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The Coven Chambers


  • The Coven Chambers is located in a Subterranean cave system which is kept secret.
  • A large Til'ahn emblem is suspended over an octagon shape amber glass table that sits on a suspended platform with in the cave cell.
  • Stools for each member at set in the octagon shape around it.

Ceremonial Dress


Each Member of the Local Fielding Coven dresses alike.

  • Black formal suit
  • White shirt
  • Crimson Ceremonial Cape with a red high collar embroidered with gold threads.


  • A total of eight members are in a Coven.
  • Coven members are chosen from Laudeans who posses the greatest degree of Fielding powers.


The Coven Mission is based on their shared concern to safeguard the interest of the Laudean people. This includes personal support for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well as welfare of the population and planet.


The Coven is responsible for:

  • Granting permission to marry
  • Physical and spiritual help
  • Appointments of Fieldings to aid in birthing and training children.
  • Other duties are highly guarded from general knowledge. Only Coven members have privy to the actual duties, but it is speculated that they perform acts of Fielding in a cooperative effort -combining their collective powers.

The Coven Privilege

Coven members may choose to mate with any unmarried woman he feels would have the potential to produce a Fielding child that would equal his powers without Coven approval. It is referred to as the "Coven Privilege."