Experimental Advanced Tactical Fighter

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3d Version
ATF in Formation During Demonstration in Trinity Sector


The ATF design is the brainchild of Christopher Michaelson, a somewhat maverick tactician currently stationed aboard Starbase 118. He designed the craft out of his own nostalgia for the stealth designs of the past and out of a desire to design an airframe that could function in an atmosphere and be used in ground support roles.



The ATF is capable of reaching a max warp velocity of 9.1, owing to its aft integrated nacelle/flight stabilization structure. The horizontal stabilizers in effect serve as compact warp nacelles while in space and as standard horizontal stabilizers while in an atmosphere.


Located in the aft is a vectoring maneuvering thruster pack along with an impulse drive. These two systems are integrated and designed to compensate for one another depending on environmental conditions around the spacecraft.

3d Version
Side profile. Note SFMC logo and Michaelson's name. This space craft belongs to his personal collection.


Sensor Projection

The hull of the spacecraft is painted with a nanoresin containing cultures of a space radiation absorbant material that, when charged with tachyon particles, emits radiation on the same wavelength as the surrounding space, making it much more difficult for a passive sensor scan to detect the fighter. Furthermore, the dark patches on the paint cover small graviton wave projectors. These projectors are used to distort the craft's mass readings, making it appear to be an object of inconsistent mass, an asteroid perhaps.