Corrus Kent

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Ensign Corrus Kent is a Bajoran Starfleet engineering officer.


  • Full name: Corrus Kent
  • Date of birth (Age): 237201.26 (29 yrs. old)
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Height: 6'5"


  • Parents: Mother-Corrus Bina, Father-Corrus Joelle
  • Siblings: five brothers- Martine, Lou, Frain, Davit, and Roland
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


Born on Bajor to Corrus Bina and Corrus Joelle as the third son, after Martine and Lou. The family emigrated to earth to find new opportunities. Shortly after, Frain and Davit were born in Chicago, where the Corrus family had settled. The Corrus family were devout followers of the Bajoran Prophets, keeping their home-world traditions alive on Earth. Kent grew up becoming interested in antique Earth technology and displayed an aptitude for engineering at an early age. Even after adopting a number of Earth traditions, Kent had a difficult time feeling at home in a world that didn't belong to him. Even now, he struggles to maintain a sense of allegiance and identity as a man of two worlds.