Helena Jolliet

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USS Eagle
Helena Jolliet.png
Position Nurse
Rank Petty Officer Second Class
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 233110.14
Age 68
Birthplace Spokane, Washington, Earth
Writer ID A239504HM0

Petty Officer 2nd class Helena Jolliet, a Human, is currently serving as a nurse aboard the USS Eagle.


  • Height: 1.68 meters, 5' 6"
  • Weight: 59 kilos, 120 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black, Graying
  • Eye Color: Hazel


  • Spouses:
    • Arnaught Jolliet, deceased
    • Mikkel Christiansen, deceased
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Todd Johnson, deceased
    • Mother: Margaret Bessette, deceased
  • Siblings: None


  1. 2331 Helena is born in Spokane, Washington on Earth.
  2. 2353 Helena marries Arnaught Jolliet
  3. 2358 Arnaught dies
  4. 2372 Helena marries Mikkel Christiansen
  5. 2394 Mikkel dies
  6. 2395 Helena enlists in Starfleet as a nurse

Brief Bio

Born in Spokane, Washington on Earth, Helena Johnson grew up wanting to help people. This resulted in her pursuing a career as a nurse. She met her first husband while attending medical school in France and was devastated when he died in an accident just five years after they were married. She threw herself into nursing and spent the next fourteen years traveling around Earth and between planets in the Federation working in civilian hospitals until she met and married Mikkel Christiansen while working at a hospital on Mars. They married and Helena stayed with Mikkel on Mars until his death in 2394. Following this loss, Helena joined Starfleet as an enlisted nurse.


  • Upbeat
  • Empathetic
  • Keeps herself as busy as possible