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Federation News Service

USS Darwin strengthens bonds with Asav

Stardate 239205.18

The USS Darwin-A has been asked to assist the Asavii in finding more about their early history.

ASAV — Despite its rocky past, a new unified government on Asav has thrown open its doors with a call for assistance to explore their early history, to which the USS Darwin-A has been dispatched.

With shoreleave’s completion, the Darwin crew remained buzzing about the upcoming shuttle race held each year at Deep Space 6. With many of the crew hoping to form a team to win the title, all plans for success were shelved when Commander Renos disclosed their new exploratory mission to Asav and welcomed aboard new crew members to their roster.

Despite once being an M class planet, very little is known about Asav’s early history or least of all the reasons for its sudden transformation. With a new unified government in power, the Asavii are now looking for answers about themselves and their history. With their technology level where it is and their previous strained relationship with Starfleet, their new Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp has made a decision to reach out to Starfleet’s desire to explore. Hoping that their previous history could be repaired, the Patriarch was glad to hear the Darwin was being dispatched.

“Blessed be Zolrak, God of the Sea, to bring forth to my people the opportunity to learn of our past,” said Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp upon the Darwin‘s arrival. “The caverns we have discovered are barely tapped, yet already hold many tantalizing possibilities. Artifacts, structures, tomes in ancient languages, even unheard of life forms! The zealotry of our past held us back, but now that we embrace the diversity of the cosmos, now too does our benevolent god embrace our right to learn more of ourselves and why our world changed so radically.”

After the pleasantries of their arrival on Asav, the crew of the Darwin set out with Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas, Lt. Traenor and Cmdr. Renos leading shuttles of the Asavii. With each crew member having to quickly come to terms with their new craft’s technology, they all wasted no time in exploring the unknown depths of the caverns of Asav, where unknown treasures and mysteries await.

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