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Edek is a Mathenite colony world located in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Date Founded: 2083
  • Population: 34 Million (Mathenite), 150,000 (Edek Natives)
  • Capital: Noran
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%

A plant largely covered in desert and arid regions, Edek was founded by intrepid Rheghenda Natives of both varities. The planet is entirely controlled by the Mathenites but sparsely populated, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle of the Rheghenda. There is also a small, isolated and primitives population of natives on the planet in a similar stage of development to early humanoids. They are isolated from the rest of the planet on a small island off the coast of the western continent and have shown no sign of venturing forth into the world. Given the slow evolution of such proto-societies, it may be that the Mathenites might be gone before the Edek natives even master fire or simple tools.

Points of interest

  • Turan Mesa
  • Turan Low Desert
  • Voler Alpine Region

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