Evans Dustin

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Currently assigned to the USS Avandar

Sgt Major Dustin 'Dust off' Evans - Special Operations USS Avandar


  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male

Personal History

Evans was born in the United Kingdom and after the death if his parents went on the rampage of drink, drugs and violence. At the age of 16 after yet another hearing in front of a judge, Evans was given a stark choice. Join up either the marine corp. or Star fleet as an enlisted personal or spend the next forty (40) years in a penal colony. Joining the marine corps Evans vowed to find the judge one day and kill him.

After years in space serving one commander after another, Evans was posted to the USS Challenger's small Shadow special ops team under the command of Lt Hella. After his service on the Challenger, Evans was transfered to Earth and the Marine officer training wing. After several years training yung officers how to survive and lead a team of men Evans returned to active duty this time on the Steadfast's recovery mission. After ythe mission ended Evans again found himself on Earth with the training wing.

His latest venture into space is onboard the USS Aurora. With a small detachment of Marines, one squad under the command of Lt Kargan a Klingon Marine officer.

== Training History ==

  • Marine basic training - 28 weeks
  • Basic demolition training - 12 weeks
  • Advanced demolition training - 23 weeks
  • Basic medical - 9 weeks
  • Basic flight - 14 weeks
  • Basic comms - 2 weeks
  • Advanced Medical - 36 weeks
  • Advanced tactical studies - 48 weeks

== Rank History ==

  • Private First Class
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sgt
  • Gunnery Sgt
  • Master Gunnery Sgt
  • Sgt Major

== Current Status ==

Evans is currently serving on the USS Avandar