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USS Ronin Bartending Robot



  • Gender: Genderless
  • Rank: Playful Little Robot, 1st Class
  • Race: Robot
  • Simed By: Keval Trolin

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Hoshi is one of three robots owned by Makayla Riordan.


  • Full Name: Hoshi
  • Current Rank: Playful little robot, 1st Class
  • Race: Robot
  • Date of Birth: 238509.16
  • Place of Birth: J.J. Inc.
  • Gender: Genderless, but sounds male
  • Telepathic status: T2


  • Height: 12.1 in
  • Weight: 10.24 lbs
  • Hair Color: Can be changed: prefers orange
  • Eye Color: Black



Hoshi is a playful robot. He was given as a gift along with his siblings to Makayla Riordan. Some years later she was assigned as the bartender aboard the USS Ronin. Hoshi and his siblings helped their master with her chores during the day and explored the ship during the night. However with Riordan was called away suddenly she was unable to take her robots with her. After much deliberation Hoshi decided to stay aboard the Ronin waiting where his owner could find him, while his siblings went off together to look for Makayla. Hoshi romes the ship sometimes interacting with it's life other times hiding away lonely and depressed missing his family.