Della Vetri Personal Log Stardate 238603.01

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Been a while since the last one of these, but there's a good excuse...

Let's start with the good stuff. Shore leave was... interesting. Admiral Rocar put in an appearance, or did I mention that already? Anyway, Cura promoted to Captain. Is all official now, which is nice.

I GOT A MEDAL! Can you believe that? The Neelix Award. Gonna have to find somewhere nice to put that.

I wasn't the only one, though. There were a few awards given out, which was also nice.

That's pretty much where the nice bit ended. We are currently picking up the pieces after Jacen's brother decided to stage a coup, sparking a civil war in the process.

Told you there was a good excuse.

Got out alive, as did everyone else on the crew, I think. Close call, though... Cura has been badly hurt, but signs are she'll be okay. Almost everyone in the castle took some kind of hits, but I managed to get away okay, nothing some make-up and a few days won't cure.

The mental side is going to be a bit trickier, however. I know, worrying about that stuff is my job, but still... There were a lot of dead people down there. I've seen death before, but this... This wasn't a fight, this was a war, and some of what I saw looked like the aftermath of simple butchery.

I'll deal with it, and I'll make sure everyone else can as well. It's why I'm here, and what I do.

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