Gal Teyr

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  • Real Name: Galwyn Devar
  • Formerly: V'Teyr, Romulan Officer and Assassin
  • Position: Civilian
  • Race: Betazoid
  • House: 13th House of Betazed
  • Birthdate: 235707.19 (July 19, 2357)
  • Birthplace: Betazed
  • Eyes: Dark Brown, almost Black
  • Hair: Brown, Shoulder length and unruly
  • Height/Weight: 6'4", 245 pounds


  • Mother: Lady Arianna Sarrin-Devar (deceased)
  • Father: Ambassador Devyn Devar (deceased)
  • Siblings: Alana Devar, Arista Devar (sisters) Carmen Rogers (half sister). Mirror sister is Arista Devar - who was accepted into this timeline's house as an active member.
  • Significant Other: None
  • Children: None

Brief Biography

Mysterious and humble, Gal was temporarily held by Starfleet Intelligence for a time before being admitted into a psychiatric hospital where he was later released. He is the long lost younger brother of Alana Devar and is formerly known by the alias V'Teyr. He catches jobs as a Cargo Ship hand and is known by most as a traveler.

After his father's ship was attacked at the Nuetral Zone in 2371, Galwyn was kidnapped and interrogated by Romulan soldiers. Most of this time is vague for him, but he did live most of his young adulthood posed as Romulan by the name of "V'Teyr". He was cynical, methodical, mad and committed murder and caused violence until he was captured in 2380.

He sought help from the Readers Guild to find his true calling and caught the courage to return the Devar Heirlooms that he stole years before.

There has been much controversy over his theft of the House’s heirlooms in 2379. When asked, he could state during the trials, “I was lost. I was a man behind a face.” He said he had felt a connection for some time and wanted to explore this on his own terms, beyond officials. He is adamant that his actions in taking these items were not influenced by any Romulan.

He currently serves as bodyguard to his sister, the Lady Alana.


Galwyn has frequent nightmares of his crimes and is living in a constant state of remorse. While Alana nurtures him with love and understanding, Arista provides a tougher side of love. Arista has told him that he needs to live his life and move forward positively, finding something to be excited about for himself and others.