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Daris system

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The Daris system is a small system of planets located within Federation territory.

This system presented StarFleet scientists with a unique opportunity to study the pre-warp civilization on Daris I. With Daris II a prime site for testing experimental terraforming techniques and equipment, and yet also near enough to Daris I to provide a convenient laboratory for studying blossoming civilizations, Starfleet's colonization department decided that the opportunity could not be passed-by.

Controversy arose over the colony's closeness to the inhabited Daris I. Some argued that the inhabitants of Daris I would become aware of the colony and thus affect their culture. Supporters argued that given the current Darisean technological level (Level Three), such activities would not impact the Daris I culture. After a long debate by the Federation Science Council it was decided to go ahead with the project. Strict protocols were formed to totally evacuate Daris II when the Darisean people reach a Level Four technological Classification. Projected technology developmentss indicate that Daris I will achieve Level Four in about 300 years time. This estimate was enough to satisfy those did not support the Daris II Science Colony project.


  • System Name: Daris, as it called by the inhabitants of Daris I and their sun "Daris Sol" meaning "Life-Giver".
  • Affiliation: None
  • System Type: Trinary Star System
    • Daris Sol A
      • Type M3 II Red Large Giant
      • Main Sequence Value Ranges (Approximate)
        • Temperature 3,500k
        • Mass 0.5 Solar Masses
        • Radius 0.5 Solar Radii
        • Luminosity 0.01 SOL
    • Daris Sol B
      • Type A5 IV White Subgaint
      • Main Sequence Value Ranges (Approximate)
        • Temperature 7,500
        • Mass 2 - 3 Solar Masses
        • Radius 2.0 Solar Radii
        • Luminosity 10 SOL
    • Daris Sol C
      • Type B2 Ib Blue-White Supergaint
      • Main Sequence Value Ranges (Approximate)
        • Temperature 30,000k
        • Mass 5 Solar Masses
        • Radius 3.5 Solar Radii
        • Luminosity 1,000 SOL
  • Inhabited Planets
    • Daris Sol B III Daris I Class M: Sapient race known as the Darisean.
    • Daris Sol B IV Daris II Class N: [Formerly Federation Scientist and Civilians]
  • Other Planets [4]
    • Daris Sol B I Tempera Alpha
    • Daris Sol B II Henna
    • Daris Sol B V Duenna
    • Daris Sol B VI Prolepsis
  • Other Stellar Objects
    • The Daris Sol B System has a significant Oort Cloud containing at least a thousand small planetoid comets. Most of the comets have metal rich cores and rare element deposits
  • Artificial Objects
    • Daris II is home for Starfleet's Type 8C Habitation Dome which is currently being run by automated systems.