Helaina Hunt

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Mars General Hospital
Captain Helaina Martha Hunt, M.D.


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Chief Surgeon and Vice Dean of Medicine
  • Station: Mars Station, Hospital
  • Rank: Captain
  • Race: Human

  • DOB:’’’ 233008.17
  • Age:’’’ 61
  • Height: 5’9’’
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Hair Color: Blondish Red
  • Birthplace: New York City, Earth
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Captain Helaina Martha 'Davenport" Hunt, M.D. Chief Surgeon Mar's General Hospital and Vice Dean of Medicine

Helaina has had a long career in Medicine. She is a graduate of Stanford Collage with a BS in Biology and went to Med School at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Helaina was a Internal Medicine and Infective Disease Specialist after graduating and entering her residency. Helaina completed her Residency in Paris. After Her Residency Helaina Entered Star Fleet, because of her back ground she only needed one year and the Academy and three years at Star Fleet Medical to be retrained as a Surgeon.

While at the Academy School of Medicine, She meet her Husband Perry Martin Hunt, who was in the Engineering Program at the Academy, they were married the very next year at the Presidio under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Her first duty station as a Ensign was at Star Fleet Medical Operations Center for Advanced Surgery, Greece Island of Crete. Here first son Jessie Hunt, was born shortly after transferring here. She was promoted to Lt. JG and was made the 3rd Watch O.R. Lead. Soon after the promotion Helaina had her second son Guy Perry Hunt. She was promoted to Lieutenant and Transferred to Earths Moon, when Martin was stationed there. Helaina became the Chief Medical Officer of New Tyco Clinic. Being at a Clinic and not a hospital did have its limits, but it freed up a lot of time so that Helaina could devote that extra time to research. Helaina Transferred to the USS Charleston and was the Chief Surgeon. She had her third son Perry Guy Hunt, while on the Charleston. As Chief of Surgery Helaina saved the life of 4 Admirals 12 Captains and 9 Ambassador all in one day after a meeting on a planet went wrong. She was Promoted to Lt. Commander and Transferred to one of the Admirals Ship, The USS Hood. As CMO on the Hood, she had to send her kids to Earths moon to stay with their grandparents. The hood engaged the Dominion in battle 68 times. Helaina really cut her teeth in those engagements. After the Hood was lost, the Escape pods of 12 ships landed on a planet behind enemy lines. Helaina was the only Medical Officer to survive the escape. She seat up and built a field hospital and treated everyone for 4 months with limited supply and no staff. The four months on the planet really push Helaina to her limits, there was at least a Dominion Attacks on their survivors every week. The USS Firefox and the USS Norman both Galaxy Class ships crossed the line and rescued them.

Helaina was Promoted to Commander was made the Chief Medical Officer of the Surgery Center on a Moon near the Dominion Border. After the war ended Helaina Transferred to Mars to take over as Chief Surgeon and Vice Dean on Medicine at the Mars General Hospital. Helaina was Promoted to Captain and now seats on several Medical Boards and Committees and travels to different stations showing other surgeons some of the new brake troughs in the Surgical field, as the Vice Dean of Medicine she is always looking for new Surgeons.