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Four Letter Code ILLU
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Crysta Alpha
Encountered Unknown
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Planetary Development Scale
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"Such strange beings, so fragile, so limited, so primitive, no wonder they are beneath notice most of the time."
an Illumini observation in regards to most intelligent species.
The Illumini are an unusual species that appears humanoid in order to diffuse the fear that their natural appearance causes. With a physical form that has no biological material of any kind and a lifespan that measures in the thousands of years their difficulty in understanding and interacting with most short lived biological intelligent life forms in not unexpected.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Vorin Sector (coordinates B27-0002-1300 )
  • Proper Name: Crysta
  • Star: It has a binary star system with a Pulsar and a White Dwarf star
  • Distance from Star: it orbit's the binary stars at approximately 87 million km
  • Companions: 2 other planets and an asteroid belt. It is the closest planet to the binary stars
  • Moons: it has 1 large moon and 3 medium

Home World

  • Proper Name: Crysta Alpha
  • Diameter: 44,749 km (27,968 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.54 standard gravity with a density of 2.4
  • Axial Tilt: 2%, no appreciable tilt and no seasons
  • Orbital Period: 212 days
  • Rotational Period: 19 hours
  • Classification: ?? (So far this world has not met any of the normal requirements for classification. Some speculation based on the limited scientific data available would seem to indicate that the planet has been terraformed into it's current state.)
    • Surface Water: 0%
    • Atmosphere: 0.08 is a barely trace atmosphere with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace gases
    • Climate: uninhabitable, visitors remain indoors.
    • Terrain: The surface is a barren wasteland of rough, rocky and desolate zones
    • Population: Just over 5 million


The Illumini are a species about which not much is known. They are a truly unique addition to the Federation. Especially since they are an isolationist species. Their home-planet Crysta Alpha lies deep within Federation space in the region near Gamma Tauri. Invisible to most sensors and even to the naked eye most of the time, their world is considered quite astounding due to this natural phenomena.

The very few humanoids who have actually seen or visited the planet nicknamed it the 'Glass Giant' due to its transparent like attributes. A very strange phenomena occurs twice during its planetary cycle while circling their two stars, one a pulsar and the other a white dwarf. It is at this time that the planet absorbs and reflects the stars light which makes it seem to illuminate from within. It is only at this time that the planet is easily visable to sensors or the naked eye.

Despite their history as isolationist's, the Illumini are considered very wise when it concerns knowledge of the galaxy. Several thinly veiled and vague references in obscure saga stories suggest that they are not naturally indigenous to our galaxy. However this has never been proven. For now they will remain just good bedtime stories or interesting tales of mystery.

Other than this very little is known about their past. The Illumini prefer to keep a low profile and to remain 'unseen'. This mostly has to do with their history with other space-fairing species. Most other species have shown illogical and fear based responses inspired by the Illumini's odd bodily structure and appearance.


Since becomeing members of the Federation they have revealed a little more about themselves than they had before. Not a lot that is true but the one area in which they have made full disclosure is the manner and form of their government.

The Illumini have a two council system of government. The first is the White Council with a total of 153 members and the second is the Black Council with 135 members. The White Council deals with all issues that have to deal with their people and space with in their system. The Black Council deals with any and all issues that fall outside of their system.


While the Illumini may appear to be some radical form of biped humanoid, that is where the similarity ends. Visually they appear to be genderless and their bodies seem to be formed from a purely transparent diamond like material. They are in reality one of the very few species not composed of any form of biological material. Their hairless transparent bodies and lack of detail like colored eyes, lips and flesh are known to have caused several unlucky encounters with species that simply could not understand and reacted in fear.


  • Breathing Conditions: There are 'none'. The Illumini are capable of surviving without any atmosphere as long as their energy reserves can last. It has been known for some Illumini to have survived the mind numbing cold and vacuum of space for several months, replenishing their energy from stars. They can also absorbe some other natural and in some cases artificial energy sources as well.
  • Gravity Conditions: Their tough and hard bodies make them capable of surviving in zero-gravity or on high gravity worlds with no noticeable affect. This seems to only be limited only by the stress their harder-then-diamond bodies can handle. Their movements will be limited though, depending on the amount of gravity.
  • Growth Period: The Illumini are born deep within their planet's cold crust in, what is called by them, the lagoon of life. Unlike most species, the Illumini do not have parents as we know them, no 'mother' or 'father'. They are created by a chemical and natural process within the lagoons and are brought up by groups of people simply known as caretakers. A member of the Illumini race will reach adulthood after approximately 50 years of development within this lagoon. Their lifespan however is many times more than that of a human. Theory proclaims the Illumini should be able to reach several thousand years of age before their capacity to absorb energy is reduced to zero percent.
  • Senses: Very much identical to a Terran, from touch, taste, scent, sight and sound. They possess no enhanced ability with their senses.
  • Resistances: Starfleet scientists often wonder how such a species could have found life, as Federation biologists are puzzled how their hard bodies can actually move. Even more puzzling is their capacity to absorb energy of various kinds and use it to manipulate their bodies, giving them the temporary but still impressive capability of slightly changing shape to one of equal mass or to even make their bodies lit up by producing a blinding white light like effect from the inside out. This is believed to be an ancient and natural defensive mechanism which was developed millions of years ago. The Illumini can't however use this gift very often as it takes a huge toll on their bodies and minds, causing immense fatigue and massive drops in stored energy.


According to them the Illumini do not suffer from any form of mental instability or social disorders. When asked why not their simple response was that they were not capable of such illogical, biological failures.


Dr. Ista Paran has reported that they have no concept or use for such illogical beliefs as religion. In fact according to the report they could not even grasp the concept of religion or the need for it as it was so far outside the norm for them.


Also in the report written by Dr. Ista Paran, he states that they have no concept or use for such illogical beliefs as myths. They are evolved beyond such petty superstition. In fact according to the report they could not even grasp the concept it was so far outside the norm for them.


Professor Aria Durian spent almost 6 months examineing and observeing before writting her report. According to it they have an utopian society with no crime, hunger, want, need or social problems of any kind that she could find. Everyone seemed to be composed, calm and relaxed. However they also did not seem to need any form of social interaction or other down time activities in order to maintain a well balanced collective.


Prior to exposure to other species and cultures they do not seem to have developed any art forms. Even now most of their species considers these arts as a waste of time and resources as they do not seem to create or provide anything useful.


The Illumini do not seem to have any customs. As a species they tend to have trouble grasping the concept of certain species doing certain things for certain reasons, such as celebrating a birth or a wedding. To them it makes no sense.


The full extent of their technology is unknown. What little is know and has been confirmed is that they are a warp-capable species. They have a unique method of manufacturing a high quality of dilithium crystals which can boost engine efficiency at least 8 percent. This technology has been used by Starfleet with much gratitude on numerous occasions, especially during the Dominion wars and the construction of the Sovereign class starships.

Due to their bodily structure, the Illumini have had very little need of medical knowledge. Their scientific knowledge of the fabric and traits of the Galaxy however has been named 'impressive' by scientists from all over the galaxy on numerous occasions.


The Illumini see no need in enriching themselves with currency. They have always worked as a species to better themselves.


While they do not seem to have a military and there are no records or data to confirm or deny this, it is also true that the few times that hostile craft have entered their system they have vanished with no trace or record of what ever happened to them ever being discovered.

Federation Intelligence Files

So far only a very few Federation personnel have ever been allowed to land on their world and explore. The most famous of these are Dr. Ista Paran and Professor Aria Durian, both of who have submitted what are to this day considered the most accurate reports available concerning this species.

So far only 1 member of this species has served with Starfleet. That individual was Ignis Fatuus.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by Ignis Fatuus and completed by Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar.

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