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STARDATE 238811.14 - Personal Log

Winters: =/\=

Personal log Dr. Eric Winters Stardate 238811.14 on board the "Ii-Joki" runabout.

My excitement after leaving Earth settled down and I started finally with my work studying my future crew on StarBase 118 Ops. My Commanding Officer, Captain Andrus Jaxx, a Betazoid caught my eye and I am very curious how we will get along, especially as his first Duty post was also Counselling Officer which he kept until he became Lt.Commander. I had to wonder what future I may face, if I fulfill my own Duties successfully and what positions may appear interesting for me. But first I think I will try to figure out, if I can pop his cork for playing some rounds in Squash.

end log =/\=

STARDATE 238811.16 - Personal Log

Winters: =/\=

Personal log Dr. Eric Winters Stardate 238811.16 on board the "Ii-Joki" runabout.

It's been now almost 2 days since I left Earth. I used the time mainly to rest and tank enough energy for all my duties, which await me on StarBase 118 Ops. I was amazed by its size and population. Sure enough it was just information given by the PADD, but it is hard to believe that this station is as big as it is. I am waiting for our rendezvous with the USS Ironbridge, a Steamrunner class frigate, at Aldus Prime to pick me up, while the "Ii-Joki" continues its way to StarBase 12 to drop other crew members for their duty. My trip will still take more than a week, so I will continue studying.

end log =/\=

STARDATE 238811.16 - Personal Log - Supplemental

Winter: =/\=

I went now through the files of the first four officers and I have to say that I cannot await to continue with the rest of the crew. I hope my instincts will not fail me and give me a good opportunity to join the crew.

end log =/\=

STARDATE 238811.22 - Personal Log

Winters: =/\=

Personal log Dr. Eric Winters Stardate 238811.22 on board the USS Ironbridge.

We finally arrived in the Serellan Sector, one of the three sectors the Starbase is located. I just took a seat in a shuttle on shuttle bay 4 after exchanging thanks and pleasantness with Lieutenant Taylor. I was very greatful that I could be a guest on board the USS Ironbridge. We will start in a few minutes and I realize my excitement rising. I cannot wait to see the base for the first time. After studying it as well as the crew I feel almost as if I knew it for a long time, but this is "just" a feeling. I know that it is a huge structure, but I expect to be amazed about its real appearance.

end log =/\=