoa

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USS Triumphant
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Jal Desoa
Full Name Jaleseo of Palanon, child of Desoa, grandchild of Jaelani
Position First Officer
Rank Commander
Species Tyrellian
Gender Male
Age 38
Birthplace Laerin, Palanon, Tyrellian System
T/E Rating T0

Commander Jal Desoa is currently the First Officer on board the USS Triumphant.


  • Height: 1.95m (6' 4")
  • Build: Muscular
  • Hair: Dark, long
  • Eye Colour: Dark
  • Skin Tone: Appears tan in normal light
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Tyrellian loose-fitting tunic shirts, mostly earth colours, sometimes well-fitting.
  • Voice: Deep but charming
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Distinguishing Features: Glows sparkly and colourful under UV light


Jal is friendly, bright, and full of possibilities. His passion enables him to inspire and motivate others. He regards life as a wonderful gift and strives to make the most of it, curious in what motivates others, what they dream about, and what gets them out of bed in the morning. He is self-assured and even-tempered, and he does not quickly succumb to stress. He stands out in a crowd, is free-spirited, openhearted, and open-minded, and seeks to find joy in every day.

When he is immersed in a topic he is passionate about, his enthusiasm can be contagious. He exudes cheerfulness that attracts others and is a natural leader, stepping into his Starfleet boots with deft ease, and constantly encouraging his crew to work together rather than demanding loyalty. He may battle with self-control, becoming engrossed in thinking or theory. He was raised to be expressive and to have a true connection with the people he cherishes, but he may also read too much into other people's actions and behaviours. He'll let things stew and wait to figure out their intentions instead of asking for an explanation, occasionally missing the point.

Jal is a good-natured and loving listener who sees value in everyone and can adjust to having talks with everyone; this is a big asset to diplomatic abilities. To preserve the peace, he might make concessions on issues that are important to him or allow others to treat him disrespectfully. He might be excessively accommodating, feeling the need to elevate people and saying yes when he doesn't want to. Boundaries can be difficult to navigate.

The Tyrellian is cheery and helpful in friendships and relationships, available for playful banter or deep and meaningful discussions about anything and everything around 3 a.m. when the night shift begins. Friendship is a wonderful journey to explore and discover, and spending time with new friends is remarkable. Attracted to depth and complexity in friends and relationships, he finds it satisfying to see someone open up over time and unveil themselves, their deepest thoughts and feelings, and make them feel a bit invigorated in the process.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Curious
  • Perceptive
  • Good-Natured
  • Charismatic
  • Adaptable
  • Natural Leader
  • Strong social conscience
  • Overthinks
  • Independence streak
  • Tendency to be disorganised
  • People-pleaser
  • Distractable


  • Eenshi: A defensive martial art focusing on outmanoeuvring opponents by exploiting pressure points on the body. Wielding immense physical force without the use of weapons, Eenshi is taught to young Tyrellians entering into military service in hand-to-hand combat, and Jal has been an avid follower ever since.
  • Rock Climbing: A devotee to the rock, Jal has climbed them since a young age living in his mountain region homeland and enjoyed the passion ever since.
  • Learning: A keen learner of all things new, Jal throws himself into a new passion and devotes time to learning all there is to know, both professionally and personally.
  • Antiquities: Mythology and philosophy from the old world of Tyrellia have moved over to Palanon, captivating Jal as a child and allowing him to delve deeper into history, discovering what the ancients thought of life and how to live it.

Living and Working Spaces

In keeping with his military service, Jal maintains an ordered living space, if a little chaotic at times. Always clean, and moderately tidy. Sparse and spartan, he has a blanket folded neatly on his sofa, distinctions from his Tyrellian service displayed in a small frame on his desk. Pictures of experiences shared with both those of his former life in service and in Starfleet onboard the Triumphant, including one in pride of place bearing Walter, Petra and Jal during their desert race championship.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Naro Thyreos (Deceased)
    • Mother: Desoa Jaelani
    • Grandfather: Mynus Jarev
    • Grandmother: Jaelani Reila
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Zelria Desoa


Jal spent his early years in Thimis, a small city on the outer edge of the Laerin mountain region on Palanon. One of the oldest settlements on the planet from the Tyrellian migration, the people of Thimis hung onto their traditions and histories carried over from their home planet, and this is the environment that inspired a young Jal in his studies. His grandmother, a Senator in the Eosri of Tyrellia, taught Jal the ways of diplomacy, how to speak and orate, and how to leverage his knowledge and debate—skills which would become invaluable later on in his chosen career.

When left to childhood pursuits, Jal enjoyed climbing in the mountain regions of his home, progressing to larger and larger challenges as time and boyhood wore on. Suffering all manner of scrapes and breaks in his younger years, regardless Jal developed a love for the hobby he has carried since and gets out to climb whenever he gets the chance. He spent much of his early childhood in education, learning as all Tyrellian children did, the breadth of subjects and knowledge required to become a well-rounded adult.

Once he turned to his elder teenage years, moving into young adulthood, the opportunity to take a commission in the navy, the Tyrellian Ahavi, arose for the eldest child. Taking the chance to get military training and serve the Ahavi in the Neutral Zone, Jal jumped at the chance and began the steady climb in a Tyrellian Navy career. When they developed the Tyrellian Taskforce, another opportunity presented to take a secondment to Starfleet to train officers in the intricacies of the Tyrellian system and politics. Jal seized it with both hands—an opportunity to explore the galaxy from another point of view—taking them up on offers of training at Starfleet Academy.