Evanna Blackwood's Family Heritage

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Evanna Blackwood
USS Avandar
Chief Science Officer
A Brave Science Officer
236109.06 238905.20
Avieorn, New Scotland
Aged 27
Species Human
Gender Female

Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg

Bajoran Campaign Ribbon
Neelix Award
Extended Service Ribbon

In Memoriam

Evanna Blackwood is a Scottish citezan from Avieorn, New Scotland. The Blackwoods are a sept of the Douglas clan, which has a long and prestigious background.

Immediate Family


David Blackwood
Born 232905.16 in Avieorn, New Scotland. Led a quiet life providing for his family, works for the Planetary Delivery Services corporation as a fleet co-ordinator. Easy going, patient and slow to anger. Long working hours keeps him away from the family for most of the week. Regrets not being able to spend more time with the family.


Gillian Blackwood
Born 233405.05 in Edinburgh, New Scotland. Moved to Avieorn as a young adult before meeting David who she would later marry and start a family with. Impatient, shrew-like grouch with high attention to detail. Demands the highest standards of cleanliness and tidyness. Razor sharp wit and poisonous tongue make this woman a great ally and a formidable foe, woe betide anyone who would cross this womans path. Works as a cleaner at a private company, freelancing whenever a suitable job presents itself.


Ella Davies
Born 236711.22 in Avieorn, New Scotland. Musically talented, performs as part of an orchestra and teaches at schools and privately when free, also performs at the annual "Traditional Scottish Festival". Patient but vain, coupon clipper. Married husband Bob Davies, a builder on 238408.03.

Evanna has always been really close to her little sister, admired in her qualities she felt she was lacking herself, such as creativity and musical talent. Evanna has always gone out of her way to encourage and support her sister and enjoys being able to spoil her and buy her "the best gifts." Evanna has never had great social skill or ability to express her feelings verbally, so does it instead by "doing" things, "buying" things to show how much she cares.

Evanna is currently saving up to buy her sister a very special gift for her wedding anniversary. She has always taken great pride in buying expensive gifts that reflect her sisters personality and interests, which symbolise not only how much she loves her sister, but what she admires in her.

Family Heritage

The Blackwoods are a sept of the Douglas clan, which has a long and prominent history stretching back to the days on Earth, Sol System when Scotland and England used to war and bicker constantly. Evanna and her family are extremely proud of their Scottish Heritage. They migrated to New Scotland with the first wave of settlers, helped build found the colony. The family feel it's vitally important to preserve and strengthen scottish culture and tradition, have always been very active in the community. They feel it's especially important to hold onto our own culture and sense of identity in the face of encroaching cultures from other races.

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