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Coping with a Fielding Child - SIMed Jan 22nd 2006

((Lokesh City - Rakin and Soroi Rahi Home))

::Although she did not like the man, when Paetra Zrong had told Soroi Rahi that her son Caki had been unanimously accepted by the Coven for the Fielding program, she couldn't have been happier. For months her two-year old son had suffered with headaches, nausea, and vomiting, and he was much too thin from the weight loss it was causing. He was irritable and not sleeping well, and of course, that was taking a toll on her and her husband, Rakin.::

Rakin: ::hugging his wife:: Training will help him learn to meditate and cope with his power. We?ve tried the deep breathing exercises, but those alone have not helped. I know it?s going to be hard on you with him away from home for the first few months, but they can help him learn to channel his powers much better then we can.

Soroi: :sighs, resting her head on his chest:: I know, but I just can?t stand the thoughts of not being there if he needs me.

Rakin: You have to admit, you have been spending most of your time with Caki. Sora is just a baby, and needs you too. This will give you more time with her.

Soroi: ::lifts her head to look into his eyes, smiling:: Well, for a little while anyway.

Rakin: ::looking down at her inquisitively:: What do you mean?

Soroi: ::smiles:: Well, Paetra did encourage us to have as many children as possible.

Rakin: But when did we start having children for any other reason than wanting them? ::looks at her sternly:: We are not going to be baby making machines for the Coven.

Soroi: ::stepping away:: Do you not feel an obligation to the Coven for helping Caki?

Rakin: Of course I do, but there are other ways to repay obligations. You forget that we will basically have to share parenthood with them for the rest of his childhood, and that seems payment enough.

Soroi: ::hugging him again:: All right, if you feel that is enough. ::changing the subject slightly.:: Caki?s having another Fielding test today. Will you be able to stay home and watch?

Rakin: ::smiling:: I would not be much of a father if I didn?t, so yes, I will stay. I?m curious about his ability anyway.

Soroi: In the first test they gave him a mechanical toy, and let him play with it a few moments, then took it away, giving him paper and pencil. He drew it to scale. This time they are giving him something to play with that he cannot hold in his hand.

Rakin: Something he can?t hold?

Soroi: Yes, a fish in a bowl. They said they wanted to see how accurately he can perceive the fish three dimensionally without being able to touch it, but from the details he gave in the first test, I believe they will be looking for the details he gives of the fish internally.

Rakin: ::leaning down to kiss his wife:: He will do well, I?m sure. ::smiles::

Soroi: Wonder when his Fielding Appointment Ceremony will be?

Rakin: I don?t know, shouldn't be much longer, but you can be sure that Paetra will be using it to his political advantage.

Rakin and Soroi Rahi

Laudean Couple - Lokesh City, Til'hon

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