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The valley of Hersir is a huge valley with an excellent series of canals and rivers watering it's entire length and breadth. It can be found near the capitol of Bramha on Taurus I, which is about 30 km away from the most interior starting location of the valley. As for the valley it self, it ranges in size from over 50 km wide at it's narrowest to almost 150 km wide and is almost 350 km long. It ends at the shoreline of the largest ocean on the planet.

It has some of the oldest buildings on the planet, with the earliest canals haveing been dated at close to 10,000 years old. Excellent farm land, it is a model of just how productive land can be if cared for carefully.

Near the start of the valley, is a small grove of huge trees. Something gray sticks up out of the center of the grove. A large cylinder like object made from some strange type of material.

The statue is over 50 feet tall. It is of a humanoid that appears faintly terran with long hair and a beard and mustache. He wears robes that hang down to his feet and holds a book in one hand balanced against his hip. His other hand is pointing out at something. He is wearing a belt that has 12 symbols on it. One of the twelve symbols is promenant in it's placement at the front on what appears to be a buckle. It looks faintly like a O with a U that has been spread so wide that it is almost flat lying on top of it.