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Mission Logs

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The following is a compilation of mission summaries under Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh.

Chapter One: Temporal Time Bombs

Act One

Stardate 238403.27

Aboard Starbase 118, the new crew were just assembling in Gala Hall Beta for a "meet and greet" ceremony. Captain Rocar Drawoh beamed over and began introductions of the crew from the USS Victory. The party was going well with Lieutenant (JG) Pedro Ramirez livening up things with an impromptu show on the stage. Everything was going well until Paul Yenkevich kidnapped Ensign Geeva Kalpana in the middle of the festivities. Using her as his personal hostage, he took over the party and with the aid of sixteen others, held all the guests at phaser point. Yenkevich claimed that Starfleet invaded the Magnus IV colony and blew it up, killing several civilians and he was seeking revenge for that action. As the crew tried to save Geeva, Yenkevich stepped up his game a notch and opened fire on the crowd, which included women and children.

Ramirez, who had crawled under the stage, rigged up the lights to shine very bright, blinding everyone as the firefight continued unabated. In the ensuing phaser fire, Commander Paul Diamond and Lieutenant Commander Cura Stone was shot as well as several others, from both sides of the conflict. Yenkevich retreated, taking Ensign Geeva with him, with security personnel in hot pursuit. The Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Tash Zubowskevich locked down the station, preventing ships from either leaving the base or docking.

Gala Hall Beta promptly became a makeshift sickbay instead of a party room as doctors and nurses flooded the hall, taking care of the injured. While the medical personnel were trying to manage the situation in aftermath of his actions, Yenkevich ran to a park area where security cornered him. However, Yenkevich made his escape by forcing Lieutenant Geeva to give her security override code, allowing him to beam away safely. Due to a virus that began running at the point of beam out, the transporter beam could not be traced. With no sign of him, the crew were left to clean up the mess he had left behind and life slowly returned to normal aboard the station.

Act Two

Stardate 238404.16

While the staff of the Starbase attempted to put things back together in the aftermath of the attack, envoys from both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire arrive, to hash out details of an agreement to allow medical ships to cross into each other's ships. In addition to this, an investigation was scheduled to find the perpetrator and reasons behind the attack on the Gala Hall. Finally, station security was requested to identify and enact new measures to make the station safer and calm the civilian population. Captain Drawoh splits the command staff into three teams to attend to their assigned duties.

In the bowels of the station, an operative working for the same organisation behind the violence in the Gala Hall puts the second phase of their plan into action. Using a machine culled together using data from an incident on the USS Voyager, the operative fractures time - so that further operatives can be placed in different points in the timeline of the Starbase. Once again, the Starbase is plunged into chaos.

One team finds themselves twelve years in the future and are attacked by the dominant species on the base, vicious alien "dogs" able to camouflage themselves. They are saved by the last of the previous inhabitants of the starbase, a small war weary crew and a handful of civilians fighting to keep the derelict station together, who have holed up in the command centre. Once to safety, after initial distrust, the crews band together to repel an attack by another outside force.

The second team is sent twelve years in the past to a newly constructed Starbase 118. They encounter very little resistance and very little help. The only ones aboard the station are the builders, who are more concerned with the station construction leaving the stranded party to their own devices. They formulate a plan to contact the future.

The third team is left in the present, but find themselves faced with missing crew members, a contingent of Klingons, a Captain in sickbay and a Starbase fractured into different shards of time. One shard in particular, where the sole inhabitant is stuck in a three hour time loop, gives the team enough information to put together a plan to reverse the fractures and return the station to a point three hours in the past. The Starfleet crew hope this will give them enough time to find what caused the fractures and stop it from happening again. Under the command of the newly arrived first officer, they race against time to reverse the affects of the machine.

Lieutenant Commander T'Lea, Lieutenant Commander Julia Harden and Commander Sam Perkins travel back to a point three hours in the past to try and stop the operative, Forbes, and his associates from activating the device. The operation did not go smoothly and upon the approach to the device, a fire-fight broke out between the Starfleet Officers and Forbes' men.

Before she was assimilated back into the future timeline, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea was able to reach the device and throw it to Commander Perkins and faced with no other options, he destroyed the machine. As he was caught in the resulting explosion, the fractured temporal anomalies aboard the station collapsed, leaving only the natural timeline behind.

Act Three

Circa Stardate 238407

Though time aboard the Starbase had returned to normal, as the temporal anomalies collapsed the hound-like aliens from the Starbase's future found their way into the present had were now stalking the corridors of the station. With a diet of tachyons, and several of the officers covered in the particles, the crew were now in the direct path of the hounds.

Lieutenant Commander Zubowskivich was the first crew member to come under attack; bitten by one of the aliens, he was rescued by Lieutenant Jacen Fanel, Ensign Delinda Sharee and Lieutenant (JG) Geeva. The trio took him to sickbay to receive treatment, but it was only a temporary reprieve; another of the hounds soon arrived and attacked Commander Perkins, who was recuperating from the injuries he sustained destroying the temporal device. After driving the occupants of sickbay into the Chief Medical Officer's office, the alien was shot and killed.

In response to the attacks, Lieutenant Commander Stone locked the station down while a search was carried out for both those responsible for the temporal device and any further alien hounds. The search came to an end when the last remaining hound was attacked and killed by Klingons, after it had burst into the bar where Forbes had been hiding, killing him. The danger over, the lockdown was lifted and life began to return to normal; the Captain recovered from his unconscious state in sickbay and plans for a station festival were put into action by Lieutenant Geeva and Ensign Sharee.

Chapter Two: The Festival

Stardate 238408.16

Starbase 118 was hosting a three day festival, organized by Lieutenant Geeva Kalpana and Lieutenant (JG) Delinda Sharee. The festivities were proceeding well until an escaped convict from Betazed arrived on the station and attacked Lieutenant Commander Tash Zubowskivich, Chief of Security, assaulting him with her telepathic powers. The Lieutenant Commander enlisted the aide of the station's First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Cura Stone, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea and several other telepaths from the Reader's Guild in hopes of capturing Armeni, a known felon. Unfortunately, the plan to capture her evolved in a rather disturbing fiasco as Lieutenant Commanders Stone and T'Lea opened fire on Armeni in the middle of the festival, causing civilian panic. Despite their best efforts, Armeni managed to escape without so much as a scratch.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Julia Harden had been possessed by the Lady Goddess Rumbabah and romanced by Lieutenant Sanys, a clerk from Archives Department. Dr. Harden later discovered she had been sleep-walking and her artificial leg, which had been implanted during a surgical procedure was giving her some trouble. Due to her strange behaviour and sleep-walking episodes, Dr. Manor suggested she seek the aide of Counsellor Sharee and in the meantime Dr. Harden was removed from duty.

In addition, several new and old officers and civilians began to arrive on the station. The civilian Rian Tavis, an engineering specialist, arrived and enjoyed the last day of the festival in the Twilight's Edge. First Lieutenant Dade Adarnis, a Marine, transferred to the Starbase to head up the station's marine complement. In addition, Paul Diamond, once the station's Executive Officer, arrived by transport and was immediately detained, awaiting transport to Earth. However, after a short rendezvous with his old flame, Lieutenant Commander Julia Harden, his plans seemed to have changed.

Chapter Three: Mission Esogunot

Act One

Stardate 238409.17

Captain Rocar Drawoh summons the senior staff of the Starbase to the station's new support vessel, the USS Aegis, a Norway class vessel, to be briefed on new orders from Starfleet Command. The crew were to act mediators between the Aerons and the Gargons of the planet Esogunot, in peace negotiations to end the war between them that had lasted nearly a hundred years. When the briefing was concluded, a course was laid in for Esogunot while some of the crew prepared for the mountainous surface of the planet by practising their mountain climbing in the holodeck.

On final approach to the planet, the Aegis was hailed by a Federation freighter - the FSS Unification - in orbit, claiming that they had been crippled while enroute to Starbase Seventeen. Unknown to the Starfleet crew, the crew of the freighter were actually arms dealers, selling weapons to both factions in the war.

Once the Aegis had arrived in orbit, Captain Drawoh split the crew into two away teams; his own team would meet up with the Gargon leaders Lieutenant Commander Stone's team would meet up with the Aeron leaders. But before the away teams could depart, the USS Baltimore achieved orbit and beamed over a new Ensign, Doctor Jarak Krescha. In addition to this, the USS Baltimore noticed the FSS Unification in orbit and requested to search the vessel. In order that he could deal with the situation between the Baltimore and the Unification, Captain Drawoh assigned Lieutenant Commander Tash Zubowskivich command of the away team to the Gargon faction.

Act Two

Stardate 238410.15

The Aegis briefly made landfall briefly to allow the two away teams to disembark and then returned to orbit. After meeting with the Aeron and Gargon leaders, the teams began to make their way toward the respective cities of their faction. Enroute to the Aeron city of Ehso, renegade Gargons armed with Romulan disruptors attacked the Aeron welcoming party at the Gorge of Tes'het. Lieuteant Rho Falcon and Lieutenant Geeva Kalpana fell into the Gorge; while Jad'Ziarel, Captain of the Royal Aeron Guard, kidnapped Lieutenant Commander Stone, Doctor Jarak and Lieutenant Gwendolyn Hilzarie and took them to the Caves of Talor.

Meanwhile, the team with the Gargons reached the palace heights and were sitting at the feast when the Gargon King suddenly died. General Hagon, leader of the Gargon military accused the Federation group, as one of their party, Commander Zubowskivich had gone missing. The Gargon military were swayed into action, forcing the away team into a Prisoner-Of-War camp, where they were worked and whipped. General Hagon then led half his military forces towards the Aeron City of Ehso. While the Starfleet crew began to think of escape, Lieutenant Sharee, having had breathing problems before enroute to the city, began having similar problems again and was taken to be cared for.

In orbit, the USS Aegis, USS Baltimore and FSS Unification wrestled with words and actions as a deadly game of power was played out; resulting in the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of the Baltimore were supposedly being killed. Captain Drawoh, aboard the USS Aegis, sent Commander Sam Perkins to command the Baltimore and discover what happened to her Captain. Under Perkin's command, the Baltimore followed the Unification towards Starbase 118, only to see the Unification destroyed by a cloaked vessel. However, the crew of the Baltimore managed to save two individuals aboard the Unification from death and after they were interrogated by Commander Perkins, the Baltimore ultimately came into conflict with the cloaked ship; the Romulan vessel Medos.

Act Three

Circa Stardate 238411

Back on the surface of Esogonut, Prince Esot, now King of the Gargons, mourned his father's death. However, he had a change of heart after speaking with Lieutenant Sharee via a PADD. Her words convinced the new King to take action and he freed the remainder of the away team from the POW camp. During this time, Captain Drawoh returned the Aegis to the planet, beamed to the Gargon City entrance and demanded to speak with the King. Plans were finally made to meet with the Aerons to discuss peace.

Chapter Four: Mission SQ313

Act One

Circa Stardate 238412

After completing the mission to Esogonut, the crew aboard the USS Aegis headed back home; albeit at the vessel's top speed due to an emergency situation in the overcrowded sickbay. Once safely back to the Starbase, Captain Rocar Drawoh announced a well-earned period of R and R.

Lieutenant Rho Falcon, with the aid of Geeva Kalpana spent time in her quarters to regain her memories, using the backup files she had stored there. Later, they spent their time swimming and exploring the station's many café's. Captain Drawoh whiled away his time in his quarters, catching up with what he had missed during the mission to Esogunot. Lieutenant Commander T'Lea and Marine Lieutenant Dade Adarnis spent time on N’dallis Prime, first as slaves and then as treasure hunters. In so doing, T’Lea went through a significant change and returned to the station with a more Vulcan approach to life than before.

Lieutenant Commander Cura Stone and her friends and family, on the other hand, were kidnapped by a Klingon named Kreggor. Stone was taken to Qo'noS, while her family, Naomi and Mulan, were sold to the Orion slave market. Against orders, Commander Sam Perkins, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea, Lieutenant Commander Julia Harden, Lieutenant Jacen Fanel and Ensign Saja Ja’Kor took it upon themselves to launch a covert rescue mission. With the assistance of Doctor Harden, the group disguised themselves as Klingons and successfully rescued Stone and her family. Lieutenant Fanel sustained the only reported injury, as he took it upon himself to kill Kreggor.

Act Two

Stardate 238501.11

Upon return to the station, everything returned to normalcy - at least for a few days - until the return of the Betazoid criminal, Armeni. Wasting no time, Armeni attacked Lieutenant Commander Stone and attempted to assault Lieutenant Commander Tash Zubowskevich's daughter, Ella, only to discover that the girl was either unreadable or able to block telepathic intrusions. Aware of Armeni's intentions toward Ella, Stone alerted Zubowskivich and the pair, accompanied by T'Lea rushed to save her. They arrived to discover a terrified Ella and no sign of Armeni.

Elsewhere, anti-telepathic sentiment began to rise on the station; one man preaching his opinions about telepathy on the Promenade and reports of graffiti and other vitriolic speeches erupting through the populated areas of the station. The situation took a dramatic turn for the worse when a bomb exploded in Mundok's bar, sparking outbursts of violence. The Medical Centre soon began to fill up with the injured, mostly Betazoids and Ullians. Doctor Jarak Krescha and a nurse are assaulted in his office; the doctor survived, the nurse was unfortunately killed.

In Docking Bay Twelve, where Lieutenants Geeva and Falcon were conducting an investigation in the location of Armeni, a docked ship suddenly raised its shields. Forced to take matters into her own hands, Falcon pushed the ship out of the docking port and it exploded outside of the base, releasing a massive electro-magnetic pulse that would have crippled the station's electronics and power.

To further ignite the situation aboard the Starbase, the Betazoid Embassy was bombed, causing several causalities and injuries. In response, Captain Rocar ordered all security and marine personnel to active duty and initiated a temporary curfew for the civilian population. The individual that attacked Doctor Krescha is apprehended in a turbolift by the Chief of Security and Lieutenant Geeva ingeniously ferrets out the location of Armeni, sending Lieutenant Falcon to apprehend her.

Act Three

Circa Stardate 238504?

With the curfew still in effect, the station enters a forced state of peace, with only marines and Starfleet personnel roaming the corridors. During this lull in the usual constant chaos, new situations presented themselves.

Armeni was still at large and under her mental control, Lieutenant Commander Zubowskivich assaulted Lieutenant Commander T'Lea, nearly killing her. Able to stop himself at the last moment, he entered a near-catatonic state, losing approximately six hours of time from him memories and was later unable to account for his whereabouts. Using recorded footage from the station's security systems, Lieutenant Commander Stone was able to discern what had happened during those hours and armed with this information, ordered Zubowskivich off-duty, with instructions to see the station's counsellor, Lieutenant Sharee. With her assistance, he was directed to Lieutenant Hilzarie, who telepathically helped to to unblock the memories Armeni had tampered with.

The Executor, a ship from Lieutenant Fanel's homeworld arrived at the station, with the intention of taking him home. Fanel's Honour Guard were given a tour of the Starbase and subsequently, Fanel, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea, Marine Captain Adarnis, Gunnery Sargent Krtasia, Doctor Krescha and Ensign Saja Ja’Kor were provided with a tour of the Executor before it left for the Gaian system.

A shuttle containing three Academy graduates crash landed on a planet a short distance from the station. As one of the new Ensigns was the niece of the Academy Commandant, pressure to mount a rescue operation was swiftly applied to the staff of the Starbase. Lieutenant Commander Harden was placed in command of the operation, with the Olympic class hospital ship the USS Braveheart at her disposal. Commander Perkins, Lieutenant Hilzarie, Lieutenant Geeva, Lieutenant Sharee, Lieutenant Falcon, Ensign Emma Moon and Ensign Jakob Wentworth are assigned as support.

Upon arriving at the planet, Perkins is left as Commanding Officer of the USS Braveheart, while Harden took an away team to the planet. Their search led them to the Ensigns; one had been killed while the remaining two had been taken to an underground hospital, deliberately kept alive while their blood and other vital fluids were siphoned for experimental purposes. The away team soon found themselves captured alongside the Ensigns.

Discovering that the rescue mission had gone south, Captain Rocar recalled Lieutenant Fanel's team to assist Harden. Harden wass able to free herself and Ensign Moon and the met up with the rest of the crew from the USS Aegis. Lieutenant Hilzarie was left in a coma, Moon recovered fully, Lieutenant(JG) Sharee suffered a Breen tattoo-like marking on the side of her face, denoting her as a slave and the Commandant's niece was saved.

Chapter Five: Strange New Lifeforms

Act One

Stardate 238507.28

The Deltan transport Niro docked with Starbase 118; experiencing engine troubles which their own engineer cannot solve, they requested assistance from Starfleet engineers to fix the problem, so that they can carry on with their journey. Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh and Lieutenant Delinda Sharee met with the Captain of the Niro, a Deltan woman called Selyse, to discuss the situation. After an awkward conversation, with the Starfleet officers trying to fight off the effects of Deltan pheromones, Fleet Captain Drawoh decided to send his Chief Engineer (and helpfully, android - thus immune to Deltan pheromones) Lieutenant Rho Falcon to investigate the engine problem.

Elsewhere on the station, the investigation into the illegal dumping and the attack on Lieutenant Geeva Kalpana continued. After a fruitless telepathic questioning session with Lieutenant Cyrus Webb, Lieutenant Geeva was discharged from sickbay, equipped with a new supportive exoskeleton. Meanwhile, External Communications (EXT-COM) discovered a repeating signal; not usually a problem, it was however jamming the Starbase's external communications and preventing the station from contacting the rest of Starfleet.

Ensign Jansen Orrey approached Kennedy Wysteria regarding a talent show in her establishment, the “Event Horizon”. A deal was struck and Fleet Captain Drawoh readily agreed. The talent show opened with a speech from Captain Drawoh, officially welcoming the new members of the crew; Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds as the station's new Starfleet Intelligence Liaison, Lieutenant Cyrus Webb as the new Chief of Security and Lieutenant (JG) Pedro Ramirez as the new Chief Science Officer. Ensigns Indigo Rayne, Tavana Sheppard and Tanang were welcomed as an Archaeological and Historical Officer, Tactical Officer and Operations Officer respectively. Finally, Lieutenants Geeva and Sharee both received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, followed by Eden Redstone who was promoted to full Commander.

Act Two

Stardate 238509.02

As the talent show came to its conclusion, power suddenly began to dip across the Starbase, prompting the Command Tower to issue a rare station-wide Yellow Alert. Communications, internal transport and the graviton stabilisers failed almost immediately as the power was drained from the station by an unknown source, leaving only devices with a small power source (such as tricorders, PADDs, etc functioning). With the graviton stabilisers offline, gravity on the station slowly began to climb while the crew attempted to report to their duty stations. On the way, several of the crew, including Lieutenant Webb and Lieutenant Commander Harden, sustained minor injuries.

In response to losing communication with the Trojan class spacedock, Starfleet had dispatched the nearby USS Hargrave, captained by Commander Walter Brunsig, to investigate. Upon arrival, they too found their systems drained of power. After beaming Commander Brunsig and a small detachment of security officers to the base, the Hargrave pulled back to a distance of one kilometre, where the power drain ceased to affect them.

The crew took several different approaches to reach the Hub; Fleet Captain Rocar and Ensigns Tanang and Sheppard used an empty turbolift shaft, altering the gravitational quotient inside it so that they could essentially bungee their way up. Lieutenant Commander Geeva and Lieutenant Falcon ventured outside via EVA, crossing the distance across the Starbase hull, as did Commander Brunsig, Lieutenant Commander Julia Harden (who all the while insisted she was a Captain) and Lieutenant Reynolds, the trio discovering an alien entity attached to the hull. Lieutenant Commander Sharee, Lieutenant Webb and Ensign Moon climbed through the Jefferies tubes and finally, Lieutenant (JG) Ramirez jury-rigged an anti-grav platform, taking a battering and dislocating his shoulder as he navigated through the variable gravity in one of the turbolift shafts.

Once the senior staff had assembled, the crew delivered their reports and announced the discovery of the probable cause of the energy drain; the black alien attached to the hull, near the docking bays. Receiving assignments from Commander Brunsig, the staff separated off into groups. After treating Lieutenant Ramirez's injuries, Lieutenant Commander Harden - still insisting she held the rank of Captain - made preparations to head toward the Dungeon. Lieutenant (JG) Ramirez clashed with Commander Brunsig, resulting in the junior officer striking Brunsig; resulting in Ramirez being promptly incarcerated in a nearby airlock, ordered to continue with his duties from there until the crisis was resolved.

Lieutenant Commander Geeva led an EVA team consisting of herself Lieutenants Falcon, Reynolds and Webb; the four made their way outside the station. Reaching the location of the creature, they performed tricorder scans which revealed the alien had a titanium based physiology and was apparently wounded. Lieutenant Webb tried to communicated with the alien using telepathy and the resulting contact was broadcast to each member of the EVA team, as well as Lieutenant Commander Sharee, who was still inside the Hub. The telepathic surge drained power from Lieutenant Falcon's systems, though the EVA team were able to reactivate her once they re-entered the station.

Outside the station, the USS Antares arrived, with orders to transfer the stations' new History and Archaeology Officer, Lieutenant Commander A. Lily Ventu. After beaming her and an escort directly to the Hub, the Antares retreated to a safe distance.

Act Three

Stardate 2385xx.xx Coming soon!

Chapter Six: Operatic Outbreak

Act One

Stardate 238512.08

After a chance to relax and unwind following the unusual events involving the titanium-based lifeform, the senior staff were summoned to the Situation Room for a briefing by Fleet Captain Rocar. Before the details of the mission were announced, the crew were first informed of several staff changes; Lieutenant Commander Delinda Sharee would be assuming the post of First Officer, while Ensign Jansen Orrey was to become the stations's new Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Commander A. Lily Ventu was to become the station's new Diplomatic Attaché, heading up the Starbase 118 division of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. Furthermore, Major Sakorra Reed would be taking taking of the Marines aboard the station, while Lieutenant Commander Raven Annestri was to become the new Historical and Archaeological Officer and Commander Walter Brunsig was to take charge of Shipping Operations on the Starbase, while maintaining his command of the Hargraves, the Trinity-Serellan defence fleet's new flagship.

Finally, Lieutenant Cyrus Webb, Lieutenant (JG) Pedro Ramirez and Ensign Orrey were all honoured with a promotion in recognition of their work and contributions to the station.

With the staff changes announced, the crew received two pieces of news in the briefing. A deadly virus of pandemic proportions was spreading rapidly through the Klingon colonies in the Serellen sector, and that a Klingon operatic troupe was currently en route to the station for the performance of a new, controversial opera.

Thus far, offers of aid and medical and scientific assistance to the Klingon colonies had been refused. Though the Governor of the Veqlargh Bal system and two Klingon medical doctors would be in attendance for the “not to be missed” Imperial Opera performance, they had been ordered to have no contact with the fleet captain. While most had chalked it up to Klingon pride, the captain believed there was more to it - that not only had the governor and the medical doctors seen the effect of the virus, but also that the virus was no natural occurrence.

In order to tackle the situation, three teams were formed. Fleet Captain Rocar’s team consisted of him, Commander Brunsig, Lieutenant Commander Ventu, Lieutenant Commander Annestri, and Major Reed. They are to attend the opera, where, if all went well, an “accidental” meeting, coordinated by Reed and Ventu, between the captain, the Governor and the medical doctors would take place. Lieutenant Commander Ventu and Major Reed were given another duty as well, to roll out the red carpet properly for the Imperial Klingon Opera, in the form of a welcoming ceremony and feast.

The second team, lead by Lieutenant Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenant Ramirez and Lieutenant (JG) Orrey, was to undertake a special black operation. Starfleet Intelligence had provided limited information about an informant who was willing to provide information about the virus, but was unwilling to reveal himself and thus had to be contacted backstage, during the second half of the opera. As the Klingons had expressly stated they did not want the Federation to involve themselves in the pandemic or the opera, the team are warned that if they are caught, the senior staff will deny all knowledge of the operation.

Lieutenant Commander Sharee’s team was to take over mission ops, with orders to coordinate the arrival of numerous ships and visitors and keep chaos from taking over the station, protect the station and its inhabitants against a possible biological attack from the engineers of the Klingon virus and provide the extra security all of this will entail. This team consisted of Lieutenant Commanders Sharee, Webb, and Geeva, Lieutenant Falcon, and Ensigns Moon and Sheppard.

Act Two

Stardate 238601.03 Coming soon!