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Crysta Alpha

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Crysta Alpha, home of the Illumini race near the regions of Gamma Tauri.

Overall Planet Information

Invisible for sensors and even for the naked eye most of the times, this world is being considered quite unique due to its natural phenomena. The very few humanoids who actually seen or visited the planet nicknamed it the 'Glass Giant' due to its transparent like attributes. Twice during its planetary cycle circling their two stars, one pulsar and a white dwarf, the planet absorbs and reflects the stars' energetic light which makes it seem to illuminate the various planets in their system.


The temperature on the home-world of the Illumini normally surrounds the zero degrees celsius. Due to its two suns, the orbit of the planets within this system is all but usual and varies per cycle, albeit quite stable. This, however, causes their homeworld seasons to vary as well. Usually, nine out of thirteen months exist in, what humans would call winter. It is speculated that this, in combination with the high electromagnetic disturbances from the nearby pulsar has given the Illumini species their unique physical trades.

Planet Cycles

Crysta Alpha cycles its suns every 1.5 years, but not in a circular shaped orbit but rather an erratic one. It took Federation scientists quite some years to discover the patterns by which each planet within the system moves.

Planet Continents

The number of continents varies. This depends on the position to its suns and the duration of last winter period. However, it is generally accepted the planet has an average of three mayor continents and only a handful of subcontinents.

Planet Vegetation

There is practically no vegetation present on the planet, except for a complex system of algae which control the thin layer of atmosphere present up to only four kilometers measured from the surface.

Planet Animal Life

Very little is known about the fauna of Crysta Alpha. However, several sightings of huge crab like animals and yeti like creatures have been sighted. The Illumini are reluctant to share much information with anyone on this specific subject. The reason for which is still unknown.

Detailed Surface Image

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