Gorshum Gru'me

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USS Avandar


Gorshum Gru'me

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Andorian/Aenar
  • Spouse None

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Ensign Gorshum Gru'me (Th'aelorin), a Androian/Aenar Hybrid, is currently a science officer aboard the USS Avandar.


  • Full Name: Gorshum Gru'me (Th'aelorin)
  • Race: Andorian/Aenar Hybrid
  • Date of Birth: 236108.04
  • Place of Birth: Andoria
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Thaan (Male)
  • Telepathic status: T3


Height: 5ft 11 inches.

Weight: 225lbs (see build for more info)

Hair Style: White, falls just below the ears.

Eyes: Completely milk white from cataracts, with redish tinges ringed around the edges of the eye sockets as he is completely blind since birth due to his Andorian/Aenar mixed heritage.

Skin Tone: Pale blue green, almost cyan color.

Birthmarks, Scars:

Build: Tall, lean, muscular, despite his blindness Gorshum keeps in top physical condition and exercises as much as is possible. He pushes himself hard to overcome his disability. In excellent physical shape for an Andorian, his bone and tissue density lead to a greater than expected weight. Due to his antenae he has excellent balance.

Taste in Clothing: Though of course Gorshum is blind to things such as color, he nonetheless likes to dress in clothes that are more neutral that he has learned are not very attention grabbing or “vibrant” but are still more professional if even casual. He also prefers comfortable and yet durable footwear.

Voice: Gorshum has kind of a gruff, commanding and yet brooding type of voice and manner of speaking. He is very intellectual and often times is more silent than talkative, however when he speaks up he is a voice to be heard. His silences are more due to the fact that he is an innate “observer” of his environment and its inhabitants.

Handedness: Gorshum is very reliant on all his senses, especially that of touch, and as such has developed a strong cross dominant tendency (though if given a preference he would most often chose to use his right hand than left for most tasks, even though he is equally capable of writing and operating terminals, experiments, and harmonics equipment with both hands).



Favourite Room:

Gorshum often can be found, when not on duty, in the various lounges of the USS Avandar where he likes listening to the various comings and goings of his crew mates as well as sometimes joining the band with his violin or andorian flute. He also is keen to listen to conversations, though is not much of a long diatribe like speaker, preferring to only speak with meaningful and precise words. Other favorite rooms of Gorshum's are the library, the science labs with various acoustic and sonic/harmonic equipment, the holodeck (where he has specially designed programs that focus more on sensation and tactile, olfactory, and auditory experiences), and his private quarters which is where he feels at most peace with his bond mates.



Religious/Spiritual Devotion:

Gorshum believes in his theory of the “Creation Harmonic” to such an extent that he believes that there must have been some entity and intelligence and overall “Grand Composer” which emitted that singular note or frequency which caused the universe to expand from a single dense particle out into the known wide universe. It is this belief (and indeed borderline obsession and passion of Gorshum’s that fuels all his academic and intellectual pursuits and ambitions. In all ways he seeks to align himself with the balance of what he has hypothesized about that singular harmonic...that it is at once something peaceful and graceful, as it is chaotic and full of energy and powers of transformation.

Likes and Dislikes:

Ambitions and Goals:

Achievements and Disappointments in Life:

Hobbies and Pastimes:

Music! Gorshum is consumed by music, from all races and cultures and differing time periods and enjoys a wide variety dependant on his particular mood. Perhaps more prone to classical orchestrations than anything, Gorshum often enjoys relaxing in his chambers with his surrounding playback equipment which allows him to both hear and feel and “visualize” the sound patterns of his music via his antennas. Gorshum is also talented as a violin and andorian flute player, which is his specialty.

Because his remaining senses have become that much more heightened, Gorshum also enjoys the benefits of a highly defined sense of taste and often enjoys sampling delicacies from other cultures and races including his more native cuisine. Among his favorite dishes are select varieties of ale and wine paired with finger foods and cheeses and refined cultural party fair. Gorshum though has one food addiction that is perhaps not as detrimental health wise as it could be socially to most members of the crew: Gorshum has grown quite fond of eating a raw onion, skin and all just like one would do an apple. Perhaps this is because when he was first introduced to them he mistook them for apples, or perhaps it is simply he loves the same crunch and overwhelming taste that so many others would be revolted about, but try as he might, he cant quite seem to nix this rather bad (and smelly) habit!

Mental Temperament and Physical Limitations:

Gorshum is generally even and well tempered, if not a bit on the more brooding and silently processing nature. However he can be known to some moments of greater agitation and frustration, most notably around his work if something eludes his grasp, or when others try to baby or coddle him because of his blindness. This is particularly so as Gorshum does not see himself as being handicapped, not even by most peoples standards. He is so confidant in his abilities, in his constantly refining senses, in his physical prowess which he continually maintains and pushes to new heights, and in his intellect and overall perceptive powers that he sees his inability to see as merely a single obstacle that he has long since overcome.

Gorshum’s only noticeable weakness is of course that of his inherited blindness from his Aenar side of his heritage. Gorshum is indeed, 100% physical blindness, with his eyes covered with thick milky white cateracts since birth. However, to say that Gorshum cannot “see” or make use of his environment or is incapable of being a successful member of StarFleet would also be a gross understatement of his abilities. For what Gorshum lacks with his physical vision he more than makes up for in his remaining senses. Taste, Touch, Hearing, Smell, and even some latent Telepathic abilities all are greater assets to him and his perception of the world than most others who rely more heavily on sight.

As well, as Gorshum is Andorian, he is aided quite adeptly by his antenna, which allow him to percieve his world in a way very much reminiscent of sonar in some earth animals. Feeding directly into the brain, the Andorian Antenna’s are so sensitive that it is quite rare for them to be snuck up on or to be caught unguard and are capable of picking up on the tinniest fluctuations of vibrations, sound, and even energy readings.

Still....in the world of Starfleet, there can be a need to experience the world in still yet a more tangible and “visual” way. Viewing computer data, and other “on screen imagery” would normally prove quite difficult for someone who was visually impaired, but because of the particular technology that He employs in his everyday use, Gorshum is equally as capable as his seeing counterparts. Attached to his wrist and forearm, Gorshum wears a specially designed interface pannel which is fit with a much more “touch” friendly keypad, and is able to essentially tap into most computer terminals on board the ship and access them directly. Wirelessly connected to this wrist padd is a specifically designed headpiece or helmet which he wears. This headpiece is equipped no only with his communications and auditory equipment for isolating specific sounds as is most needed for his work, but also has an hear piece which allows for the transmission of text data to be converted auditorially for his interpretation. The rest of the helmet, particularly around his brow, and up to where it opens again to allow the free flowing movement of his Andorian antenna, is sort of a re-visualized concept of the Star Fleet Andorian Battle helmet and is used to specifically upon command of his keypadd, take visual data and transmitted it in such a way as to be perceived by his Antenna.)


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Personal History

  1. 232001.01: Event.
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Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238812.08
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Avandar
  • Duty Post: Science

Awards & Commendations


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