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Denobulan Loatac Cider

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Loatac Cider

Denobulan Loatac Cider is a popular drink on Denobula; it is produced on the volcanic island of Loatac and is named after it. The Cider is rare outside of Denobula as it is difficult to produce off the island: it needs a special fruit that is secret to the recipe, that can only be found on Loatac island. However, it could be found in Starfleet replicator libraries, where the alcohol was replaced with synthehol. [1] It also takes 4 months to ferment so needs care and attention to make sure it is pure Loatac Cider. Many species can consume it including Humans, Trills, and Klingons although it is an acquired taste that many say it tastes similar to honey from Earth. Although many non-Denobulans or hybrids often do not like it.

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