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Crew of the USS Astraeus

LtGreyson 2396.png

Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

((USS Garuda: Deck 9))

::​Carter walked Raissa back to her quarters. He too was concerned over the recent development involving her abilities.::

Greyson: How can I help, love?

Moonsong: ::She looked up surprised.:: I still feel like I’m dreaming… that you are really here…

Moonsong: ::She looked down at their joined hands. This was real. Yet…:: I don’t know if there is anything you can do. And… ::She hesitated.:: I may not be the best person for you to be around right now…

::At first, her words didn't make sense. Then they stopped in front of her door, and he saw the hesitation in her eyes. Then, he asked softly.::

Greyson: Why's that?

Moonsong: ::She was barely aware that they had stopped at the door to her quarters.:: At… at the moment… I’m a touch telepath… That means I see your thoughts… I’m trying not to… I have to relearn my shielding… do you understand what that means?

:: He thought about her words, what she had made sense of so far. And shook his head. ::

Greyson: I can't say I know for sure, no. Why?

​Moonsong: ​::She looked at the door to her quarters.:: It means… you might not want to be around me… you will have little to not privacy until I get this under control.

​::He knew a little bit about telepaths, but not much. Heck, he knew CD was one, but he didn't know the exact nuances associated with them. So he didn't quite know the specifics about the levels. As much as he felt he had to be close, she could probably read the concern in his words.::

Greyson: I don't care. If me being by your side helps, at all, I want to make that happen. Even if it means you'll be able to read me like an open book.::He locked his gaze with hers.:: If you want me to go, I'll go. On your word you'll call me if you need me.

Moonsong: ::She looked up at him:: I don’t want you to go…. but I need a little time... ::He understood, despite the pain he felt at having to ​tear himself away just when he made his confession of love. The fact she accepted his terms was enough, for now. And he wanted to kiss her. Given what she said about being a touch telepath, it seemed like a bad idea at the moment. Instead he nodded.::

Greyson: Alright. Take care.

Moonsong: You too…

::He turned and headed back toward his room, swallowing back the discomfort in his throat. And it seemed like one hell of a rough start to their relationship. He probably needed the time to focus on his studies anyway. Another 20 credits worth of studying, and he'd be a full-on engineer, with the paperwork to back it up.::

​(( Jump, Greyson's quarters a few minutes later. ))

​::Carter came into his room and sat at the desk, activating his console. He felt a bit drained; partially from the exertion from the after effects on the station, partially because of the mental experiences he shared with Ris. He ran a hand along his face before he put his name forth for distance learning.::








:: The automated system had sent a message to Commander Core, informing him that Carter was now enrolled in the program. The young engineer took off his badge and set it atop a book in his bunk, then lay down and stared at the ceiling, hoping for the best with Ris. ::

:: He decided it was only a matter of time before he was called either to a meeting with Commander Calderan, to the holodeck for a lesson with Core, or back to Moonsong's quarters to help her deal with the recent development in her abilities. So, a nap sounded good. His eyes slid shut, and he ignored his outside world. The badge was close-by, in case he was needed.::

(( Core's inbox -- Automated system message ))

TO: Lt. Commander Tristam Core, Chief Engineer, USS Garuda NCC 73809
FROM: Starfleet Academy Distance Learning Program, Engineering Division
APPLICANT: Ensign Carter Greyson
STARDATE: 239111.26

You are receiving this message because you are a qualified Starfleet Instructor in the field of Engineering.
TAKEN: 28 credits in total
SUPPLEMENTAL FILE ENCLOSED -- Greyson, Carter Academy Transcript


​(( Greyson's Quarters ))

::All he had to do now, was wait. And he fell asleep.::​
​Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
USS Garuda
NCC 73809
Simmed By: Lt. Chythar Skyfire​

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