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List of Named Danubaens

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Danubaens Physical Description: tall, willowy species, humanoid-ish looking with avian features. Quadra-ped, but stand on two legs. Long nimble fingers, useful for art and music.

Auditory Description: voices tend to be lyrical, and range of which is as broad as humanoids (Female- Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Contralto. Male - Countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass). Like hearing their own voices to the point of taking on a song like quality that makes them long winded, yet oddly relaxing to listen to.

Language: Their written language looks more like artistic symbols, their spoken language more like music.

Traits: Can get distracted easily.

Used to be really advanced with science and technology, which is why the station was as advanced as it was, but through a combination of their distracted nature and the nature of their experiments becoming out of control and dangerous, they’ve decided to focus on different areas of study.