Raina Devar

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  • Full Name: Raina Eris Devar
  • Birthdate: 2335
  • Place of Birth: Mestara, Betazed
  • Royal House: 13th House of Betazed
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Eyes: Almost Black
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 145 Pounds
  • Species: Betazoid


Brief Biography

Raina is the younger sister of Devyn Devar and mother to Sumein (father has not been revealed in sim). Raina mainly keeps to herself as an ancient philosphy researcher. She also owns a shoppe in the heart of Mestara. For a time she resided on Deep Space 17 to help her neice, Alana, after she gave birth to Keiran in 2382.

She is currently alive and well, running the shoppe and working at the local museums on Betazed. Being born with the abilities of telepathy and the inability to screen out empathic waves (much like a younger Alana), Raina has suffered irreversible damage to her psyche. She denies any connection to the 13th house and blames a lot of things on instances that have never happened; it has been said by some that she is a soothsayer. Though her animosity towards her family's house has not been clearly defined, it has somewhat waned after her neice was named the Head of House in 2384.