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On an Intrepid class ship, the conn station located on the bridge stands alone directly in front of the viewscreen. The station is slightly recessed into the floor, to allow an unobstructed view from the command station.

The primary purpose of the station is to control the ship's warp and impulse engines, as well as the reaction control thrusters, inertial dampeners, and landing struts.

The station is divided into five panels which are constantly reconfiguring to provide the most appropriate controls in the logical sequence as determined by the LCARS Artificial Intelligence. On the central display, impulse engines and RCS thrusters are controlled, as well as warp engines and course-heading. The center-left panel is utilized for monitoring warp propulsion systems and controlling landings. The center-right panel, which is slightly raised, displays navigational scans. On the far-left panel is shuttle monitoring and telemetry data, while the far-right panel acts as a point of liaison for the engineering and operations departments. The stations's chair is set on a track allowing the seat to move between the panels.

Although many flight operations are automated, the conn is always manned. In emergencies, the conn officer can access manual control of the ship's engines.


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