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  • Full Name:Johnathan A. Graves
  • Current Vessel: USS Steadfast-A
  • Date Assigned: 238601.03
  • Species: Klingon/Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 234411.30
  • Place of Birth: Kyzella Station (Klingon border station)


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 6'6

Family History

  • Mother: Julie Graves- Federation Ambassador to Klingon Empire. Died SD 236604.16 during negotiations with Breen on Ucethia Prime
  • Father: Kempek- Klingon Warrior and member of Klingon Security Force. Died SD 235808.04 defending Kyzella Station from Romulan attack.
  • Siblings: Charlie Graves- (Older) Member of Earth Defense Force.
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: Son: John/ Daughter: T'Larien, Twin children born to T'Lara Cha'Stelin on SD 237504.18

Personal History

Born on Kyzella Station to Kempek and Julie Graves. After death of his father at age 13, moved with his mother and older brother to middle North America to live on grandparents' farm. Completed Klingon rites of ascension at age 15, losing his left fore-arm in the process. Recieved bionic implant and began serving on transport freighters one year later. Returned to Earth at age 22 after death of his mother to work with brother Charlie in Starfleet weapons division. Recommended to Starfleet Academy by Capt. Darius Moore at age 25. Graduated from Starfleet Academy on SD 237305.25 with special honors in weapons and tactics.

Professional History

  • 237305.25- Graduated Starfleet Academy, Posted to USS Kodiak as MARDET Liaison Officer.
  • 237312.04- Promoted to Lt.jg., posted to COS USS Kodiak.
  • 237407.16- Promoted to Lt., posted to CTO USS Kodiak.
  • 237412.10- Removed from active duty (see Medical File).
  • 237501.08- Reinstated to active duty.
  • 237503.26- Promoted to Lcmdr. 3rd officer USS Kodiak.
  • 237507.09- Removed from active duty (see Medical File).
  • 237507.28- Transfer filed to Starbase 118 Psychological Ward (see Medical File).
  • 238110.03- Released from Starbase 118 Psychological Ward.

Character Data

  • Current fleet Status: Active