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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code GARG
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Esogunot
Encountered 118: "Esogunot"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Gargons

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Gargons are a warrior people, originating on the planet Esogunot.

Home System

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Home World

'See also: Esogunot




The Gargon nation is made up of a species that has adapted to the vertical terrain of Esogunot. The males range in size from nine to ten feet tall. The females range in size from seven to eight feet tall. Both genders have a long reach designed to scale mountains and cliffs quickly. Their hands and feet have four appendages; each displaying non-retractable claws used for climbing and combat. Though the claws are fixed, and the appendages oversized and seemingly clumsy, they are still quite flexible, very strong and extremely deadly when used as a weapon. Surprisingly the Gargon feet have a great range of dexterity to them as well, which makes them proficient and agile climbers.


The skin texture is thick and rough, attributed to Esogunot's harsh sun. The pigmentation of the skin is a random pattern of gray and brow spotting that fades with age.

Gargons possess a keen eyesight and third eyelid that protects from the heavy glare during the summer and winter cycles. Their eyes are huge, pitch black and almond shaped. The pupil is hardly visible, but night vision appears to be sharp.

Upper and lower body muscle mass is lean, powerful and quick twitch.



Both species of Esogunot have a deep spiritual connection with the planet itself. They often refer to themselves as the "children of Esogunot". The special bond with the planet as the primary life giver and life taker is seen throughout both the Aeron and Gargon cultures.



The Gargon nation is a patriarchal society, where males are groomed to be hunters, protectors and warriors, and the females are meant to stay in the dens to keep house and children. The males highly regard and respect their females as life givers. Much like the planet Esogunot is revered as the Mother of all her children, the females of the Gargon nation are highly valued as well.


The Gargon community is a communal style living arrangement, everything is shared in the open. The dens have no doors, and the layer is a winding maze of uniformed halls and alcoves. Even the King himself sleeps, eats, and lives among his people.

Gargons have a rich culture including a lavish history that is sculpted into the Royal Palace Height cliffsides. This artwork depicts great battles along with important marriages, births and deaths in the Royal Family. Entertainment is embraced by the Gargon people through various styles of dance and music, exquisite rock carvings and paintings, and the art of aural storytelling that teaches both royal and commoner family history. These forms of entertainment and communications are practiced by all Gargons, male and female alike.


Esogunot has two moons, one is said to represent the Gargon Nation, and the other represents the Aeron Nation. During the first and last quarter-moon phase, when the two moons cross paths they form a single multi-colored moon in the night sky, it is observed as a time to lay down arms and bury the dead.



Gargons prefer the intimacy of hand-to-hand combat, but throughout the 100 year war they have been forced to use projectile weapons and energy based weapons to eradicate the skies of Aerons. On the ground, the sharp claws of the Gargons provide ample coverage to be used in both defensive and offensive attacks.

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