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Battleship B937
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Erik Jansen
Full Name Erik Jansen
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Rona'toran
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 23rd
Age 30
Birthplace Unknown
For the prime universe character, see Alucard Vess.

Erik Jansen was formerly serving as the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Triumphant in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War. He was revealed to be a Dominion spy and is on the run from the Starfleet resistance. He is currently in command of the Dominion Battleship B937.


  • Height: 6'5”
  • Build: Muscular
  • Hair: Brown, usually cut short and rather messy
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin Tone: Average complexion, many scars


Background/Personality/Career History

In 2373 the Dominion cruiser Kelwach discovered the abandoned science station Tech-Nine while on patrol for Starfleet vessels. The technology and intel on board were too old to be of any tactical use, but a stasis tube containing a young human male piqued the Captains curiosity.

The tube was removed and brought to Training Camp Alpha where the boy, identified in the stations logs as Erik Jansen, was revived. The boy was kept as a prisoner and experimental subject for many years until a new program was begun. The program aimed to train captured children from Federation worlds as assassins. Erik was to be the flagship of the program and underwent many years of training.

That changed in 2387 when a raid by the USS Triumphant brought about the liberation of the young people being put through the assassin program. After many months of debriefing, Erik was kept aboard the Triumphant and issued with a provisional rank. His innate intelligence and curiosity made him a perfect addition to the ships small science staff.

On Stardate 239303.05 Erik reveals himself as a Dominion spy. He strikes the ships Chief Engineer Lt. Quinn Reynolds, rendering her unconscious and near death. He activates a computer virus that completely shuts down the Triumphant and begins a self-destruct timer that gives the crew the exact amount of time they would need to escape. Meanwhile he escapes aboard the ships sole shuttle, the Essington. His whereabouts are currently unknown to the resistance, and Captain Brunsig has sworn revenge upon him.

After debriefing by Dominion leaders, Erik was given the rank of Rona'toran and put in command of the Battleship B937.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-blank silver.png
Civilian 2373 - 2387 Dominion Training Camp Alpha Prisoner, then Trainee
Rescued in 2387 by crew of USS Triumphant (alternate)
P02-ProvLtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant JG (Provisional) 2387 – 2390 USS Triumphant (alternate) Science Officer
P03-ProvLt-Teal.png Lieutenant (Provisional) 2390 - 239303.05 Chief Science Officer
Stardate 239303.05: Betrays the crew of the USS Triumphant (alternate) and is revealed as a Dominion spy. Escapes the Triumphant aboard the ships sole shuttlecraft.
DS9style-blank silver.png
Rona'toran 239304.03 – Present Dominion Battleship B937 Commanding Officer

USS Triumphant (alternate) Crew Manifest
Brunsig (alternate).jpg
Walter Brunsig
James, Cillian (Alternate).jpg
First Officer
Cillian James
C. DeBarres
Stoyer, Cory (Alternate).jpg
Ops. Officer
Cory Stoyer
Reynolds (alternate).jpg
Chief Engineer
Quinn Reynolds
Eric Tharsen
Vess Alt.jpg
Chief Science
Erik Jansen
Kael Seren (Alternate).png
Ship's Surgeon
Kael Seren
Sevo, Toran (Alternate).jpg
Toran Sevo
Vee, Jaxton (Alternate).jpg
Jaxton Vee
Hired Mercenary
Brooks Gwinnett
Eng. Consultant
Lael Desai-Orrey
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