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NOTE: Information contained in <<<< and >>>> brackets is NOT known to characters and is provided only as background for the writers. Do not use this as knowledge that your characters have (aka, metasimming).

Mission Summary

The USS Excalibur is tasked with helping Thracian and Romulan doctors find a cure for a fatal illness killing thousands on worlds in Thracian Space and along the Neutral Zone.


  • IRW N'Vok - Lead Romulan ship, carrying Ael'Riov (Commodore) Arrenhe i-Mnaeha t'Llweii, head of small fleet holding position outside the station.


  • Ael'Riov (Commodore) Arrenhe i-Mnaeha t'Llweii - Commanding Officer of the IRW N'Vok, and in charge of the Romulan fleet holding position, uncloaked, outside of Starbase 118. Mate died due to plague she seeks medication for (Vitali 7), compelling her to bring the fleet to 118 to demand the medical be turned over to her.
  • Commander Sauren D'Amarok - One of the last remaining Tal Shiar officers located within the 'detention center' that appears near the illness' apparent origin.
  • Assistant Director Pondahk - Acting head of a department of Agurtha's planetary government. Temporarily the face of the Agurtha government, under Tal Shiar "oversight".
  • Agent Maec Iragurtha S'Tvrih - Tal Shiar agent, tasked with assuring Pondahk's cooperation with the Tal Shiar regime.


  • Lambda Hydrae - Planet in Thracian space known to be infected with the illness. Thousands on the surface are dead. Captain Walker's sister and step-mother known to be there.
  • Agurtha - Planet inside Romulan territory where the illness first appeared. It is here that the Excalibur is ordered to investigate the illness and render aid. Under strong Tal Shiar influence.
  • The Detention Center - Small, reinforced building hidden by holoemmiters, used by the Tal Shiar to interrogate questionable Romulan citizens or prisoners from other worlds including Klingons, Humans, and now, Tempestians. Suffered great losses due to being the first stop for many incoming Tempestians (yet unknown to inhabitants). Affected by nearby energy fluctuations.
  • Tempest 3 - Planet several hundred light years away inhabited by small humanoid species that's about to discover the Iconian Gates

Pertinent Information

  • The Plague - While no name has been discovered, the illness has claimed hundreds of Romulan/Thracian lives. Symptoms include grey/brittle skin, rashes and boils, and fluid in lungs, for Romulans, but acts somewhat differently in each species it encounters. So far the epidemic has spread to Lambda Hydrae and Agurtha, in the Venturius sector (source: [Vreeya]).
    • Observed to diverge into two major symptom groups
      • muscular deterioration
      • neurological deterioration
  • A cure to the plague was finally found, and was called the Skyfire Cure.

Iconian Gateways

A party of Tempestians arrived on the planet of Agurtha via a one way gate located on their world. The gate cycled through images of destinations on Agurtha and the two other affected planets in the region. When they walked through it, they were deposited in a grassy field with nothing too far out of the ordinary there. This field was not far from the city where the medical center was located. (The medical center was later converted into triage as plague victims became numerous.)

Another gateway was located on Agurtha itself, however, it is not currently functioning. Enclosed by two dilapidated statues, in a seemingly unnatural clearing in the mountains near the hidden Tal'Shiar detention center, the gate appears to be making an attempt at activating, but is sending out bursts of electromagnetic and other energy instead. These bursts vary in strength, but have caused disruptions to the nearby detention center's power matrix, holo-disguise, and even the Excalibur in orbit.

<<<<This gateway exists in a clearing made by the Iconians as a travel hub. The clearing serves as a drop off point from gates elsewhere in the area, and home to another gate to take them to other places. Tempestians have traveled to this clearing using the gate on their world, only to be caught and picked apart by Tal'Shiar officers who thought they were spies.>>>>

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