Excalibur Promotion Guide

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If you are on the crew of USS Excalibur-A and seeking a promotion then the following is a rough guide of what you need to do to reach the next level. Remember, all promotions ultimately are at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.

  • Ensign to LtJG: Available after participating for at least 30 days since graduating from the Academy and upon meeting or exceeding the following requirements.
    • Simming an average of 3-4 times a week;
    • No major LOA for the duration of a mission;
    • Establishing and maintaining a constant persona for the character, with a clear direction on how to expand it;
    • Simming with the proper techniques and following the story line;
    • Having made contact with a majority of the characters on the crew, beginning to form closer IC friendships with at least 1 or 2 other junior characters;
    • Maintaining a good relationship with the mentor they were assigned upon joining the ship, receiving a positive report from their mentor and improved based on having listened to their mentor’s or their First Officer’s advise in direct OOC;
    • Making some form of OOC contact and friendships with other crew members either through Instant messenger OR on the ships forums.

  • LtJG to Lt.: Available at CO's discretion after meeting all requirements above in addition to those below.
    • Simming an average of 3-5 times a week;
    • Maintaining the character persona and expanding on it;
    • Developing a close IC friendship with some of the other characters;
    • Simming at the proper techniques and following the story line, whilst adding sub-plots and demonstrating how the story’s events have affected or made the character feel;
    • Adding to the story, not being afraid to take the lead and taking risks with the character, growing more and more whilst helping others advance with their character as well;
    • Helping out with some OOC issues that may creep up, offering brief ideas for the next mission
    • Always adding a significant amount for people to respond to on the bottom of sims, and not just responding to the gaps that were left without continuing the story on a little;
    • Simming without the encouragement of your former mentor, but having formed good OOC friendships with at least some of the crew (either on the ship’s forums or through instant messenger,) and working with them for support;
    • Your Profile on the LCARs should have had information added to and be fully up to date with a picture for your character.

  • Lt. to LtCmdr.: Available at CO's discretion after meeting all above requirements in addition to the following.
    • Simming 3-5 times a week;
    • Sims should written in a way that continues to maintain character persona and friendships further while expanded on both. Sims should be written in such a way that offers plenty of response from others;
    • Simming using the proper techniques and following the story line while taking risks with the character, growing more and helping others to advance with their character as well;
    • Helping with OOC issues that have arisen;
    • Having performed at least one of the following roles:
    • A part-time NPC alien/enemy for the duration of one mission while responding to everything and leading the alien action that the crew was up against.
    • Mentor for a new Ensign that joined the ship (offering them guidance, advice, encouragement, OOC friendship and giving them something to respond to IC). That Ensign should be ready for LtJG., not having left the group. Having kept the First Officer updated whenever a progress report is necessary.
    • Creator for a page on the ship's website and/or updator or maintainer for the ship's webpages.
    • Writer for several monthly mission summaries, to be added to the website or to be used by the command staff in their monthly ship reports to the Captains Council.
    • Assisting with the training department of the RPG;
    • Being a department head;
    • Helping with the training of new officers to the vessel;
    • Creating subplots that involve the vessel in different aspects of simming;
    • Acting as a member of at least one RPG taskforce (e.g.- Publicity Team, Fleet Wide Plot Arc Com., Awards Overhaul Com., Live Help Team, Website Upkeep Team, etc.)
    • Updating UPDS profile with information collected throughout the course of service;
    • Actively offering OOC ideas for mission plots;
    • Introducing exciting plot twists, but doing so at a pace sufficient for allowing junior officers to participate.