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Stellar Cartography
Region Within the Sparta Nebula
Sector 117
System Gaian
Sun(s) 1
Moon(s) Karazon
Class M
Diameter Similiar to Earth
Atmosphere Similiar to Earth
Hydrosphere Similiar to Earth
Climate Similiar to Earth
Gravity Earth norm
Primary terrain Similiar to Earth
Length of Day 23 hours, 45 minutes
Length of Year 365 days
Native species Human and Animal humanoid
Other species Vulcan, Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan, etc
Official Language Many
Population 5 billion
Technological Classification I
Major cities Palas, Zaibach, Fortuna, Avalon to name a few
Imports Self sufficient
Exports Unknown
Affiliation Holy Empire of Fanelia
Government Oligarchy

This is not the same planet as the Gaia from DS9, nor New Earth

Gaia (also known as Gaia Prime) is a planet in the Gaian system of Sector 117. It has a single moon, named Karazon.

The Homeworld of House Fanel

For the most part, Gaia is an M-class planet with similar vegetations to Earth, a large ocean, though half and half ratio compared to Earth that has 70% in ocean. The urban areas are the typical advanced settings you would see in any highly developed civilizations, but there are many parts that preserved the nature to emphasize that Gaia is a paradise, not just some techno planet.

House Fanel had named this planet Gaia, name of the Greek Goddess meaning "land" or in all technicality, another name for "Earth". Since no major power would dare to risk ships to lay claim to this unstable area surrounding the Gaian system, House Fanel was able to enjoy living undisturbed from outside problems until they decided to go out of their new home system and bring back technology to advanced themselves. Though in anticipation of any of the more aggressive powers in the quadrant, House Fanel had developed their own defenses, and a star force. There is no actual accounting by any of the major powers on the strength of the Fanelian Star Force and entire military, but based on the structure on how House Fanel operates, any individual man and woman of House Fanel is fully trained and capable of fighting in the name of his or her House. That being said, the total number of fighters, defenders, and serviceman in the Gaia system can literally range from thousands to millions.

Every major city on Gaia has a constant dampening field to prevent the usage of particle weapons of any kind within the cities. It is a way to enforce the law against modern weapons. Hence this also prolongs the tradition of the way of the sword. With this established, the rights of the population is very loose and free. Weapons are allow, and because in the major city, particle weapons are useless, many people wear swords or other blade weapons about them. It is reported that some have fallen back to using kenetic projectile weapons.

Non-human life on Gaia

Aside from Species of lifeforms from the other worlds of the major power that decided to live on Gaia and within the little empire of Fanel, there are a number of native species on the main planet which would surprise many people. They each share characteristics of animals of Earth. Tigers, Wolves, Bulls apparently had taken a more humanoid form and are very sentient. Some have chosen to accept the wonders of modern technology and lived in the many cities and even are apart of military and all forms of civilization. Then there are some who are more to themselves. The interesting question is how these life forms came about on a planet such as Gaia, and how they are so similiar to their more feral cousins DNA wise. Besides their obvious similiarities to actual animals with no sentient, these other species on Gaia are more like other races and are respected as such. Many are even part of the Fanel blood line, not the main one, but part of it.


Gaia is ruled by an interesting system of government. The people retain many freedoms and previliages. The whole of control however is ruled by a small party call simply the council 7, representatives from all the kinds of workers, military, and spiritual people to establish order. Of course all these can be over ruled by a final say from the official leader of the entire House, the planet and the entire system, the Duke of House Fanel, more or less another title to a king or emperor of such. The royal family that founded the planet and colonized the system, they established a chain of command that will always give House Fanel power and influence over Gaia. Some say they are too powerful, but because of their respect and always genrous treatment of the people, anyone would follow their leaders to hell and back.

Myth and Lore

It is said that Gaia was one of the final resting places of an ancient civilization that seeded life in this galaxy. When the first colonist from Earth arrived on Gaia, they were surprised that the inhabitants were indeed humans, not humanoids that look human, but DNA scans and tests show human DNA about 99.999% identical to humans on Earth. Some say they are descendants of a lost civilization.