Darwin/Victory Ship Chat: 13/14 March 15

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Darwin/Victory Joint Partnership
Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

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13th/14th March 2015

10:05:20 PM 
@Renos: Right oh. What do you say Nugra, shall we begin?
Valdivia: Alright! :)
Kaji: I'm a bit frightened
Pods_wking: :)
* LtCmdr_Richards the honorary Darwinian waves
@Renos: Right then. We'd like to OFFICIALLY welcome you to the very first join Darwin/Victory ship chat! Woohoo!
* Nugra applauds
* kaji claps
@Renos: Everything is better when it is rubber stamped
Traenor: Yay!
@Renos: I feel like I'm opening a shop or something... ribbons must be cut. Who has the scissors?
Evil_Liam: I do
* LtCmdr_Richards me
LtCmdr_Richards: in my chair
kaji: don't give him the scissors!
@Renos: He's evil and he has scissors....
Evil_Liam: *gives evil shifty eyes
@Renos: I am a little scared....
@Nugra: which means make sure he cuts the ribbon, not others.
@Renos: How many people here have been to fleet/ship chats before?
kaji: your scissors scared our guest
Traenor: S'okay. Just make him run. I've heard that's bad when you have scissors.
Valdivia: I haven't
Pods_wking: i have
kaji: nope
@Nugra: I've been to a few fleet and ship chats. :)
Traenor: Once.
@Nugra: Apollo and Connie, plus fleet chats when I can make it.
@Renos: Okay, so this is just going to be a little more structured than what those who have may be used to
* Lt_Skyfire has. Both ship and fleet chats, usually either Apollo or Darwin.
Pods_wking: oh wow
@Renos: We've an agenda, that's how super organised we are, and have bunches of cool stuff to share with you AND we'll have fun along the way
@Nugra: That's an order. :P j/k
kaji: it feels like camp
@Renos: HAHAHA only from the Gecko King right?
* LtCmdr_Richards come on you apes, you wanna live forever
@Liam_Frost: hah
@Renos: So first of all we have a few special announcements to make
@Liam_Frost: I have successfully usurped his position
@Renos: (So get on the edge of your seat because this is breaking news)
kaji: the suspense is killing me
@Renos: Mister Nugra, have you got the drums? I feel a drum roll is in order
* Nugra looks for drums, gives up and uses nearby ensigns.
Tarsii: Hi to you all
* Nugra drum rolls
@Renos: HAHA
@Nugra: Hey, Tarsii. :D
@Renos: Hey Tarsii!
@Nugra: Just in time for the good stuff!
Traenor: Hi Tarsii!
@Renos: Impeccable timing
Valdivia: He just uses Victory ensigns, right? :P
kaji: hi Tarsii!!
@Renos: We're about to make a special annoucement!
* Lt_Skyfire :: cues up drum roll ::
* LtCmdr_Richards keeps drum roll going
@Renos: The staff of the Darwin and Victory are proud to announce that this is the beginning to a joint partnership between our two ships. What does this mean?
Tarsii: Speaking on cell phone in a middle of tropical heavy rain
@Renos: To answer that we’re going to have to let the secret squirrel give you a super secret spoiler… The Darwin and Victory will some day share a campaign region and will be participating in detailed stories that cover both ships. We’re not going to tell you exactly when this is set to happen but good things are ahead. Things that may include joint missions, officer exchanges (this would be for a set period such as a mission) and more.
Tarsii: I'll try to stand
@Renos: Since both ships share similar philosophies and the same passion and desire when it comes to supporting our players regardless of skill or experience to strive for improvement joint ship chats are a great opportunity to build cross-ship links socially, work on potential missions and plot arcs in the future and hold writing workshops to discuss various aspects of writing.
Tarsii: It is nice to see you all again ☺
@Renos: Nice to see you too Tarsii
* LtCmdr_Richards applauds this decision
kaji: cool!!!
Pods_wking: oh boy
Traenor: ::is intrigued::
@Nugra: That means that each and every one of you will see more of the others as we draw closer to our group region!
kaji: this is brand new information I'm just hearing about now!
@Renos: Nugra has been keeping that one a surprise good and proper :D I am super excited about this
@Nugra: Yes.....that's right. So am I.
@Renos: It's going to be completely awesome
Pods_wking: 🐐🐓🐳🌞🏢🏢🏢🏢
@Renos: Anyone got any questions about this before the next announcement?
@Nugra: Already both Commander Renos and I are hard at work coming up with intriguing stories that are not just darwin or victory, but will be shared between us!
@Renos: Pods I have no idea how you made those symbols but that was cool
kaji: do the questions have to relate to the announcements?
Valdivia: I didn't see the symbols...
@Renos: Hi there Jorey
Traenor: How will joint missions be handled? New Google Groups, or spam onto each other's existing mail lists?
Lt_Skyfire: Me neither -- comes across as jibbrish on my screen. (symbols Pods typed)
Pods_wking: the next announcement? 🏯🎡🗼💒. My iPad
@Nugra: We have a few. :)
LtCmdr_Jorey: Hiya all! Just rushed back from work. Subway was slower than normal, sorry for the lateness
@Renos: The questions can relate to the announcements
Yael: Hey guys! :D
@Renos: Traenor, we might do joint missions in various ways. We've found that putting both crews onto one list can be overwhelming. Hi there Yael
LtCmdr_Richards: Grats on the FO position jorey :o
Traenor: Hey Jorey! Hey Yael!!
Lt_Skyfire: hi, kaycie!
Pods_wking: welcome
Yael: I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to say hi. :3
@Nugra: Hi!
Traenor: That was my initial impression, Renos. Thanks for clarifying.
@Renos: So we might do an officer exchange, post important posts to both lists, provide OOC notes as to the progress of the other ship and find ways to weave things together
kaji: cool!
@Nugra: Also by having results of each others ships, effect the opposite ship's next mission.
* LtCmdr_Richards intends on taking notes
Yael: Gah, the annual mission is always a little messy that way.
* LtCmdr_Richards will be watching the idea with hope and interest
@Renos: We're looking at ways we can have our ships working together without the mass chaos confusion of 24 odd people on one list :)
Yael: Yeah, it's hard to keep up with so many people. I kinda get exhausted by it all, even though it's a lot of fun.
@Renos: Nugra now has an important announcement to make
Yael: He's having a litter? :D
@Renos: We're ging to keep things moving a little as his time is limited today, but there will be more time for questioons later
@Nugra: The next announcement. The USS Victory has gone in to refit and though in IC, it has not been completed, but you all can see what she is going to look like as the WIKI HAS BEEN UPDATED! http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/USS_Victory
kaji: he already has a litter, and it keeps throwing crumbs at me. YAAAAY!
@Renos: Woohoo! That's pretty cool Nugra!
Tarsii: Interesting concept of sharing a common region of space
@Nugra: She's received a new look, much more technology and is able to withstand her own in the modern galaxy!
Traenor: I saw the pics, that's a mean looking Intrepid!
@Renos: Yeah it is pretty awesome!
@Nugra: For the engineers who want to see her internal specs: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/USS_Victory_Ship_Specifications
Yael: I have to go already. :(
@Renos: Thanks for dropping in Yael
@Nugra: thanks for poking your head in, Yael!
Yael: Sim with you all soon though :)
@Renos: The archives will be avalable later
Traenor: Awww. Take it easy, Yael, see you soon!
Valdivia: looks so cool!
@Renos: It does Valdivia. Now the next announcement related to the Darwin
Pods_wking: busy now,..but trying to keep up
@Renos: I am pleased to announce the results of the vote we did to rename the ship's lounge. Going forward the Darwin's Lounge will now be called... Natural Selections
Traenor: Awesome!! Love it! ::fires up the still::
Valdivia: I like it! :)
@Renos: The response both in terms of generating ideas and then voting on then was absolutely outstanding, so my thanks to everyone
Valdivia: No holographic darwin, then? :P
LtCmdr_Jorey: Yay! Sounds like real "natural" alcohol instead of sythale! lol
Pods_wking: lol
@Renos: I think its a great name :)
Traenor: Valdivia nope, time travel to kidnap the real Darwin.
@Renos: Now, the final announcement I want to make is again Darwin related. I'm very pleased to announce that come shore leave the Darwin will be operating a multispecies initiative. If any of you have read any of the Titan novels you'll begin to understand. IC what this means is that the Darwin will be getting a few technical modifications in order to house more unusual species
Lt_Skyfire: For those of us who haven't read the books, could you clarify the Multispecies initiative? Oh. OK.
Valdivia: sounds interesting. haven't read the books either. So what does this multispecies initiative imply?
@Renos: So we might have some quarters for a species who normally lives and breathes underwater. Their quarters could be two decks tall and fileld with water with a forcefiels system to keep the water in and allow passgae from one environment to the next. The individual that lives there would wear a specially adapted suit to keep them wet while they work, and allow them to breathe etc
LtCmdr_Richards: Maybe when Whale gets back we should sed his Frankenstein character to you on an exchange :o
Pods_wking: ,..like,.. Kos in bab5
@Renos: Maybe. ^ Yes Pods. OOC we'll be looking to encourage people to try the challenege of writing for little known species and there will be a competition related to it too
Valdivia: sounds fascinating. are there any such species in the ILI?
@Renos: Its going to be something a bit different and is sure to be a lot of fun
Lt_Skyfire: Lots, actually.
@Renos: There are lots of species in the ILI with basic profiles or whaich have never really had the chance to be played. The multispecies initiative challenges players to try different things and it'll be good to see more of our groups wonderful species getting some development and play time
Traenor: So what did I miss? We're starting a zoo? ;) kidding!
Valdivia: I know, but I meant species which would need special quarters and such
@Renos: There will be more details to follow, closer to shore leave to let people know about what it is and how to get involved. Valdivia, there are a few. LOL Traenor. It's not all about quarters though
LtCmdr_Richards: it sounds like a great way of fleshing out species that are restricted owing strange living conditions that are hard to cater for :)
@Renos: That's one aspect of it Richards :) We can come back to it later if there's time but for now I'd like to recognise Traenor for his outstanding work on the Darwin's mission archive page
Traenor: ::blush:: S'nothing.
@Renos: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/The_Lost_Souls_%28Darwin-A%29
LtCmdr_Richards: ooh. very nice
@Renos: His work is incredibly detailed, has an interesting perspective and is a joy to read.
Pods_wking: we need a sentient Klingon bug that lives under water
@Renos: With my memory I'm going to be glad to have such an outstanding entry to allow me to look back at and fondly remember our mission. Thanks so much!
Lt_Skyfire: Traenor: Are you helping reconstruct the last 2 missions of the Darwin's first launch as well?
Valdivia: wow, this is so much work it's fascinating. Great job, Traenor!
LtCmdr_Jorey: I wanna pipe in here and say I love the humour added too! aka the Pizza picture captioned: Mortal risk to starship systems and Betazed sensibilities?
Traenor: Lt_Skyfire yes, I intend to do so, and will format them in a similar style with a flashy start page. Soon, hopefully.
@Renos: LOL yes Jorey, I love the humour of it too!
Traenor: LtCmdr_Jorey couldn't resist, haha! Love ya!
LtCmdr_Jorey: It's perfect!
* LtCmdr_Richards mmmmm pizza
@Renos: Because we have about 20 mins left in the hour I think it's be good now to touch upon some resources I like to check in on now and again when looking for inspiration
LtCmdr_Richards: Memory Alpha?
@Renos: This includes the tutorial library - even though I've read all the guides in there I often like to go back and read them again just to make things fresh in my mind. http://www.starbase118.net/cadets/tutorial-library/ Memory Alpha is a great place to get Trek Info. It's not 100% accurate all the time. Some of it is best guess stuff, but it is invaluable
LtCmdr_Richards: (much like any wiki :P :) )
@Renos: Both the Victory and the Darwin have simming handbooks as well with lots of tips about simming
They also contain information about the little things that set the style of one ship apart from another - like how subject lines should be done. The fine details
LtCmdr_Jorey: Which I need to look at every time so I can remember how to fill in the Subject line of my posts! I think I finally got it right with my last one! lol
@Renos: I'd recommend that everyone take a good look and refer back to them as often as needed. Even though I wrote the Darwin's it doesn't stop me looking at it myself once in a while if I want to check something or advise someone about something. LOL Jorey, it's just a matter of checking until it becomes habit xD It'll happen. So there's a lot of great places to get ideas, tips and inspiration that we might not think about every day. So I just wanted to put a shout out for that today. 
Traenor: For me, Thesaurus.com . It's obvious when I'm tired or lazy that I haven't used it, I'll repeat the same descriptive word over, and over, and over...
@Renos: I think I probably need to use that more. Thanks for the tip Traenor!
LtCmdr_Richards: ooh, thats a great tip
LtCmdr_Jorey: Another great one, if you're looking for some background to your sims (especially B-Plot stuff) is the FNS: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Federation_News_Service
LtCmdr_Richards: i'm the same, tend to use the same words over and over. - bookmarked :)
@Renos: Next up I'd like to have a small Q&A session - so if you have any questions related to simming (like how many tags should I leave?), ask away
LtCmdr_Richards: Question: Would you like a Pon Pon. He's small and clings to consoles whilst sitting on them because he can't reach them when sitting in a chair or standing?
@Renos: Richards, I'm going to go with yes. ^_^
LtCmdr_Jorey: Umm like an overgrown tribble with hands?
@Renos: Sounds like it right?
LtCmdr_Jorey: Or something less terrifying!
@Renos: Welcome back Pods
Valdivia: mmm if I have an idea for a mission, what can I do about it?
@Renos: We're doing a short Q&A - do you have any simming/writing related questions?
Valdivia - there is a mission submital form you can fill in here
Pods_wking: Thanks
@Renos: http://www.starbase118.net/members/mission-submittal-form/
Pods_wking: woe. Cool,..
@Renos: The form is useful in that it gets you thinking about different aspects of a mission
LtCmdr_Jorey: I'm curious what you think about some of those scenes with lots of dialogue - like mission briefings. I have a tendency of omitting most of the dialogue that doesn't relate to Jorey in favour of a few descriptive paragraphs about how he's feeling/what he's thinking in the meeting. I'm wondering what you think? Should I include all the dialogue so the next simmer has my sim to work from or am I good to go.
@Renos: It doesn't need to be paragraphs or content for each box and we can soon help flesh out any areas that are weaker. Alternatively just email one of the ship staff with the idea and we'll go from there. :)
Traenor: I tend to sim like you, LtCmdr_Jorey . I have a bad habit of skimming when I see the same text for the sixth time, and worry about missing new stuff.
@Renos: If I'm not the one giving the briefing I often leave in the dialogue for everyone (unless doing so would vreate a confusing mess) as this tens to be easier and faster for new players to work with
Pods_wking: at low battery ,..
@Renos: So if I have an experienced team I'd cut out anything I don't need, if I have new players I'll keep it so they can use mine as a base - but I need to be extra sure I didn't miss anything. Ok pods
LtCmdr_Jorey: Ok. Good to know!
@Renos: As long as I make my narrative interesting it should limit the boreome factor from reading the same stuff over and over. Hopefully
Valdivia: I tend to leave everything unless it is become so long it is unreadable. Yes, I agree. If you adapt your character's thoughts and comments, you can make people reread it with interest.
Pods_wking: what about individual missions concerning a cultural problems and such?
@Renos: What do you mean Pods?
Pods_wking: either per character or on a planet. a planets culture or a character having difficulty. goto go at wk bbl
@Renos: OK pods. I'll get back to you on that over gchat later then, when you're free. Thanks for joining us! So that concludes our first ship chat really, It's been such a quick hour and I could easily have talked for another one. How have you found it?
LtCmdr_Jorey: Yup. Super quick actually!
@Liam_Frost: BTW, I'd like to introduce you all to someone. his name is Colonel Whale
Traenor: It was good, though I feel a bit guilty... Seems like us Darwinians muscled in on the Victory crew a bit. :(
@Renos: I think that's because most of the Victory people had to leave earlier. Come the weekend when we do this again it might be the other way about
@Liam_Frost: http://ft.trillian.im/0ae46af27b2539fdc84893dbd3a9d6a7d7e29150/6x59Vv6yI6G29x0VpmhYibXToaEKb.png
@Renos: We shared an agenda, and some months the Victory may have more in the way of announcement than the Darwin. LOL Frost Whale belongs with us xD
Traenor: Damn, can't access the pic, Liam_Frost , I'll assume it's suitably cool ;)
@Renos: I'll email you it Traenor
@Liam_Frost: it is
LtCmdr_Jorey: lol I was like... "Oh what's up with David Whale?" then I saw the pic.... He's changed! lol
Traenor: Nugra , I hope you'll pass on our best regards to the Victory crew, I'm really excited to get to know everybody there.
Valdivia: well, it's been great. I should go now. See you around!
Lt_Skyfire: bye bye
Traenor: Later, Valdivia !
Renos: Bye everyone, thanks for coming!
LtCmdr_Jorey: Bye for now!
Traenor: Thanks for organizing a great chat! Glad I could join! ::off to plan the Darwin's zoo now::