Dajunari Zinera

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MSNPC - Constitution
Dajunari Zinera MSNPC.png
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Dajunari Zinera
Position Medic SS Medina Ascending
Rank Civilian
Species Kameryan - Zinera
Gender Bi-Gendered
Birthplace Kamir

Dajunari currently works as Medic on the SS Medina Ascending.


  • Height: 6'4
  • Hair: Long, Fiery reddish/Orange, dyed teal streaks
  • Eyes: Red
  • Skin: Yellow
  • Build: Androgynous
  • Markings: Markings in fiery colours on his face (forehead to nose, under eyes, across lips)
  • Other: Looks like mid 20's, real age unknown


  • Abigail Xanatos - She found nem on a station, alone and close to being captured by slave traders. She offered nem a home and a job. That is how ne got to the Medina Ascending.


As any Zinera ne belongs to the element of fire. That shows in nirs personality. Ne has a temper and is a proud warrior, as all members of nirs tribe. Living with people of other species is a challenge and ne tries to keep nirs temper in check. But that is not always successful.

Notes OOC

The Species Kameryan is a new invention, made up by the player behind the MSNPC. There will be a Wiki Entry after the mission, that shows more about this species, mostly including the things that will come to the surface during the mission, to not take away from the adventure of discovering it. (This species is not cleared to be played as PC or Secondary)

As Dajunari is bi-gendered, gender neutral pronouns can be used to avoid the issue to either use she or he, as ne is technically both. This table (borrowed from Captain Renos) hopefully will help with that:

Reference table for pronouns
Traditional Pronouns
He He laughed I called him His eyes gleam That is his He likes himself
She She laughed I called her Her eyes gleam That is hers She likes herself
It It laughed I called it Its eyes gleam That is its It likes itself
They They laughed I called them Their eyes gleam That is theirs They like themselves
Gender Neutral Pronouns
Ne Ne laughed I called nem Nir eyes gleam That is nirs Ne likes nemself
Gender Neutral Titles
Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms: Nes (Tip: Nes is used irregardless of martial status.)
Sir/Ma'am: Ner (Tip: in Starfleet both Ner and Sir are appropriate.)