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Img.1 :A image of a typical Cygnian
Four Letter Code CYGN
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Cygnet XIV
Encountered By the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (TOS: Obsession)
Current Tech Level N
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The Cygnians are a strict matriarchal society from the Omega-1 Cygni system, distinguished by their strange cat-like eyes and mouse-like tails.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Near the Klingon border[1]
  • Proper Name: Omega-1 Cygni
  • Star: Type K
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions: It is the 14th planet of the system
  • Moons:

Home World

  • Proper Name: Cygnet XIV
    • Other names: Haurok leh-keh (Vulcan), Omega-1 Cygni XIV
  • Diameter:
  • Gravity: Lighter when compared to Earth[2]
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate:
  • Terrain:
  • Population:


The Cygnians were first encountered by the Vulcans during their surveys and exploration of space, where their advanced civilization and dominating matriarchy was noted. First contact with United Earth Starfleet proved difficult, as the representative of the Cygnian people was unable to take the male Starfleet captain seriously - alternative female members of the crew were required to engage with the representative with negotiations for vessel repair, of which ended successfully.[3].

Cygnian respiratory diseases are a topic of interest to Federation medicine in the 23rd and 24th centuries.


Until 2393, the Cygnetian government was dominated by the Cygnetian Council of Matriarchs, the upper body of the Assembly,which made the Assembly an illiberal democracy. [4]. There was talk of a monarchy between 2393-2395, even notifying all offworld Cygnets[5], before finally settling on a new Assembly. Notably, most of the clans on the previous Council of Matriarchs were diminished severely, but the Council still retained a lot of it's power. [6]


The Cygnians are characterized by their cat-like eyes and mouse-like tail.[7] Their hair colour ranges from violet[8] to red, although some have black or brown hair. Generally, all Cygnians have slender limbs, somwehat shorter than typical humanoid species such as Humans.


Cygnians have blue blood - due to the cobalt in their blood. [9]

An incredibly small percentage of Cygnians possess psionic abilities. Magen, a female Cygnian, has been noted to use these abilties to detect an explosive device aboard a Starfleet vessel in 2269 - and later, would assist another Starfleet crew in clearing a Gorn minefield.[10]. Cygnians often had a second, later, maturation at some point in the past, however, nowadays it was very rare, and often required the application of a banned chemical cocktail as of the early 2000s, due to the extremely high risks to the heart and mental issues it could cause[11][12]

The final maturation often sharpened the cat like features, but was primarily mental, and was meant to awaken the telepathic abilities in those Cygnetians who didn't normally develop it.[13]


Strict in regards to their societal structure, female Cygnians raised with strict societal ideals struggle to see their male counterparts as equal.




At one point, Cygnet was dominated by competing empires, including the Krellian and Secherlian Dynasties, before the consolidation of the clans.[14]

In recent years, members of the Cygnian species have begun to express their discontent in living under such circumstances of inequality within their strict matriarchal society, embarrassed at how far behind their people are in comparison to places such as the Federation, as their planet is dominated by the female gender. However, overall, the Cygnians were very traditional and rarely left the home system [15]. In 2393, there were only about 100 of them that were known to have left.[16]

As the society was almost dominated by the female gender, some traditional Cygnian gowns could not be worn in any standard Federation ball.[17]

The Cygnian currency in the 23rd century was the gold piece.


Foods that were bitter and spicy were popular on the planet, such as Tyrna juice[18] and Cygnian hot spice stew [19]

Honor and dishonor were said to follow from mother-to-daughter, and for traditionalists, being removed from their clan was considered the ultimate sanction, as it was tantamount to exile. Usually, such notices were public, and were voted on by the lower body of the Assembly. This sanction, by the 24th century, was rarely used since one of the reasons to belong to a large clan was for them to adopt the daughter to mask the birth-mother, and protect the honor of the clan and daughter.[20]

It was entirely possible for someone to be kicked out of their clan, and when that happened, it was common for family members to never mention the old relationship, falling back to business relationships[21]


Cygnian children's surnames varied greately, depending on if they were part of the major clans, or part of a smaller clan, or part of no clan at all. The latter generally receive their surname from their mother traditionally, though not every family chooses to do this. However, members of a major clan all had the surname from the clan name, although the prefix k' would be added to the name to designate it was a cadet branch over a main line.[22]


The repair stations and starbases of Cygnet XIV were considered as some of the best facilities for starship repair in the late 22nd and 23rd century - as such, they were often tasked with maintenance or repair of Starfleet vessels from the moment of first contact with Starfleet. The main station in Cygnet, Elenia, was known to store several biological experiments from the Dominion War as late as 2395.[23]


Starfleet Intelligence Files

In 2392, the revelation of the coverup of a bio-attack on Cygnet stirred up unrest, eventually leading to the tensions boiling over against the government.[24]. While it wasn't spread, it is now known that the biovirus that was planned to be used on Cygnet was a very efficient Dominion War biological weapon created by Starfleet in 2373[25]

In 2392, the USS Veritas and USS Montreal were attacked by small Cygnian attack vessels, stolen by a now-defunct pirate group known as the Hisaal.[26]


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