Elsa Trevet

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Elsa Trevet, a Cardassian, is former security Officer aboard USS Ithaca and USS Caledonia.


  • Full Name: Elsa Trevet
  • Current Rank:
  • Race: Cardassian
  • Date of Birth: age 31
  • Place of Birth: Sands of Essen Nok, Jessen, Cardassia.
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: In feet or meters.
  • Weight: In pounds or kilos.
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous (both left and right equally favoured)
  • Mannerisms: Stands at attention by habit. Places hands behind back unless she is seated. Doesn't smile.


Trevet was born and raised on Cardassia. The only child of Even and Eran, Elsa followed her father into the military. A brilliant strategist she was soon approached by members of the Obsidian order; who assured her success that she might not be able to attain by herself.She agreed. Trevet attained the rank of Gul just as the Bajoran conflict ended and served her people to the best of her ability.

The coming of the Dominion changed her world. She realised the errors she had made in her life and risked her life by joining the resistance. A dangerous game - she had to keep her new allegiance from both the Dominion and the Obsidian order.

She was able to supply the Federation with valuable intelligence. Trevet was shaken when the Tal'Shiar and Obsidian Order fleet was decimated. A colleague of hers mentioned in passing one day how lucky she had been.... She decided to get out anyway she could. Her finally came when she was ordered to command a Gallor-class vessel within a fleet sent to destroy Starbase 118. After a brief battle with Starfleet and Dominion forces Trevet and her fellow defectors sought asylum.

Elsa was placed on Commander Aquiss' staff as a special envoy and Mission Specialist. She was given the nominal rank of 'Lieutenant'.At the end of their first mission Aquiss was ordered to return to Starbase 118, and Elsa was sent to receive Starfleet training. When she returned it was as a full Ensign and chief of security aboard the Ithaca under Commander Jacobs.

She served well - if not making any friends and soon was promoted to Lt.j.g. just before manuevres with her former CO and now Captain San Aquiss. Things went very wrong when it was discovered that Aquiss was possessed and using live ammunition. Trevet had suspected something was wrong and had hacked Aquiss' personnel files. Suspecting the return of the psi-parasites she had herself transporter-tagged to Jacobs.

When Jacobs was abducted by Aquiss - Trevet, along with Ensign Wong of the Freedom, was instrumental in freeing Aquiss from possession.. although it had cost Trevet dearly and she fell into a coma due to her injuries.. a coma that she has only recently emerged from... missing memories of the last few weeks.. but secretly pleased to be back to work with Captain Jacobs.