Embassy Gardens

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Front Water Garden

Front Water Garden

The front water garden welcomes visitors and dignitaries to the Embassy with a spectacular display, enhanced during the day by the sunlight and during the night by underwater lighting.

Back Garden


The back of the new Embassy, was entirely left to the landscaper's artistic imagination, which took the form of a rustic water garden and pool. It's a restful place where visiting dignitaries can unwind from a long day at the negotiations table, clear their minds, and meditate.

The meandering paths are lined with sprinkled patches of indigenous flowers, herbs, and bushes, coupled with a mix of exotics imported from Earth and other planets. The aroma is quite pleasing to the senses, further adding to the peacefulness of the setting. The only sounds heard in the garden come from songbirds, and the gentle splashing of the water fall.

Rose Garden


The Embassy Rose Garden is an impressive collection of all types of roses - hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, climbers, miniatures and shrub roses from all over the Universe. The Gallica, the centerpiece rose, is one of the oldest and most highly evolved of all roses ever bred.

Climbers, in an extrodinary array of colors (from snowy white to deep crimson), extend the garden to the Embassy terraces with the use of trellises. Some bloom only once, while others bloom continuously. Some have large, hybrid tea type blooms, while others bloom in small clusters.

Visitors and staff are attracted to the Rose garden not only for its beauty, but by the fragrance as well.