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We will begin with the first set right now! Let us talk about descriptions: Why are they so important and why do we want you to write only from your character's point of view!

Descriptions are those parts of sims, in which we describe what our character does, feels, sees, tastes, smells and often also thinks. In TV shows that is really easy, because we can see it, their moves, gestures, mimic, attire, little hints and objects around. In our writing environment we can't see it, so the writers will have to tell us everything. That is why descriptions are of such importance. How would we know that they are out of uniform, frowning, laughing, being angry, drinking or eating, how the room looks like, what the evidence is they collect and and and if we do not write about it?

That is also why it is important that you write only in your own characters point of view. Because not everyone sees, feels, thinks etc the same. One example I love to use is the incident of someone tripping. Which we could all just put into a description and that's it. BUT...

  • Person A sees someone tripping and might think that the tripper is drunk.
  • Person B did not see the fall only the person on the ground and wonders what happened
  • Person C ignores the person on the ground, because in their experience, it would be a bother to help
  • Person D hears the trip and the heavy steps, even the thud but has no idea what happened because they looked in the other direction
  • Person E tumbles because the tripper bumped into them

and so on and so forth.

The perception of everyone is different so the same scene might look/feel/listen different from character to character. So when we see a description in a sim, we think about what our character has seen, heard, felt, tasted, and what they might think about it or not. And then rewrite what happened from your own character's view.

Descriptions and your own unique view will add to the scene, bring some depth and unique perspective into it. Kind of like those movies that show the same events from different characters' views. :)

Following you will find a few links to articles about descriptions that go into a bit more detail on why and how to improve on that part of writing. Take a look, they are really helpful!

And for this workshop you'll have the following challenge: 'Add more descriptions to your sims. Think about what you can add, use all 5 senses. Practice and you'll notice that it will add to your writing.

Also, while you are at it. In the SB 118 Forum you can find a great Writing Improvement Forum in which you can discuss and help each other out, learn from each other, find articles related to writing and so on. Check it out: Improvement Forum

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