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Daniel Jay Carter
234605.05 237405.28
Brooklyn, New York, Earth
Aged 28
Species Human
Gender Male
In Memoriam

Daniel Carter was a Civilian serving as a Medical Doctor on Betazed. He was Killed In Action while providing relief efforts to the people of Betazed during the Dominion Wars.


  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Hair: Black/ Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Blue with Brown in left eye (Segmental Heterochromia)
  • Build: Slim/ Muscular


  • Ravenna Carter- Ravenna is Daniel's daughter. She was only six at the time of his death, but she already showed signs of having the makings of a great future doctor. They would spend hours reading medical texts and learning anatomy together. He taught her the basics of Latin and Greek needed for medical terminology. If he had a particularly hard case, he would run them by Ravenna and her most basic understanding helped him see the large picture when he was often overthinking. He was fighting for custody of Ravenna when he was killed; though he had hoped to help her relocate to Betazed with him.
Daniel's Daughter Ravenna Carter
  • Elizabeth Grace Quinlan- His ex-wife. He discovered that she was having an affair and she kicked him out. He joined Starfleet as a Civilian while working to gain custody of Ravenna, whom Liza was abusing. They had a very rocky relationship and though at one point they probably did truly love each other, they married too young and had a child before they were really ready. Danny married Liza when they were 19 years old and even though their parents warned them, they didn't listen.
Daniel's Ex-Wife Elizabeth Quinlan
  • Samantha Anne Carter- Sammy was Daniel's younger sister by 4 years. She was always the little brat sister that Daniel adored and they were close. Sammy helped raise Ravenna after Daniel's death and after Liza abandoned her.
Daniel's Kid Sister
  • Jonathan David Carter- Jonathan was Daniel's older brother who affectionately called Daniel his "annoying kid brother". he spoke at Daniel's funeral and helped Sammy raise Ravenna after Daniel's death.
Daniel's Big Brother
  • Michael Andrew Carter- Daniel's father. Served as a security officer for Starfleet prior to his retirement and death.
Daniel's Father
  • Gina Mae Carter (nee Karver)- Daniel's mother. Died when all the children were young in a transportation accident. After her death, Daniel vowed not to leave his children like that, but Liza had different plans for him.


Daniel was raised in New York City by his father for most of his life after his mother was killed in a tragic transportation accident when he was quite young. He is the middle second of three children and had a good relationship with both siblings for the entirety of his life. His father was a former Security Officer with Starfleet who had been injured and given the opportunity to retire.

Daniel was a very kind and caring child. From a very young age, it became apparent to anyone who knew him, that he was destined to go into medicine to some capacity. They were not wrong. Daniel excelled in all areas of science while in school and he worked very hard to learn all the maths he would need to get into a good university. He struggled with creative writing when he was in school and because of this, some of his grades were lower than what people knew he was capable of. He was too science-minded to creatively capture his thoughts and creative writing in school "isn't as creative as they would like you to believe" since you are still being told what to write and how. With the help of a good professor, this changed in university.

Daniel graduated high school at age 18 and was immediately offered scholarships to many of the top medical schools. He was torn between the University of Boston Medical school and Emory University in Georgia. He decided to go with the latter and began his path to pre-medical that same year. The following year, with his freshman year complete, he married his girlfriend of a year, Elizabeth Quinlan. She attended a different school for anthropology, so they didn't see much of each other. He stayed at Emory for Med-school when he was finished with his pre-medical requirements.

He was offered a fellowship at an Emergency and Trauma center in New York upon his graduation. He completed his fellowships and went on to work as a full staff member at the trauma center for several years.

Career History

  • Brooklyn General Emergency and Trauma Center: After completing his fellowship in the same facility, he went on to be a full-time physician there. He worked on several intensive cases in his time with the facility and was regarded as one of their best doctors. They were very sad to see him leave for Starfleet and ultimately sad to hear of his passing. They went on to rename the Trauma wing the "Dr. Daniel J. Carter Memorial Trauma Unit". Ravenna would later work in this wing as a doctor in her own right.
  • United Federation of Planets- Betazed: Daniel was posted to Betazed during the Dominion Wars to provide aid to the people unable to flee. He was here for just under two years when he was executed in a particularly heinous attack. He had made plans to move Ravenna out to live with him on Betazed prior to his death.

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