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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor

The Tactical Department is responsible for...


Chief Tactical Officer's Officer

Tactical and Flight Operations

The Chief Tactical Officer has an office inside the Embassy located near the Strategic Operations office and Chief of Security office.

Tactical and Flight Operations

The Tactical and Flight Operations office is located in the rear of the Embassy Tactical Wing hanger just outside of Lokesh City. The office contains a desk as well as a conference table for pilot meetings. The Tac. Wing technicians also utilize this office for conferences of their own.

Tactical Wing Hanger

Subterranean Hanger Bay

The Tactical Wing Hanger is located just outside Lokesh City. Craft assigned there include 2 Valkyrie-class Light Escort Fighters, and 4 Peregrine-class Heavy Fighters. The hanger also supports 2 Runabouts and a single Hopper.

The following Runabouts are housed Subterranean Hanger Bay when not in use. There are three Starfleet stationed on Duronis II:


Duronis II Embassy Crew Manifest
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Embassy Security Staff NPC Roster
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