Della Vetri Personal Log Stardate 238511.15

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Not much time for this one, I need sleep soon. It seems that politics has reared it's ugly head, and may need to be smacked back down again.

Captain's back on her feet, all good. Everyone else is all present and accounted for, also all good. My brain hasn't imploded. Tentatively good.

Back to the point. Investigator from the Klingon High Council is sniffing after the Boss, and Fanel, something to do with her being kidnapped a while back, and him doing something about it. Some vaguely important Klingon got dead, and now payback is wanted.

Problem is, they're sniffing after the Captain for the reparations, when it was Fanel that did it. Add to that the fact that what they want is just the other side of utterly outrageous, and things get real fun, real quick.

Still, it's being handled. There was a plan for the girlies to try and vamp some info out of this Klingon, and that worked...okay. I managed to get a bit of info out of the guy, and then we broke his arm in an arm-wrestling match. I feel no satisfaction about that whatsoever. Honest.

Turns out he's being paid by someone to set this whole situation up. Should prove interesting when he gets confronted with that little detail.

Oh, and Harden has joined us. She was CMO on the Starbase, but apparently she's transferring over to Intel here. And the Captain seems to think she might be slightly insane. Fun never stops around here...

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