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Carter Greyson
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Tactical Officer
USS Garuda


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(( Captain’s Ready Room ))

:: Ensign Carter Greyson had sent a message a day or so ago to Captain Egan Manno with a request to set up a meeting. He didn’t know what to expect, all that he knew was that the engineering department was short-handed. He didn’t think his life on the bridge was going to be for him, and the extra degree would probably help him. Besides, he’d still be wearing gold. So it wasn’t going to be too much of a change. ::

(( Flashback -- DSX, The Jolly Spaceman, a few days earlier ))

:: He smiled as she left his presence and took a padd from his pocket, pondering over his request to meet with the captain and Commander Core. He wanted to take that opportunity, and thought she may be right in the respect getting off the bridge might be less stressful an environment. He began to compose, He thought about adding Tristam's name, but decided against it given the conversation on the bridge that he'd been injured. So, just the captain. For now.

To: Captain Cassandra Egan Manno.
From: Ensign Carter Greyson, Tactical Officer
Re: Transfer request to Engineering

To the Captain and Acting Chief Engineer:I don't know if you know me. My name is Carter Greyson, a recent transfer from the USS Excalibur-A. I transferred over at the same time as Dr. Skyfire, and my first day on the job was blown up by a tactical console. I heard that we might be a bit short-staffed in engineering and would like to meet with you to discuss a potential reassignment from tactical.At your leisure, of course.
Ensign Carter Greyson

His message typed, he continued to sip his root beer and pondered over what Nia had told him: about his potential self improvement, about Chythar, and idly curious what was going on with Commander Tan. Whether Commander Core was alright. Think and reflect. ::

(( End Flashback ))

:: He straightened his uniform and rang the chime. He was going to have something happen, but didn’t know what it was. Either he’d be condemned to life on the bridge, or released to engineering for a change of pace. ::

Egan Manno: Come in.

:: He entered and nodded to each in turn. ::

Greyson: Captain. Commander Core. Thank you both for taking the time to meet with me.

:: He had a seat, and rested his arms on the arm rests. ::

Egan Manno: Of course, Ensign. ::beat:: Incidentally, I suspect that your note was for Commander Core’s benefit?

:: She gave him a quick, searching look, but didn’t wait for an answer. One wasn’t required, but she did wonder at the odd triangulation that existed between Core, Greyson, and Dr. Rahman. Rahman had been Core’s superior and his friend, but Greyson had been assigned as her personal guard when she’d been released on parole. Core and Greyson might not even be aware of the connection they already shared, tenuous as it was, but Cassie had to give it a moment of thought before she continued; it was just odd enough to require the moment before she moved on. ::

::The engineer remained quiet as he took a seat, careful of his left arm locked away in a sling. He had never dealt with department transfers before, but apparently it was part of his duties in his new position - that still didn’t stop him from questioning why he was here. Normally when he woke up in the morning and found that a new officer was in his Engineering team, he just ran with it and assigned them duties like everyone else. The process of transfer must have been more complicated than he’d thought.::

Greyson: I know it’s irregular for an ensign to request a department swap, even more so than after one bad day on the job. But to be truthful, I thought the console was going to bite me while I stood on the bridge during the last mission.

Egan Manno: It’s not strange, especially since this wasn’t your first mission.

:: If it had been, Cassie would have feared that he based his request entirely upon the (admittedly rather boring) duty he’d been given. Escort work was not a good measure of his possible duties -- but she knew, too, that he had been a transfer from the Excalibur, so it wasn’t likely that he was making his decision based upon the restriction of his duties in the previous mission. ::

Core: Could I ask what happened, Ensign?

:: Cassie nodded. Yes, she wanted to hear more of Greyson’s reasoning, too. ::

Greyson: The short answer is I reported for duty, used a faulty console and woke up staring at Commander Mei’konda followed only seconds by Dr. S. We hadn’t been on board a full 24 hours before all hell broke loose.

::Tristam frowned. Console malfunctions should have registered in Main Engineering - why the Engineering staff wouldn’t manually shut down that console was a very good question indeed . . . unless someone had failed to notice. Also concerning was the possibility that it could have been one of those consoles affected in the power surge and no one had bothered to take a look at it.

::This was a failure on Tristam’s part.::

Greyson: I didn’t know if that was one of the consoles that had been tampered with. It was, as Commander Calderan pointed out, possible it may’ve been sabotaged. I didn’t notice if it had been.

Core: It wasn’t sabotage. I went over every Bridge console twice myself to ensure that nothing else was sabotaged. I’m thinking it might have been part of the group of consoles that were affected by one of the explosions - we had an issue with a power surge that took out at least eighteen consoles. :: He sighed. :: I’m disappointed to hear that we have missed one, resulting in your injury. This should have been rectified long before you accessed it.

Egan Manno: I understand your reservations regarding bridgework, Ensign, but I’m not sure that I understand why a transfer would be the best option in this case.

:: She peered at him, not trying to make him uncomfortable, but giving him the floor for further explanation. She glanced over at Core, too, wondering at his take regarding the request and how he’d respond to department changes (well, additions) so soon in his tenure as chief. ::

Greyson: :: He took a breath. :: I did take a few courses at the academy for electives in the engineering department. I felt a bit nervous when I stood behind the console, waiting for it to blow up again. Commander Mei’konda pointed out he saw my hands shaking, and after I spoke to Commander Calderan she told me to run it by you two. :: Pause. :: She thinks perhaps a transfer to engineering might be less stressful.

Core: I’m . . . not entirely sure I agree with Commander Calderan there. Engineering can be one of the most stressful places onboard a ship, and unless you’re working with small tech like tricorders and PADDs, there’s a lot of hands on work. I’m quite happy to have you on-staff - with a slip up such as the Tactical console occurring, I think we need more hands - and I’m happy to take you through the extra courses and mentor you if need be, but I don’t know how comfortable you’ll be.

::Taking cadets through the more hands-on aspect of Engineering and Operations on DS17 was one of the “high-lights” of Tristam’s time on the station. How he’d managed to get into that position was something he asked himself many times over the years, but to say that it had not been rewarding would have been a lie. Greyson had already said that he’d taken a few courses at the Academy - if he needed extra training, it was something the Rodulan was willing to do.::

:: Again, Cassie glanced at Core before she answered. ::

Egan Manno: If Commander Core is willing to accept you onto his staff, then I accept that recommendation. ::beat:: But I would caution you, Ensign: Be certain that this is what you want. I suspect you’ve had time to think, but perhaps -- talk it over with a counselor or a friend, if you haven’t.

:: He nodded faintly, understanding the reservations of both parties. He knew the implications of what he was asking, and had only arrived at the conclusion a couple of hours before sending the note to the captain. ::

Greyson: I will mention it to Counselor Moonsong in my next session, and will be willing to put in the extra work for my engineering degree from the academy. :: Beat. :: I shall inform you of my final decision after I speak with her, if that’s acceptable.

Egan Manno: It is. Though I suggest you speak to Commander Core directly, as I’ll only need to verify the transfer now that I know that it’s your intent to pursue it, Ensign -- potentially. :: beat :: Oh, and Commander, if you have another moment?

:: She nodded once to Greyson. If he was intending to pursue the transfer, and she thought, given the high wave upon which he’d entered, that he was, then this would concern him, too. ::
Core: Of course, Captain.

Egan Manno: When Dr. Rahman was removed from her position, I named you the acting chief in her stead. I was favorably impressed with your performance during the mission and Commander Calderan’s reports spoke highly of you. If you’ll take it, the chief of engineering spot is yours.

::Tristam blinked. Only once has he actually been an actual department head, and it was only for about three weeks. Over six years in Starfleet, and he’d grown into the position of taking orders, doing the job. Being in charge, despite being capable in that role, had not been something he was entirely comfortable with. And now that he was pretty much taking Roshanara’s job? Before, it was just in an acting capacity until they found a more suitable replacement. ::

::Apparently they’d just found the suitable replacement. ::

Core: Uh . . . Thank you, Captain. I can’t think of a reason why not.

Egan Manno: I know your specialty has never been propulsion systems, but -- from one engineer to another -- I’d tell you to brush up. In my experience, the engines break more often than anything else on the ship. :: beat :: Except, possibly, the consoles on the bridge.

:: Cassie glanced at Greyson, including him in the dry observation, though she wondered if it would seem even slightly humorous from his perspective. ::

:: The young ensign managed a dry chuckle, then shut his trap. He saw it as humor, though admittedly he was the brunt of that particular joke. ::

Egan Manno: Use your staff, of course, but there’s nothing like knowing it yourself.

:: Abruptly, Cassie stood, and held out her hand to Core. ::

Egan Manno: Congratulations, Commander.

::Slowly, the Rodulan also stood, light grasping the captain’s hand for a Terran hand shake.::

Core: Thank you, Captain.

Greyson: Indeed, congratulations, Commander. :: Beat, and he looked to both the captain and the chief as he stood. :: I look forward to our next conversation.
Core: Yes, so do I, Ensign. Let me know when you’ve come to your final decision, and we’ll start your retraining immediately.

Greyson: Aye, sir.

Egan Manno: Then, unless there’s anything more?

Core: Not that I’m aware of.

Greyson: No, ma’am.

Egan Manno: Then: Dismissed, gentlemen.

Captain Cassandra Egan Manno
Commanding Officer
USS Garuda NCC 73809

Ensign Greyson
Tactical Officer
USS Garuda NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lt. JG Chythar Skyfire

LtCmdr Tristam Core
Chief Engineer
USS Garuda

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