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The USS Nowak is equipped with a full complement of shuttles. She is equipped with six Type 8 shuttles and three Type 15 shuttlepods, which are capable of providing a variety of functions. Shuttles can be used for short to long range transportation, as well as for performing a variety of mission functions. Modern shuttles are equipped with warp engines as well as phasers.

Type 8 Shuttlecraft


Similar in design to Type 6 but slightly larger, it requires a piloting crew of two. It is equipped with a personnel transporter to allow short-range transportation. It has slightly enlarged twin warp nacelles compared to the Type 6 which is what gives it an extended travelling range over the Type 6. Its length and weight are otherwise similar to the Type 6, namely 6 meters and about 3.38 metric tonnes. Unlike the Type 6, the Type 8 is permanently equipped with phasers, with Type IV phaser emitters installed.

The Nowak's six Type 8 shuttlecraft are the Armbruster, the Gruen, the Arooth, the T'Strella, the Galt and the Putanna (named after famous Federation diplomats).

Type-15 Shuttlepod


The type-15 shuttlepod is a Federation shuttlepod carried by Starfleet starships, a small version of Starfleet's larger shuttlecraft. The type-15 shuttlepods were introduced sometime prior to 2365. They are part of the standard shuttle complement on Galaxy-class, Renaissance-class, and Nebula-class starships.

The impulse engines are contained within nacelles on either side of the shuttlepod. The shuttle is also equipped with microfusion thrusters. Additional power is provided by krellide power cells. While normally specified as an impulse-driven craft, some of these vessels are outfitted with low-capacity warp drives.

The normal flight crew is two pilots, although the shuttlepod can easily be operated by a single being. The ship also has a small cargo space, which can be used for carrying supplies. The cargo area was loaded and accessed through a hatch in the back of the craft. The type-15 is not normally outfitted to carry passengers, but a bench can be installed in the cargo area for a single crewperson. In this configuration, the cargo hatch serves as an emergency egress point, which can be blown away by explosive charges.

Nowak's three Type-15 shuttlepods are the Rejji, the St. James and the Ixiter (named after famous Federation diplomats).