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Petty Officer First Class Harris Christopher was an explosives/demolition specialist in Starfleet Security.


  • Name: Harris Christopher
  • Age: 27
  • Born: Earth, Arizona
  • Major Degree: Chemistry


Harris was raised in foster care until the age of 16.

  • Siblings: Malory (sister)
  • Parents: Deceased.


It's hard to believe Harris turned out the way he did. He and his sister bounced through the cracks in the civilian foster care services and were eventually placed with a foster family in the remaining areas of desert in central Arizona. A lack of supervision eventually led to Harris developing a passion for explosions and physical activity. A star athlete in high school, the soft spoken but bright student had plenty of time to wander aimlessly through the desert. His youth contains numerous arrests for petty destruction of property. No one was ever injured during his time spent making IED's and no one was ever killed. The destroyed property was for the most part abandoned.

"Harris was a quiet boy. Some of the neighbors thought he was the reincarnation of Timothy Mcviegh of something... but they were just nosy. He never once raised his voice in anger, never once struck his sister or any of the other children we had. He always had his nose in a book or was off wandering the desert. I thought it was good for him, and he certainly was never causing us problems." - Foster Parents

"Interestingly enough he shunned the responsibility of being the schools Valedictorian. He never quested for the respect of his peers, but nevertheless he seemed to earn it through his deeds. I think what I remember most is the day our school won the state championship game. There was some talk that the school would have to suspend him - we broke the rules sometimes to keep his more explosive activities from taking away his Academic achievements - because he had blown up a car in the parking lot. They didn't suspend him of course and I can remember after classes ended seeing him still in the library reading. The others had gone off to prepare for the game but he was still trying to learn. His stats during the game: 8 points, 8 rebounds, and 17 assists. He always made his teammates standout in the eyes of others. When he had the ball he was like a sniper." - High School Chemistry Teacher

"Sometimes we tend to keep our bright young minds out of the front lines. This kid is a rare example of someone who was thrown in before we realized his potential. When we had finally discovered our mistake we found him in high spirits disarming IED's and extending safe areas. That he made most of the same types of explosive as a child? He knew every bomb type and how to find them, within a month mortality rates due to IED's had dropped 80 percent." - Starfleet Placement Officer Review Panel