Elias Kincaid

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USS Constitution-B
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Elias Abernathy Machk Kincaid
Position Bartender (Former Starfleet Marine)
Rank Marine Captain (Retired)
Species Terran, with 1/4 Blackfoot
Gender Male
DOB 234911.09
Age 51
Birthplace Earth: Bozeman, Montana

Captain Kincaid is a retired Starfleet Marine currently living aboard the USS Constitution-B as a bartender in Constitution Ten Forward, colloquially known as the Saloon.


  • Name: Elias Abernathy Machk Kincaid
  • Age: 51
  • Birth Stardate: 234911.09
  • Birthplace: Bozeman, Montana
  • Hometown: Wolf Creek, Montana
  • Species: Human 1/4 Blackfoot Indian 1/4 Cherokee Indian


  • Height: 6.2
  • Hair: Raven black, short
  • Eyes: Green


  • Mother: Amanda Looking Glass Kincaid (1/2 Cherokee)
  • Father: Lyle Mingan Kincaid (1/2 Blackfoot)
  • Siblings: Two younger sisters. Tammy Kincaid (28) and Rebecca Bryce T'bren (41)
  • Wife: Zeyla Kincaid (44)
  • Daughter: Tylana Kincaid (20)


Elias was born in Bozeman Montana during the second week of November in 2349. He was the first born child of Amanda, who is of half Cherokee descent and Lyle, half Blackfoot, Kincaid. Both of his parents lived on and operated Lyle's family ranch that had been part of the family for 18 generations, harkening back to Earth's ancient, or 'Wild West'. Despite this, Lyle Kincaid was an accomplished writer. And his wife Amanda was at the time of his birth, serving in Starfleet as a Security Officer stationed on Earth. Though his parents met one another while she was serving on board the USS Wyoming. He grew up on a rural ranch just outside of Wolf Creek Montana. And had an overall uneventful childhood. A quiet life on the ranch was what he'd known most of his life. And then his first sister was born. Rebecca. He was the typically over-protective, but not overbearing brother. Even more so once his other sister Tammy came into the picture.

Elias enlisted in Starfleet in 2368 at the behest and encouragement of his mother. While there he followed in his mother's footsteps, learning to join Security, but a brief encounter with a few Starfleet Marines changed that during his first year.

Being rather strong willed and unreservedly glib with his words at times he ended up in an altercation with four of the Marines. It ended up with a reprimand on his record, three bruised ribs, a black eye and two of the Marines in sickbay for a week. The next year he switched his focus to join the Marine Officer Training.

By the time he graduated he had also completed the Advanced Marine Training and entered service as a 2nd Lieutenant and Combat Engineer. By then the Dominion War had already begun and he was sent to the front lines.

Elias served with distinction during the war, earning several ribbons as well as promotions up to the rank of Marine Captain roughly six months after the war's end. He suffered extensive wounds during a particularly brutal battle with Jem'Hadar in which he lost both his right leg and left arm. Being caught by his own explosives when he was forced to detonate them prematurely in order to save a unit of Romulan soldiers. Elias was reassigned to several units as various conflicts arose. Mostly regulated to training other marines and stuck behind a desk for the next five years.

Elias was given a cybernetic prosthetic to replace his right leg, however he refused to have his left arm similarly fitted. He retired from Starfleet in 2380 with the same rank and returned to Montana to run the ranch for a few more years after his father's passing.

Amanda Kincaid had reenlisted during the Dominion War, and still remains to this day as a Command officer, rank Lieutenant.

Elias married an Orion woman he'd met while serving during the war, a fellow Starfleet officer at the time on one of the ships he was stationed, Zeyla. Their daughter, Tylana was born a year later in 2381. Elias starts taking up bartending as a hobby. He has a difficult time running the ranch with only one arm.

In 2390 Zeyla reenlisted with Starfleet as she had left to be with Elias and to raise their girl. Leaving the ranch still in Tammy's capable hands, he joins her as a civilian wanting to travel the stars again.

2395 Elias learns of an opening on the Constitution for a bartender and decides to take the job. Even though it means being separated from his wife and daughter, a decision not easily made, he did so with both of their blessings.