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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code IOSI
Federation Status
Planet of Origin XB3
Encountered TIG: "Fishing for Trouble (Prelude)"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level D-
List of Named Ioosi

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The Ioosi (pronounced I-oo-s-E) are an amphibious humanoid species native to the planet XB-3 ("Ioosia" in their own planetary nomenclature). They are a pre-warp civilization still largely dependent upon seafaring vessels for trade and travel. Due to the Prime Directive, Federation contact with the Ioosi has to this point been minimal, and so much remains unknown about them.


The Ioosi are humanoid with grayish-silver skin. They have a seat of gills on their necks and webbing between their fingers and toes. A distinctive feature is their brightly colored hair which is purple, green, pink, orange or bright yellow. They have distinct gills on the side of their neck which enables them to breathe underwater, but they are just as capable of breathing air on land. They have relatively large eye sockets, making their eyes seem larger than they are, and their noses do not protrude very distinctly from their faces.

History and Civilization

The have settlements on both the land and under the water. Although land is considered a "Sacred Place", it is not known exactly what that means.

The Federation has no information on the governmental structure or factions on the planet, other than a note from the science team that they are a matriarchal culture and that could mean any number of things. Ioosi males appear never to serve in positions of power or authority, however, and display overt signs of subservience and respect in public interactions with females. The names of Ioosi females appear always to begin with some sort of prefix, the precise nature of which is not known. Examples observed by Federation personnel include "Ti'," "Ri'," and "Li'." In at least some Ioosi cultures, males can be bonded to females, the overt sign of which appears to be a hand-fashioned jade earring in one ear.


They have very little technology, they navigate by astronavigation and use sailing ships on the water. They do use simple radio waves for communication. Most of their more "advanced" technology deals with the large domes they have built underwater which house massive cities. There are only a handful of domes on the planet. Their current tech level is D- (Pre-Industrialization).

The Ioosi is a non-Warp culture thought to have had no contact with spacefaring species. The Prime Directive currently applies in all encounters with this species.