Fishing for Trouble, Prelude (Tiger)

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USS Tiger is sent to investigate a 15 year old distress call from a lost Starfleet runabout deep in unexplored space.

Disaster strikes as the Tiger crosses into unexplored space, the level of damage necessitating a return to dock.

Ship Reports

Stardate 238509.26

Commanding Officer: Commander Sidney Riley (reporting)
Executive Officer: Lt Commander Lily Ventu
Second Officer: Lt Commander Salak

The crew of the USS Tiger's shore leave was cut short to answer a distress call from a science team which went missing in the Ithassa Region. They are currently on their way to the planet XB3, a Class O Planet which is 87 percent water, where they are to rescue the science team and retrieve all Federation technology. Complicating matters are that the planet's inhabitants, the Ioosi, are at pre-industrial tech levels.

The ships senior staff is currently working on a way to camouflage Starfleet technology and themselves so they can complete their mission. Crew members are also learning to swim and sail a ship while enroute to XB3.

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