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Daris II

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Daris II is the fourth planet in the Daris system, and was the site of the Daris II Colony.


  • Official Planet Name: DARIS II, Darisalon, "Daris' Twin" (name given by inhabitants of Daris I)
  • Class Type: N
  • Daris II Dimesions
    • Diameter: 17,346 km
    • Mass: 6,713,121 kg
    • Solar Orbit: 136,500,000 km
  • Moons [2]
    • Name: Dekron
      • Diameter: 2577 km
      • Mass: 5,250,627 kg
      • Planetary Orbit: 1,565,030 km
    • Name: Arithias
      • Diameter 2577 km
      • Mass 5,250,627 kg
      • Planetary Orbit 2,665,300 km
  • Gravity: 1.2 g
  • Year and Day: 400 solar cycle/26 hour day
  • Atmosphere:
    • Oxygen-Nitorgen atmosphere; traces of agron, carbon dioxide; Water vapor levels are high due to large hydrosphere; Volcanic activity in southern hemisphere produces acid rain.
    • Hydrosphere: 85% surface water; Oceans have above average acidic levels on account of volcanic emissions.
    • Climate: Very damp and moderately cool with above average rainfall
  • Sapient Species: Daris II was assumed uninhabited due to the somewhat harsh atmospheric conditions. It was later found that a subterranean species inhabits caverns inside the planet.
    • Tech Level: Level Six [Federation Technology accounts for this classification]. Nothing is currently known about the tech level of the species inhabiting the caverns.
      • Government: Starfleet Bureau of Colonization, SB118 Jurisdiction
  • Resources: Daris II has soils rich in organics sutiable for agriculture corps. Rare elemental compounds such as bilitrim, calendenium, deuridim and irdium are adundant.
  • Places of Note:
    • Significant Land Masses Northern Hemisphere:
      • Laren [Designated location of Daris II Colony]
      • Senteris [Largest Land Mass]
      • Milahu [Largest Island]
      • Boran [Second Larget Island]
    • Significant Land Masses Southern Hemisphere:
      • Kiros Archopelago
      • Bintauru Archepelago
    • Ship Facilities: Daris II has an orbiting Subspace Relay in geosynchronous orbit with the the Daris II Colony.
  • Other Details: The southern hemisphere of Daris II has total of 20 acitve volcanoes. Most of these are located in the Kiros and Bintauru Archepelagos. Tectonic stresses and gravitional fluxes from the two moons accounts for the unusal sesimic and volcanic chaos. Due to the increased of amount of volcanic emission and the above average rainfall acid rain is produced at very high levels. The highest concentrations of acid rain are found in the southern oceans with decreased levels in the northern regions.


Map of Daris II landmasses