EMH Prototype

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"Please state the nature of the temporal emergency." - EMH Prototype
USS Apollo-A
EMH Prototype
Position None
Rank Civilian
Species Hologram
Gender Male
DOB 239110.08
Age 8
Birthplace USS Apollo-A

EMH prototype is a PNPC, and is currently played by Nathaniel Wilmer. He has not yet been approved by the Captain.


  • Full Name: EMH Mark 0.0334N Prototype
  • Born: NA
  • Build: Normal
  • Scars/Features: None
  • Handedness: Right


  • Habits: None
  • Likes : None
  • Dislikes : None
  • Hobbies : None
  • Mental Problems/Phobias : Incomplete program in process
  • Physical limitations : None
  • Orientation : Heterosexual
  • Religion : None
  • Quarters : None