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March 2016: Tribbles Watch-a-Long

�03[12:51] * FltAdmlWolf changes topic to '“The Trouble with Tribbles” TOS, S2 x E15 | “Trials and Tribble-ations” DS9, S5 x E06 | We are a Star Trek play-by-email role playing game – free to play, with a tight-knit but welcoming community. Check us out:�'
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> and we're at T-minus 10 minutes and counting to episode time!
[12:51] <Scudder> hi all! i don't think i've been in a chat room since the 90s ^_^
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> it's a good time to join!
[12:52] <Mirra_Ezo> Let me allow a bit of nostalgia "A/S/L"?
[12:52] <Mirra_Ezo> lol sorry couldn't help it
[12:52] <Luke> lol
[12:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::facepalm::
[12:52] <Brell2334> ha
[12:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> That makes me feel both old and creeped out at the same time
[12:52] <Mirra_Ezo> Right??
[12:52] <Mirra_Ezo> I regretted it instantly
[12:52] <Alucard_vess> cover up, your age is showing. ;)
[12:53] <Luke> it made me feel old and a little bit sad.. like something somewhere died just a little bit
[12:53] <Mirra_Ezo> Kids these days will never know the struggle of chat rooms via dial up...
[12:53] <Flynn> True story
[12:54] <Scudder> a/s/l lol :)
[12:54] <Brell2334> or role playing in them
[12:54] <Alucard_vess> or the struggle of pre-cellphone days
[12:54] <@FltAdmlWolf> Get your episodes queued up everyone! :D
[12:54] <Luke> lol, i put my dial tone to the old dial up handshake sound once... my husband freaked out every time he heard it and made me change it
[12:54] <Brell2334> dont gotta dime then later a quarter oh sorry no phone call for you
[12:54] <Alucard_vess> or the DOS operating "system"
[12:55] <Luke> dos my first computer language
[12:55] <Scudder> dial up, yes. 300 baud modems. anyone remember "ddial"?
[12:55] <Flynn> I remember simming before cell phones. Much more of a chore on busy ships when you couldnt just read them as they came in lol
[12:55] <Alucard_vess> anyone remember phones with wheel dialing?
[12:55] <Alucard_vess> shudders
[12:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> I remember having to drop out of a sim in 2000ish because I literally could not download and read the posts fast enough on my dial up internet and bad computer
[12:55] <Luke> I remember the three hours it took me to explain to my dad how to connect to the internet using a dial up connection for the first time
[12:56] <Mirra_Ezo> The rotary?
[12:56] <Alucard_vess> yep
[12:56] <Brell2334> of course! we had one of the big yellow one that hung in the kitchen with a fifty foot cord on it
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> I would read the posts, start writing and then before I posted 2-3 more posts would come in and invalidate everything I wrote
�03[12:56] * Doc ( has joined #starbase118
[12:56] <Mirra_Ezo> I got my finger stuck in my grandma's old rotary phone once, I never touched it again
[12:56] <Brell2334> hahaha
[12:56] <Luke> lol Sal... the memories .. you're making me miss the 70's
[12:56] <Alucard_vess> ours was a big black colored monstrosity that sat on my parents nightstand
[12:56] <Alucard_vess> if you wanted to call someone you had to sit in their room
[12:57] <Flynn> Yeah, learned quick to always check for new emails before posting. Still sometimes cross posted lol
[12:57] <Flynn> Have had better luck lately *crosses fingers
[12:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> My parents kept their rotary dial phone until a few years ago - only thing that would work when the power went down >.<
[12:57] <Alucard_vess> kinda genious of them actually
[12:57] <@FltAdmlWolf> **3 minutes until we push play!**
[12:57] <Alucard_vess> good way to keep tabs on who your kid is talking to
[12:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Get your bathroom breaks now!!
[12:57] <Mirra_Ezo> True that, Awkward for the kid lol
[12:57] <Luke> I remember when it was a super big deal for my oldest sister to get a phone in her own room
[12:57] <RAdml_Toni> ready  admiral
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Same with my brother.
[12:58] <skyfire> hey, Flynn. Gratz
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> He had this huge fancy one with pre-set dials
[12:58] <Flynn> Thanks Skyfire :D
[12:59] <Luke> remember every time irc chat bells go off a Tribble is born
[12:59] <Mirra_Ezo> God save us all...
[12:59] <Luke> lol
[12:59] <Brell2334> so thats why there are so many
�03[13:00] * Luke is now known as Fatheroftribbles
[13:00] <@FltAdmlWolf> Sal, tell us when! :D
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> Dude, gross.
[13:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> And ready...
[13:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> set...
�03[13:00] * Fatheroftribbles is now known as Luke
[13:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> GO!
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> Cue TOS music!
[13:00] <@FltAdmlWolf> K-7
[13:00] <Brell2334> da daaa da dadada
[13:01] <Alucard_vess> sensor range for the original E is like five feet...
[13:01] <Mirra_Ezo> Thanks Spock....
[13:01] <@FltAdmlWolf> I love Kirk's casual tunic.
[13:01] <@Sal_Taybrim> I love Spock's casual innuendo
[13:01] <Mirra_Ezo> With the gold trim V neck
[13:01] <Luke> lol, spock has apparently never smelled a gorn
[13:01] <Alucard_vess> it's easier to rip open...
[13:01] <@Sal_Taybrim> "extremely little, Ensign..." >.>
[13:01] <Brell2334> pavel looks a bit constipated
[13:01] <Brell2334> odd note, sorry
[13:01] <Alucard_vess> seriously, does Sponk need to know everything?
[13:02] <Mirra_Ezo> Klingins
[13:02] <Alucard_vess> "Spock"
[13:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> We should start all new ensigns with a scene like this.
[13:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> Of course Chekov mentions Peter the Great. 
[13:02] <Luke> lol
[13:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> SPACE
[13:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> THE FINAL FRONTIER
[13:02] <Alucard_vess> ah ah ah, Pavel walked ahead of a superior officer
[13:02] <RAdml_Toni> thank heavens for duel screens
[13:02] <Mirra_Ezo> Uhura=Mascara goals.
[13:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> Apparently Netflix has the remastered version? 
[13:03] <Alucard_vess> well, at least this is the digitally updated version
[13:03] <Brell2334> i was just going to say that wolf
[13:03] <Luke> I always like to imagine the opening monologue spoken by Bullwinkle the moose.. "Sapce..... the final frontier"
[13:03] <Alucard_vess> the E doesn't look like a toy
[13:03] <Brell2334> i was like hey that plaent looks like a planet
[13:03] <Scudder> Toni, you mentioned your dogs possibly interfering. mine threw-up about 5 minutes ago! do dogs hate watchalongs???
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> I keep thinking "I know the words to this theme song... and they're terrible..."
[13:03] <Brell2334> planet*
[13:04] <Alucard_vess> that was such a cool shot of the E
[13:04] <Mirra_Ezo> That station looks like a toy.
[13:04] <@FltAdmlWolf> What the hell was Kirk just pushing on Chekov's panel?
[13:04] <@FltAdmlWolf> "No, it's configured like THIS."
[13:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> You know, if a CO in a sim started a mission like that I think the crew would throttle him or her
[13:04] <Alucard_vess> Kirk needs a knap roller for his uniform
[13:04] <Mirra_Ezo> "I'm awesome" button
[13:04] <Scudder> starships look really hot back then. everyone's glistening with sweat. :)
[13:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> "BIG EMERGENCY!" "No, wait, just a false alarm"
[13:05] <Brell2334> kirk almost stamped his foot
[13:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> "Transporter room, stand by."
[13:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> Done!
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> I want that retro mirror
[13:05] <Alucard_vess> Uhura must get sooo bored
[13:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> Better hope you don't have more than two people beaming over. 
[13:05] <Brell2334> k-7 looked better in that shot at least
[13:05] <Luke> lol
[13:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> The undersecretary for agricultural affairs
[13:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> LOL
[13:05] <Alucard_vess> why in the heck are the top two officers off the ship at the same time!?
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> Why is he wearing a orange jumpsuit fit for a prisoner?
[13:06] <Luke> lol, the enterprise floating by in the background
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> The what, the what?
[13:06] <Scudder> lol
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> That screams for a musical remix
[13:06] <Mirra_Ezo> Spock Sass
[13:06] <Brell2334> say that three times fast
[13:06] <RAdml_Toni> love the dialog
[13:06] <Flynn> Made your
[13:06] <Alucard_vess> i.e. "Shut up Spock?"
[13:06] <@FltAdmlWolf> Quadrotriticaley
[13:07] <@FltAdmlWolf> What's with all the background noise? 
[13:07] <Alucard_vess> post your own guards
[13:07] <Brell2334> ooo the paperwork on the misuse of a priority one channel is a doozie
[13:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Kirk sass
[13:08] <Luke> until now
[13:08] <Alucard_vess> pick the two you like the least,m they're gonna die
[13:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Ensign Ricky, you're up
[13:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like how they stress that this is a high traffic space station and there never more than two ships shown.  Poor budget restrictions
[13:08] <Brell2334> wooo 60's space bar!
[13:08] <Alucard_vess> Uhura sass
[13:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hexagon doors!
[13:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> LOL @ Uhura.
[13:08] <Alucard_vess> how does he know that!?
[13:08] <Mirra_Ezo> If Uhura bends over everyone owes her a dollar
[13:08] <Luke> smart move putting them in red shirts.. easier to hide the blood when they give their shirts to their replacements
[13:09] <Alucard_vess> everything is a Russian invention...
[13:09] <Flynn> Just a dollar?
[13:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> Who's this goofy Howdie Doodie lookin' motherfella? 
[13:09] <RAdml_Toni> door almost fits Uhura'a hair
[13:09] <Luke> If she bends over my el aurian when finish puberty
[13:09] <Luke> will*
[13:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> FIRST TRIBBLE
[13:09] <Alucard_vess> she deserves more than a dollar
[13:09] <Mirra_Ezo> DRINK!
[13:09] <Mirra_Ezo> I mean....don't
[13:09] <Luke> everyone dirnk
[13:09] <Brell2334> ONE
[13:09] <Alucard_vess> kill it!
[13:10] <Mirra_Ezo> It sounds like a pigeon on crack
[13:10] <Brell2334> oh its that kind of watch along. ::cracks six pack::
[13:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> A tribble drinking game sounds deadly
[13:10] <Alucard_vess> gonna need more than six...
[13:10] <Mirra_Ezo> We would all need new livers in 5 minutes
[13:10] <Flynn> very true Sal lol
[13:10] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribbles have no teeth!
[13:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Uhura looks ~so~ pleased wth her tribble
[13:10] <Brell2334> drink everytime you see more than five brown and five tan tribbes touching
[13:11] <@FltAdmlWolf> I love how long this negotiation goes on.
[13:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Death.
[13:11] <@FltAdmlWolf> "The Market"
[13:11] <@FltAdmlWolf> There's no one here!
[13:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh no!  The tribbles have tasted their first grain!
[13:11] <Alucard_vess> all she needs to do is bend over to knock the price down...
[13:11] <Mirra_Ezo> RUUUUN!!
[13:12] <Brell2334> infect the ship for profit
[13:12] <@FltAdmlWolf> Here's Kirk with his paper coffee mug.
[13:12] <Mirra_Ezo> He couldn't pay her a dollar so he gave her a tribble
[13:12] <@Sal_Taybrim> Also, I'm pretty sure Cyrano Jones is wearing lip gloss
[13:12] <@FltAdmlWolf> Kirk, your chevron slipped down to your waist.
[13:12] <Alucard_vess> Did Spock just smirk?
[13:12] <Luke> lol
[13:13] <Scudder> spock smirk, i saw that!
[13:13] <@FltAdmlWolf> Shoulda posted more than two guards, Kirk! 
[13:13] <Luke> that was not a smirk.. it was gas
[13:13] <Alucard_vess> Vulc-fart
[13:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Think she got an ear infection from that thing?
[13:13] <@FltAdmlWolf> Those aren't Klingons. Their heads are all smooth!@
[13:13] <Flynn> :o
[13:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Dramatic drumming
[13:14] <RAdml_Toni> lol
[13:14] <@FltAdmlWolf> Wait, so Uhura had to call down to someone else in security who's not on the bridge to cancel red alert? 
[13:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> That fancy Klingon gold lame
[13:14] <Brell2334> the DAdaDAAs are funny
[13:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Sparkly warriors
[13:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Bedazzled Hammer Pants
[13:14] <Alucard_vess> do all species cross their legs when they sit?
[13:14] <@FltAdmlWolf> AH YES, the universal shore leave rights.
[13:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> Old trek ship systems were complicated?  "Hey down there, I need you to press that button!"
[13:14] <Luke> scrawny smooth headed klingons .... gonna erp
[13:14] <RAdml_Toni> what happened to the Klingon's forehead?
[13:15] <Alucard_vess> why are his sideburns curved?
[13:15] <Mirra_Ezo> Wrinkle cream
[13:15] <@FltAdmlWolf> These Klingons are so casual.
[13:15] <RAdml_Toni> lol
[13:15] <Alucard_vess> look at his shoes
[13:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> well, OOC they didn't have the makeup technology or budget to do what they wanted to.  IC... Enterprise tried to explain it with genetic manipulation
[13:15] <Brell2334> Enterprise explained it, i wont start the debate if they explained it well
[13:15] <Brell2334> but it got explained.
[13:15] <Luke> think that klingon has enough grecian formula in his hair
[13:16] <Flynn> It was tribble frustration, developed into head ridges
[13:16] <Brell2334> did scotty just alt-tab when he saw kirk walk in
[13:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> hahah
[13:16] <@FltAdmlWolf> There's like two dozen tribbles there already
[13:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like that explanation, Flynn
[13:16] <Mirra_Ezo> DRINK!
[13:16] <Alucard_vess> yeah, it wasn't a technical manual...
[13:17] <Brell2334> oh my mr spock
[13:17] <@Sal_Taybrim> Spock is immune... ahuh, yeah.
[13:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> Yeah, it was splotches of paint on the screen. It was art.
[13:17] <Alucard_vess> he's totally not immune...
[13:17] <Luke> already on it... :: Looks at husband :: BEER ME
[13:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> There's a much lower bar for laughing at a joke in the future
[13:17] <Flynn> Oohh i want to try that ::Looks at Ezo:: BEER ME
[13:17] <Mirra_Ezo> That looks like a fire alarm
[13:18] <Alucard_vess> not Starfleets problem
[13:18] <Mirra_Ezo> Swarming = 20, 12 is a small grouping
[13:18] <Mirra_Ezo> Flynn beer yourself
[13:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> "I was unaware that 12 Klingons constitutes a swarm" is still a magnificent quote
[13:18] <@FltAdmlWolf> Jeez, this crew has some serious attitude. 
[13:18] <Luke> more tribbles .... drink
[13:18] <Alucard_vess> aspirin
[13:19] <Mirra_Ezo> Inbreeding...
[13:19] <Luke> the doctor has not figured out the birds and bees yet
[13:19] <Alucard_vess> seriously?  I was just joking about the aspirin
[13:19] <Mirra_Ezo> webbed footed tribbles?
[13:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> That's why they have no teeth, Mirra
[13:19] <Mirra_Ezo> Fair.
[13:19] <Alucard_vess> McCoy has the hairiest arms...
[13:19] <Brell2334> they had bad kirk pun music even
[13:19] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hexagon door!
[13:20] <@Sal_Taybrim> Scotty needs to be ordered to enjoy himself... >.<
[13:20] <Alucard_vess> gonna regret that line Kirk
[13:20] <Mirra_Ezo> Red shirt guards
[13:20] <@FltAdmlWolf> We're just sitting here at this table.
[13:20] <Alucard_vess> and the door doesn't even open all the way
[13:20] <Mirra_Ezo> the pully broke
[13:20] <Brell2334> looks like it'd poke ya, that door when open
[13:20] <Mirra_Ezo> pulley^
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> I wonder why only the security guards have those big black elastic belts
[13:21] <Alucard_vess> it's right at kidney height even
[13:21] <RAdml_Toni> don't they know that Pink makes men weak? They sure use a lot of it in the decor
[13:21] <Luke> more tribbles.. drink
[13:21] <@FltAdmlWolf> Seems unsanitary to have all those tribbles around whne you're making drinks.
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> The bartenders shirt looks a lot like Wesley's sweaters
[13:21] <Alucard_vess> like a clown car!
[13:21] <Flynn> hahaha yes
[13:21] <Mirra_Ezo> That waitress has an army of them in her hair
[13:21] <@FltAdmlWolf> WATKA!
[13:21] <Luke> he should stop selling tribbles and start selling hair nets for the tribbles
[13:21] <skyfire> Is that why Walker's hair is pink?
[13:22] <Alucard_vess> sthey still have soda pop in the 23rd century
[13:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> Skyfire: I dare you to ask her IC
[13:22] <@FltAdmlWolf> Earthers. 
[13:22] <Mirra_Ezo> McSparklepants tossed out some sass
[13:22] <@FltAdmlWolf> Klingons are basically Earthers with goatees.
[13:22] <Brell2334> coke in space, if they send it on carts and backpacks to remote villages now
[13:22] <Mirra_Ezo> Kirk isn't soft.
[13:22] <@FltAdmlWolf> What the hell is this episode about?
[13:23] <skyfire> Sal: Not gonna happen -- I haven't served on the same ship as her since Excalibur's first tour.
[13:23] <Alucard_vess> he talks big for someone who can't hold his liquor
[13:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> This episode is all about Scotty punching a Klingon?
[13:23] <@FltAdmlWolf> Uh oh. Now you're pissing off the engineer.
[13:23] <Mirra_Ezo> Yes.
[13:23] <Alucard_vess> u oh
[13:24] <Alucard_vess> don't talk sass about Scotty's girl
[13:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> No, no you don't
[13:24] <@FltAdmlWolf> Semantics!
[13:24] <Luke> yes he did
[13:24] <Mirra_Ezo> Scotty....SNAP
[13:24] <@FltAdmlWolf> Starts a lot of fights
[13:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> That Klingon actor overacts so well.
[13:24] <Mirra_Ezo> FLASH MOB!
[13:24] <Alucard_vess> dang shiny lipped Klingons...
[13:24] <Brell2334> chairs go flying
[13:24] <@FltAdmlWolf> Let me just put all my tribbles under the counter here...
[13:24] <Luke> protect the tribbles
[13:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> and man do those chairs slid perfectly away from the table
[13:25] <Alucard_vess> someone smack that guy
[13:25] <Brell2334> time for free drink thats what riots are for
[13:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> Actually the fighters slide really well, too
[13:25] <Flynn> Flynn could learn a few things from this guy
[13:25] <Flynn> they oil themselves pre-fight
[13:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> it's like someone greased this whole bar for maximum sliding
[13:25] <Alucard_vess> with that coat he looks like he's homeless
[13:25] <RAdml_Toni> I keep waitng for the batman POW! Umph! in thiis fight
[13:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> Flynn: HAH!
[13:25] <Luke> <insert shallow punches and premature knockbacks here>
[13:25] <Brell2334> lol yes toni
[13:26] <Mirra_Ezo> HOLD MY BEER!
[13:26] <Scudder> wow this episode is nothing as i remembered.
[13:26] <Alucard_vess> save the booze!
[13:26] <RAdml_Toni> lol
[13:26] <Brell2334> just have to get out of door
[13:26] <Mirra_Ezo> Red shirts are back
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> That one guy in Starfleet Gold obviously threw himself over the bar without reason...
[13:26] <Mirra_Ezo> Pinky up
[13:26] <Alucard_vess> the ballet moves are just unessesary
[13:26] <@FltAdmlWolf> Smarmy tribble merchant is smarmy
[13:26] <Brell2334> PAUSE
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> A "Small disturbance"
[13:27] <RAdml_Toni> they needed Hannibal  in there swinging
[13:27] <@FltAdmlWolf> SCOTTY!
[13:27] <Alucard_vess> insert Sisco here
[13:27] <Brell2334> kirk pause that is
[13:27] <@FltAdmlWolf> IT WAS SCOTTY!
[13:27] <Mirra_Ezo> That makeup for the bruise is horrid
[13:27] <@FltAdmlWolf> Picard would never let this type of behavior fly.
[13:27] <Alucard_vess> he knows
[13:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> Then again Picard never punched Q
[13:28] <Alucard_vess> he knew Q woulda whooped him
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> We know Sisko did and Kirk most certainly would have.  I think Picard is just not a pugilist
[13:28] <skyfire> He wanted to.
[13:28] <Alucard_vess> that episode where Q lost his powers, the first thing I would have done is punch him
[13:28] <Mirra_Ezo> But they did say you weren't soft.
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> "I get the picture Scotty"
[13:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> heh
[13:29] <Alucard_vess> Scotty's like "isn't it obvious?"
[13:29] <@FltAdmlWolf> This was a matter of pride!
[13:29] <Brell2334> lol
[13:29] <Alucard_vess> but not Kirk's pride
[13:30] <@FltAdmlWolf> Oh Scotty! You and your technical journals. 
[13:30] <Luke> lol.. thank you sir
[13:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> Scotty is very excited about this punishment
[13:30] <Alucard_vess> he's happy to be punished?
[13:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh dear... finish the bottle
[13:30] <skyfire> Peters: I *like* my technical journals, damn it.
[13:30] <Alucard_vess> kill them!  kill them all!
[13:30] <@FltAdmlWolf> Lillies of the field? 
[13:30] <Luke> omg the tribbles.... ::sends rick on beer run""
[13:30] <Alucard_vess> little rats...
[13:31] <Mirra_Ezo> Doc sass
[13:31] <Luke> omg.. was spock raised by cruella daville
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> "I like them.  Better than I like you."
[13:31] <@FltAdmlWolf> These people do not like each other. 
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> Spock and Bones, perfect frenemies
[13:31] <Scudder> i love the one sticking to the wall
[13:31] <@FltAdmlWolf> Look before you sit, Kirk. 
[13:31] <Alucard_vess> anyone else notice the makeup covering Nimoy's real eyebrows?
[13:31] <Mirra_Ezo> Tribble squeaky toys
[13:31] <Luke> lol, tribble woopi coushin
[13:31] <Scudder> vess, yes!
[13:31] <Alucard_vess> like the Joker on the original Batman
[13:32] <Mirra_Ezo> I bet he got tired of shaving them
[13:32] <Alucard_vess> he obviously had a mustache
[13:32] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like the tribble with a mechanized toy under it "crawling" across the bridge
[13:32] <@FltAdmlWolf> The director for this episode gave Kirk one instruction: "You're put-upon." Kirk took that to heart. 
[13:32] <Alucard_vess> Uhura's like "oops"
[13:32] <Scudder> wolf, lol
[13:32] <Mirra_Ezo> Ceaser Romaro wasn't shaving for nobody
[13:32] <Brell2334> shes like dont blame me i had one!
[13:33] <Luke> lol.. it's the tribbles that are breeding ... dont look at me
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Kirk did it so well
[13:33] <@FltAdmlWolf> That's not the meaning of bisexual, Bones. 
[13:33] <Alucard_vess> "Brother have they got a lot of will."
[13:33] <Luke> lol
[13:33] <@FltAdmlWolf> Cyrano Jones!
[13:33] <Scudder> i missed the crawling tribble. multiple times i wanted to rewind, but that'd break the watchalong. :(
[13:33] <Alucard_vess> yeah, I noticed that too
[13:33] <Brell2334> oh wow thats quite a sales line
[13:33] <Alucard_vess> I think he meant hermaphroditic
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> It's right along the edge of teh bridge.  I think they put a fur covering over a crawling baby toy
[13:34] <Luke> A sexual perhaps
[13:34] <Mirra_Ezo> Hermaphrodites cannot reproduce on their own though
[13:34] <Alucard_vess> human ones can't
[13:34] <Mirra_Ezo> True
[13:34] <Flynn> Is he a little drunk..?
[13:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> probably
[13:34] <Luke> always
[13:34] <@FltAdmlWolf> What predator likes to eat a ball of hair? 
[13:34] <Alucard_vess> I think he's a bit slow...
[13:35] <Brell2334> only from his breakfast pint
[13:35] <Mirra_Ezo> SASS!
[13:35] <@FltAdmlWolf> This is the undersecretary of agriculture you're speaking to!
[13:35] <Luke> crossed arms stern look hiding behind other male figure... I think we have found the wife
[13:36] <Alucard_vess> it's the station head who is supposed to regulate visitors
[13:36] <Alucard_vess> my grain!  my grain!
[13:37] <@FltAdmlWolf> Au revoir
[13:37] <Alucard_vess> "here, hold this"
[13:37] <@FltAdmlWolf> Kirk is so cultured
[13:37] <Scudder> hahaha theyre on the chess board
[13:37] <Mirra_Ezo> Why are they all french?
[13:37] <Alucard_vess> holy cow!
[13:37] <Luke> omg.. they superglued the tribbles to the walls
[13:37] <@FltAdmlWolf> These tribbles are getting in the way of our chess and we refuse to remove them from the board!
[13:37] <Alucard_vess> mmmm, fried tribble
[13:37] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribbles in the cup
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> This is my tribble sandwich and coffee
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Scotty, you dropped one...
[13:37] <Mirra_Ezo> It pooped a baby
[13:38] <Flynn> When in Rome
[13:38] <Alucard_vess> the Cup of Ramen people really missed the mark there
[13:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> He said "Spocks"
[13:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> I'll just take this one with me.
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh, crawling tribble is back!
[13:38] <Scudder> hahaha i saw the machanized babydoll tribble on the transporter pad.
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> on the transport platform
[13:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hexagon door!
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> yep!
[13:38] <Mirra_Ezo> Ensign Ricky!
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> hexagon doors look so unsafe
[13:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> there's that pointy bit for someone to trip on
[13:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> and/or stab someone on closing
[13:39] <Alucard_vess> tribble shower
[13:39] <@FltAdmlWolf> Put upon
[13:39] <RAdml_Toni> some body been busy
[13:39] <skyfire> Ricky Redshirt
[13:39] <Scudder> did the producers air this thinking they'd have a hit in merchandising?
[13:39] <Luke> gonna need more beer for this
[13:39] <@FltAdmlWolf> Now it's more like a tribble bath
[13:39] <Alucard_vess> the most comic shot of the episode
[13:39] <Mirra_Ezo> Best part. All the extras who hated Shatner are chucking tribbles at him off screen
[13:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> "Ok, Bill... stand there, we're going to just keep pouring these fluffballs on you..."
[13:40] <Scudder> hahaha
[13:40] <Alucard_vess> he's spent a bit too much time studying triple reproduction
[13:40] <Flynn> It shows, some of them have some heat
[13:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> That guard in the background looks like he's mugging for the camera
[13:40] <Alucard_vess> "tribble"
[13:40] <Scudder> i love the stragglers
[13:40] <RAdml_Toni> lol
[13:40] <@FltAdmlWolf> Now, if that overhead compartment was full of grain, what was he expecting to happen? 
[13:40] <Brell2334> to get covered in grain i guess
[13:40] <Alucard_vess> a day late and a dollar short...
[13:41] <Mirra_Ezo> Dead pile of tribbles
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> maybe there was a forcefield?
[13:41] <Scudder> omg, what the hell, is this freaking Bambi? i wasn't prepared for death
[13:41] <RAdml_Toni> lol
[13:41] <@FltAdmlWolf> Yeah, this escalated quickly
[13:41] <Mirra_Ezo> What killed them? your acting
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> now we're talking about roasting alive... o.o
[13:41] <skyfire> So, what would happen if the TARDIS filled with tribbles?
[13:41] <Alucard_vess> I really don't like that guy...
[13:41] <@FltAdmlWolf> You close the door, Kirk, you're directly underneath it.
[13:42] <Mirra_Ezo> Captains don't close doors
[13:42] <Alucard_vess> I like how they squeak when you grab them
[13:42] <RAdml_Toni> annd  he opened it
[13:42] <Luke> lol, collecting tribbles.. the only assignment a redshirt could survive
[13:42] <@FltAdmlWolf> Uncourteous!
[13:42] <Alucard_vess> nah, he'd find a way to die
[13:42] <Alucard_vess> Klingons talking about courtesy
[13:42] <Mirra_Ezo> What happened to his mustache ?
[13:42] <skyfire> ::snaps fingers:: nuts. only able to submit 1 entry per contest.
[13:43] <Scudder> what do you do with dead tribbles? stuff some throwpillows?
[13:43] <@FltAdmlWolf> What! He's a Klingon!
[13:43] <Alucard_vess> fuzzy footballs
[13:43] <Mirra_Ezo> Bath slippers
[13:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like how the guards pause, just to let the tribbles scream
[13:43] <Scudder> haha
[13:43] <@FltAdmlWolf> The only way this episode works is what Klingons have smooth foreheads.
[13:43] <Alucard_vess> the E is like, don't mind me, I'm just drifting by"
[13:44] <Scudder> nuts i keep missing the E
[13:44] <Mirra_Ezo> Kirk Sass
[13:44] <Mirra_Ezo> He shaved his sassy beard and BAM! human
[13:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> Klingon?!  ::SHOCK!::
[13:44] <Brell2334> nobody scanned him before then
[13:44] <Alucard_vess> so that's what they look like when they shave
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> This was the 60's they didn't have time for scanning >.>
[13:45] <Alucard_vess> obviously he's never used the transporter before...
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm scared of the tribbles!  Oh noes!
[13:45] <Alucard_vess> I like how they had to create the Tribbles as a plot device for outing Darvin
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> No wonder they had a campaign to conquest the tribble homeworld
[13:45] <Luke> lmaol...tribble interrogation are against the geneva code
[13:46] <@FltAdmlWolf> Now he loves the tribbles.
[13:46] <Alucard_vess> poor guy
[13:46] <Brell2334> tie them to sticks to p/o the klingons in battle
[13:46] <Alucard_vess> he looks so sad
[13:46] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribble guns
[13:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Actually I think from reading the writers notes, Triibbles were the original plot device and they added the klingons because execs felt that an episode just about invasive species was a little bland
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> I want to see tribble guns
[13:47] <Alucard_vess> more powerful than quantum torpedoes
[13:47] <Mirra_Ezo> Tribble slingshots
[13:47] <Luke> all it takes is one trasnporter one tribble and a small pile of grain and the klingon homeworld is ours
[13:47] <@FltAdmlWolf> Why would it take 18 years to pick up all the tribbles? Get a wheelbarrow
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> Spock is very literal?
[13:47] <Mirra_Ezo> Or a shopvac
[13:47] <Alucard_vess> or gas the station
[13:47] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hah
[13:48] <Alucard_vess> he's seriously cleaning them up by stuffing them in his pockets?  Really?
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> He's not particularly bright
[13:48] <Mirra_Ezo> He has Tardis pockets
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> that, too
[13:48] <Alucard_vess> on the Klingon ship
[13:48] <@FltAdmlWolf> Mutual admiration society
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm surprised what they did at the end of this episode didn't start a war...
[13:49] <Scudder> yeah he's wearing cargo pants as a jacket
[13:49] <Alucard_vess> just tell him
[13:49] <RAdml_Toni> I hate that green tunic.
[13:49] <@FltAdmlWolf> This is like "Who's on first"
[13:49] <Alucard_vess> that was supposed to be the original color, not gold
[13:49] <@FltAdmlWolf> NO TRIBBLE AT ALL
[13:49] <Mirra_Ezo> Pun attack!
[13:49] <Alucard_vess> the original shirts kept showing up as gold, even though they were green
[13:50] <Brell2334> groovy
[13:50] <Alucard_vess> gorn in the credits!
[13:50] <Luke> lol, we did not see any of those puns in ops posts during the great tribble invasion did we
[13:50] <@FltAdmlWolf> YAAAY!
[13:50] <Scudder> so why are the end credits a sort of latin dance
[13:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> And we have a 10 minute break!
[13:50] <Alucard_vess> filmed at Desilu studios, probably Lucile Balls husbands call
�03[13:51] * Doc ( has left #starbase118
[13:51] <RAdml_Toni> ::interesting::
[13:51] <Mirra_Ezo> Luke we had ALL of the puns...
[13:51] <Luke> lol
[13:51] <Mirra_Ezo> So many there was a list on the forums
[13:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> Luke, there's a thread documenting all the title puns
[13:51] <RAdml_Toni> okay ready for the next one but potty break first
[13:52] <Mirra_Ezo> Because Sal_Taybrim is amazing and recognized our need to document the awesome
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim>
[13:52] <Mirra_Ezo> There is a cat on my legs but I have to pee :(
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> there it is
[13:52] <Scudder> vess, haha, good theory.
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> Cats just *know* when you need a potty break
[13:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> its one of their superpowers
[13:52] <RAdml_Toni> brb
[13:54] <Alucard_vess> season 5, episode 6 everyone
[13:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> Trials and Tribble-ations
[13:54] <Brell2334> such a ds9 nerd i went right to it
[13:55] <skyfire> So, Admiral Turner: You going to be my competition in the graphics contest this go-around?
[13:56] <Mirra_Ezo> My children are giving a robotic dinosaur physical therapy.
[13:56] <Mirra_Ezo> Like one does.
[13:56] <Flynn> I may have trouble resisting entering again
[13:56] <RAdml_Toni> back
[13:56] <Mirra_Ezo> You should enter!!
[13:56] <skyfire> Flynn: would love to see what you come up with.
[13:57] <Luke> lol if i ever figure out photo shop i think i have a good idea for an entry
[13:57] <skyfire> Luke: Tribbles in a Tardis?
[13:57] <Flynn> Give it a go Luke :)
[13:57] <Luke> lol, okley dokley i will
[13:57] <RAdml_Toni> skyfire, don't know yet. been working on our current mission
[13:57] <@FltAdmlWolf> 3m countdown :)
[13:58] <Luke> nope got a better one that tribbles in a tardis flynn
[13:58] <Luke> er .... sky
[13:58] <Alucard_vess> Tribbles on Endor?
�03[13:58] * Savan ( has joined #starbase118
[13:58] <skyfire> Darth Tribble?
[13:58] <Alucard_vess> oh, wait, they already have those
[13:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Savan!
[13:58] <Luke> Mirra knows it .. we discussed it last night
[13:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Ewok security ensign?
[13:58] <RAdml_Toni> hi Savan,
[13:58] <Savan> Hello all!
[13:59] <Alucard_vess> I'm thinking Picard on Endor going "What are these things!?"
[13:59] <@FltAdmlWolf> Everyone ready?
[14:00] <Alucard_vess> yep
[14:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> ready!
[14:00] <Mirra_Ezo> Yep!
[14:00] <RAdml_Toni> ready
[14:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> Get set!
[14:00] <Mirra_Ezo> I've never seen this one...
[14:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> and... GO!
[14:00] <Luke> nah... Chewbacca in the woods asking a tribble .. "Hey does poop stick to your fur?"
[14:00] <Savan> Yes sir!
[14:00] <Alucard_vess> this is the one my dad almost broke a TV over
[14:00] <Brell2334> that is funny
[14:00] <@FltAdmlWolf> Always on time!
[14:00] <Scudder> fudge i'm late
[14:01] <Mirra_Ezo> Time cops have no humor
[14:01] <Alucard_vess> such a bad pun
[14:01] <Brell2334> one of my all time favorites this one
[14:01] <@FltAdmlWolf> No coffee. Just the truth.
[14:01] <RAdml_Toni> ew that fist scene makes me dizzy
[14:01] <Luke> lol, they get to hear that pun over and over and over again
[14:01] <Alucard_vess> another bad one
[14:02] <Mirra_Ezo> It was a magic 8 ball
[14:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> Orbs, in all your favorite flavors!
[14:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> Scudder: if you're behind you can always fast forward at the credits
[14:02] <@FltAdmlWolf> Do these guys count as redshirts?
[14:02] <Alucard_vess> itty bitty ship
[14:03] <@FltAdmlWolf> Ew, fish juice?
[14:03] <Alucard_vess> let's recycle some actors...
[14:03] <Flynn> Who doesnt love hot fish juice?
[14:03] <Mirra_Ezo> Earthy peaty aroma
[14:03] <Alucard_vess> Worf's gonna open up a can...
[14:03] <@FltAdmlWolf> OMGLOLOLOL
[14:04] <Alucard_vess> blue shirt flying the ship?
[14:04] <Mirra_Ezo> Is that lilac...?
[14:04] <Alucard_vess> yeah, it's called date night
[14:04] <@FltAdmlWolf> Clearly we went back in time. When have you ever had a chroniton surge that didn't end in time travel?
[14:04] <Brell2334> time travel is always so bright
[14:04] <@FltAdmlWolf> WAAAAAAA ENTERPRISE
[14:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> Remastered
[14:05] <Alucard_vess> cut to 60's theme music
[14:05] <@FltAdmlWolf> CREDITS BEGIN!
[14:05] <Alucard_vess> sparkly
[14:05] <Mirra_Ezo> pop rocks hitting cola
[14:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> All those shimmering sounds and delicious french horns
[14:06] <@FltAdmlWolf> There's the Phoenix-B docked at upper pylon 3 :P
[14:06] <Alucard_vess> that station looks like it belongs in a claw-grab game at the fair
[14:06] <Flynn> lol Delicious
[14:06] <Brell2334> six
[14:06] <Alucard_vess> don't mind us, just weldin'
[14:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> It occurs to me that credits are a lot longer as the treks get newer
[14:06] <@FltAdmlWolf> I've never really understood the pylons at DS5. Shouldn't they curve outward? How do you park two ships in there? 
[14:06] <Savan> Did they name Ciroc vodka after Cirroc Lofton? Just saying...
[14:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> I suppose outward curving pylons didn;t look evil and Cardassian enough
[14:06] <Mirra_Ezo> Yes. Yes they did
[14:06] <@FltAdmlWolf> CREDITS END!
[14:07] <Flynn> i always thought they got longer as my ability to fast foward and skip ahead increased
[14:07] <Alucard_vess> or Cirroc Lofton after the vodka.  maybe his parents were drunk
�03[14:07] * Vie ( has joined #starbase118
[14:07] <Vie> Bleh, so late
[14:07] <Scudder> thanks for the credit-markers, i'm synced now i think :)
[14:07] <RAdml_Toni> hi vie
[14:07] <Vie> Hey Toni
[14:07] <Scudder> this was really a brilliant episode pairing
[14:07] <Savan> Cirroc Lofton owns a restaurant BTW I think
[14:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> Vie, we're at 7:45
[14:08] <Alucard_vess> seriously?  more hidden Klingons?
[14:08] <Flynn> Agreed Scudder
[14:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> THEMES
[14:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Mind blown
[14:09] <Mirra_Ezo> Klingons live that long...?
[14:09] <Luke> how long do klingons live
[14:09] <Scudder> Bashir! my first and only Star Trek crush. <3
[14:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ekeing out a meager living... i sense the writers were reading the original script closely
[14:09] <Luke> lol
[14:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> Right?? 
[14:09] <Savan> Isn't being trapped in Cardassian space always an indignity?
[14:09] <Vie> Will join in soon - on phone right now.
[14:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> Fish juice
[14:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> Luke: Obviously a pretty long time since Kang and Koloth all return as well
[14:09] <Alucard_vess> LOL
[14:09] <Alucard_vess> foreshadowing
[14:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> Heyo 
[14:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> Dax with beehive hair
[14:09] <Brell2334> wrong clor never!
[14:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> I'll just erase these things off my face
[14:10] <Mirra_Ezo> Futuristic spot remover
[14:10] <Alucard_vess> Dax in a skirt
[14:10] <Brell2334> color*
[14:10] <Scudder> hahaha
[14:10] <Scudder> the sidecomb
�03[14:10] * Guest_40677 (kiwiirc@2.220.yj.wky) has joined #starbase118
[14:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Doctor not a historian
[14:10] <Savan> "i'm a doctor, not a historian!"
[14:10] <Mirra_Ezo> And women wore less
[14:10] <Brell2334> PUN!
[14:10] <Mirra_Ezo> ::sassy spin::
[14:10] <@FltAdmlWolf> Ew, Julian.
[14:10] <Guest_40677> Hello Boris here
[14:10] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hello Boris :) 
[14:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello hello!
[14:11] <Alucard_vess> reminds me when the Thunder crew flew the old Hermes class scout
[14:11] <Scudder> wth. worf is horrible
[14:11] <Vie> Ah the Hermes
[14:11] <Guest_40677> before my time I think
[14:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Love the cinematography
[14:11] <Alucard_vess> there's not enough putty to cover that forehead
[14:11] <Brell2334> would enjoy seeing our character in tos gear
[14:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Bashir's hair is killing me
[14:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> That's a glamour shot of the original Enterprise... <3
[14:11] <Scudder> they kept the horrible shadows from TV lighting back then?? wow
[14:11] <@FltAdmlWolf> The hallways of the old Enterprise are so wide!
[14:12] <Vie> It was.. ..different
[14:12] <Brell2334> though would be changed into human again for my bolians
[14:12] <Alucard_vess> lol, no voice activation
[14:12] <Alucard_vess> act natural guys
[14:12] <Savan> Bashir looks like he would've been home in the 60s
[14:12] <Guest_40677> Was'nt the turbo lifts voice activated
[14:12] <@Sal_Taybrim> Smooth guys, smooooth
[14:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> They were, but you needed to activate them first
[14:13] <@FltAdmlWolf> Dax is getting overzealous about industrial design
[14:13] <Scudder> Thunder Boris? howdy!
[14:13] <Brell2334> dax getting all worked up over an old tricorder
[14:13] <Alucard_vess> Dax is really enjoying this
[14:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> And Daz gets all turned on my a tricorder
[14:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> *Dex)
[14:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> *Dax)
[14:13] <Guest_40677> hello
[14:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Sorry...
[14:13] <Mirra_Ezo> What the heck is Odo wearing??
[14:14] <@FltAdmlWolf> Odo put on more hair but still couldn't even try for a more natural face structure.
[14:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> Something like Cyrano Jones had
[14:14] <Brell2334> odo has a jones-equse  jacket
[14:14] <Flynn> double take lol
[14:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Wow that uniform
[14:14] <Alucard_vess> is she wearing a swim suit?
[14:14] <Scudder> haha
[14:14] <Brell2334> that hair
[14:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> with wings no less
[14:14] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hey Odo in the background!
[14:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> Cyrano Jones looks even shinier in this version
[14:15] <Scudder> so most hair got greasier, and Odo's got greasy-less
[14:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> mysteries of time travel
[14:15] <Alucard_vess> I like how bashir's scanner spins
[14:15] <@FltAdmlWolf> Shiny wallpaper
[14:15] <Guest_40677> Worf seemed ashamed of the old style Klingons
[14:16] <Mirra_Ezo> A study
[14:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bashir and O'Brien are, in fact, the worst spies
[14:16] <Vie> Yup
[14:16] <Alucard_vess> Who turned out the lights?
[14:16] <Brell2334> they can only play ones on the holodeck
[14:16] <Vie> Bashir is the guy you send in to distract people from the real spy
[14:17] <Luke> lol
[14:17] <Brell2334> ha good one
[14:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> Did anyone ever notice that every single Starfleet officer ever had pointed sideburns? 
[14:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> Like, ever ever.
[14:17] <Mirra_Ezo> I just did!!
[14:17] <Mirra_Ezo> I was wondering why they all had a trimmer
[14:17] <Guest_40677> it was the in thing in the 70s
[14:17] <Brell2334> worf is like oh no you do not have one of those things
[14:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> Odo is taken in by the tribble
[14:18] <@FltAdmlWolf> So wait, Worf has on the same jacket as Jones?
[14:18] <Alucard_vess> Klingons love to eat soft-furry animals
[14:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> must have been the standard model jacket
[14:18] <Alucard_vess> looks like Worf is wearing cam
[14:18] <Brell2334> odo and worf are dressed like jones
[14:18] <Alucard_vess> "camo"
[14:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like the stripey shirts they have underneath their jackets
[14:18] <Brell2334> with their striped shirts and similar jackets
[14:18] <@FltAdmlWolf> An armada obliterated the tribble homeworld!
[14:19] <Vie> Of course
[14:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> And Odo's full of sass
[14:19] <Brell2334> klingons never do anything small
[14:19] <Mirra_Ezo> It was orbiting the buttercups and rainbow nebula
[14:19] <@FltAdmlWolf> hehe
[14:19] <Alucard_vess> "my bad"
[14:19] <Guest_40677> that gives me a plot idea
[14:19] <@FltAdmlWolf> This episode needs more Kira.
[14:19] <Alucard_vess> Dax without spots, not right...
[14:20] <@Sal_Taybrim> Dax wants to see her Klingon friends...
[14:20] <Guest_40677> she was heavenly pregnant then in RL
[14:20] <Scudder> Kira looks very elvish in this episode
[14:20] <Guest_40677> Kira
[14:20] <Brell2334> wasnt it with bashirs kid in RL too?
[14:20] <@Sal_Taybrim> Too much fun... sounds like just about every mission with 'bad ideas'
[14:21] <Mirra_Ezo> Whaa??
[14:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Brell: yes, it was
�03[14:21] * Vie_ ( has joined #starbase118
[14:21] <Flynn> Not sure how i never knew that lol
[14:21] <Vie_> On the PC, now digging out the episode
[14:21] <Brell2334> I thought so.
[14:21] <Scudder> flap. lol
[14:21] <Guest_40677> not sure. I think the father left her and he stepped in
[14:21] <Brell2334> more tricorder flirting
[14:22] <Vie_> timecheck please
[14:22] <@FltAdmlWolf> No, I'm just wearing blue because it's a good color on me. 
[14:22] <@FltAdmlWolf> 21:35
[14:22] <Alucard_vess> that's creepy
[14:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bashir makes a horrible, horrible realization...
[14:22] <Vie_> Muhahaha
[14:22] <Alucard_vess> "you are your great grandfather!"
[14:22] <Vie_> Thanks Wolf
[14:23] <Vie_> "I MUST SIRE MYSELF!"
[14:23] <Alucard_vess> he's trying to rationalize it
[14:23] <Brell2334> think im synced now 2210
[14:23] <Alucard_vess> which is creepy
[14:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bashir: there are times you need to stop thinking
[14:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> this is one of them
[14:23] <Brell2334> yeah gross bashir
[14:23] <Guest_40677> I thought Bashir was an augment?
[14:23] <Vie_> Yep
[14:23] <Vie_> Well, modified
[14:23] <Alucard_vess> Bashir, this is Star Trek, not Futurama
[14:23] <Scudder> i never noticed Kirk's badge on his ... what, tummy? belt? weird
[14:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> modified after he was born
[14:24] <@FltAdmlWolf> Yeah! I mentioned it last episode :P  It's weird, isn't it? 
[14:24] <Brell2334> wasn't revealed yet his genetic status
[14:24] <Mirra_Ezo> Oogling Spock lol
[14:24] <skyfire> Vess: Mark's getting his own page. It's under construction.
[14:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> Well, someone has to do it
[14:24] <Savan> It's all about the ears...
[14:24] <Vie_> The thinking girls always loved spock
[14:24] <Alucard_vess> Down Dax!  Down girl!
[14:24] <Mirra_Ezo> It's the purple eyeshadow
[14:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> Dax: having waaaay too much fun
[14:24] <Brell2334> something about this time period has her all frisky
[14:25] <Mirra_Ezo> Memories
[14:25] <Vie_> Dax nerding out is superb
[14:25] <Flynn> were they just holding hands..?
[14:25] <Alucard_vess> Dax is like a Hippie reliving Woodstock
[14:25] <Guest_40677> time travel can effect some people
[14:25] <@FltAdmlWolf> ... all alone in the moooonlight! I can smile at the memories....
[14:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> I smell... a barroom fight
[14:25] <Brell2334> fight fight fight!
[14:25] <Flynn> thats never a good smell
[14:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> Quick, everybody!  Grease up the bar!
[14:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> and the fighters!
[14:26] <@FltAdmlWolf> The way they insert everyone into old footage is pretty impressive
[14:26] <Alucard_vess> he's never seen a picture of Kirk?
[14:26] <Vie_> I like how O'Brian picks out the fat bloke as kirk...
[14:26] <Guest_40677> that is the one thing missing these days. They did it in that JJ film
[14:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> I think O'Brien is proving himself completely inept at history this episode
[14:27] <Mirra_Ezo> We do not discuss it with outsiders
[14:27] <Mirra_Ezo> I.E. the writers didn't know
[14:27] <Guest_40677> we should have a good bar fight on the Thunder
[14:27] <Alucard_vess> IE, we haven't figured it out yet
[14:27] <RAdml_Toni> yeah
[14:27] <Savan> Wouldn't the human-looking Klingons have smelled a peaty, lilac aroma?
[14:27] <Alucard_vess> OBriens an idiot
[14:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> I dunno, I think Eau de Klingon is eternal
[14:27] <RAdml_Toni> but now POW! and other batman signs
[14:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> Besides, he's an engineer - wouldn;t he zero in on Scotty instead?
[14:28] <Mirra_Ezo> Greased up fight scene !!!
[14:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> Everyone stands up to fight but Odo who's all "wtf guys...?"
[14:28] <Scudder> sigh i don't think i can do this unending scene a second time. making coffee. :)
[14:29] <Guest_40677> Boris would of stunned all the Klingons
[14:29] <Alucard_vess> that's definitely a temporal violation
[14:29] <Vie_> "Ow!"
[14:29] <Brell2334> slideeasy chairs were spot on for this one too
[14:29] <RAdml_Toni> kaboo!
[14:29] <RAdml_Toni> Pow!
[14:29] <@FltAdmlWolf> Klingon fighting Klingon!
[14:29] <Alucard_vess> Booze Ballerina
[14:29] <@FltAdmlWolf> LOL @ Vess
[14:29] <Brell2334> LOL
[14:30] <Vie_> That chest...
[14:30] <Flynn> nicely greased boys
[14:30] <@FltAdmlWolf> That is one beefy redshirt
[14:30] <Guest_40677> Worf only drinks prune juice
[14:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> Odo and Worf slip away, Bashir and O'Brien are nabbed...
[14:30] <Vie_> They aren't civilians
[14:30] <Guest_40677> a little to pumped up
[14:30] <Brell2334> security of starfleet calendar beefy lol
[14:31] <Vie_> I'd buy that...
[14:31] <Brell2334> all proceeds go to the red shirt widow fund
[14:31] <Guest_40677> its Yellow shirt now
[14:31] <Mirra_Ezo> I lied to captain Kirk
[14:32] <RAdml_Toni> TWAS ME SKIPPER
[14:32] <@FltAdmlWolf> So wait, since he finds out that Scotty was the one that threw the first punch, does that mean no one else is confined to quarters? 
[14:32] <Vie_> The Tribble-pocalypse has begun
[14:32] <Mirra_Ezo> Dun dun DUUUUUNNN!!
[14:32] <Vie_> Cry Havoc and unleash the tribbles of War!
[14:32] <Brell2334> squeaky purring work distractions
[14:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hall of warriors... for a cowardly tribble bomb?
[14:33] <Guest_40677> why is that Trump guy wearing one on his head?
[14:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Darvin has issues
[14:33] <@FltAdmlWolf> Darvin looks more like a vacuum salesman than a Klingon warrior
[14:33] <Brell2334> time check?
[14:33] <Vie_> Boris - the purring is used in place of thoughts
[14:33] <Alucard_vess> death by tribble
[14:33] <Mirra_Ezo> .....WEAPONIZED TRIBBLES!!!
[14:33] <Vie_> 33@08
[14:34] <Guest_40677> Darvin is a monster stuffing a bomb up a Tribbles bottom
[14:34] <Brell2334> k thx skipped a bit too far forward
[14:34] <Vie_> Could have surgically implanted the bomb
[14:34] <Brell2334> or did he simply skin one
[14:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> I like Sisko's answer to the "spock tribble calculation strategy:
[14:35] <Brell2334> dax = ds9 spock
[14:35] <Vie_> Tribble Skinning sounds like a horrible task.
[14:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> 'thank you'
[14:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> tribble skinning does sound terrible.
[14:35] <Guest_40677> so would be jamming up its bottom
[14:35] <@FltAdmlWolf> not if you're a Klingon
[14:35] <Mirra_Ezo> Uh oh...Kirk gave Dax..."The eye"
[14:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> true.  And theere are plenty of tribbles around
[14:35] <Brell2334> it does yes, well yeah guess would be fun to klingons
[14:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> Dax barely contains her inner fangirl
[14:35] <Brell2334> the report to my quarters later eye
[14:36] <Guest_40677> for all we know Dax had a fling with him we know she did with Mc Coy
[14:36] <Brell2334> like so many yeoman before
[14:36] <Mirra_Ezo> Oooh those buttons
[14:36] <@FltAdmlWolf> How does Kirk not notice these two new people on the bridge?
[14:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> "When Kirk sat on that tribble I half expected it to go off..."  Hahaha!
[14:36] <Brell2334> and bridge boop noises
[14:36] <Guest_40677> zippers
[14:36] <Mirra_Ezo> Whomp! There it is...
[14:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh Dax...
[14:37] <Alucard_vess> she dated McCoy lol
[14:37] <Savan> "he had the hands of a surgeon!"
[14:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::snerk!::
[14:37] <Savan> not sure if dated is the right word!
�06[14:37] * Vie_ eyebrow wiggles
[14:37] <Mirra_Ezo> It's that one! The non wiggly one!
[14:37] <Brell2334> one night stands of dax history
[14:37] <Alucard_vess> it is if you're trying to be polite
[14:37] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribbles on aquarium rocks. 
[14:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Slow motion camera closeup of the deadliest Tribble!
[14:37] <Brell2334> long and populated with interesting folks
[14:37] <Vie_> We are trying to be polite?
[14:37] <Guest_40677> as allways
[14:38] <Vie_> Two decks of tribble scanning...
[14:38] <Vie_> that would be horrible
[14:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> Guys, it doesn't help that you keep throwing all the tribbles in opposite directions. How do you know which ones you've scanned?
[14:38] <Brell2334> was that the bar tender in the middle of that stack of tribbles
[14:38] <Mirra_Ezo> They marked them
[14:38] <Mirra_Ezo> Like they do with feral cats
[14:38] <Scudder> hahaha wolf
[14:38] <Vie_> Brell - yes
[14:38] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribble soup
[14:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Can't they narrow it down by area?  old tricorders couldn't have been that weak
[14:39] <Guest_40677> stuffed Tribble with chips
[14:39] <@FltAdmlWolf> "There are vents of that type on the space station" -- air vents? 
[14:39] <Vie_> Storage Compartments - the phrase of the day
[14:39] <Alucard_vess> so they were the ones who kept throwing tribbles at Kirk
[14:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> everybody needs storage compartments
[14:39] <Brell2334> wouldnt they be taking a modern tricorder made to look like an old one?
[14:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> yeah, they should have
[14:40] <Guest_40677> because the old style ones look cooler
[14:40] <@FltAdmlWolf> Or at least put their modern tricorder in an old case or something?
[14:40] <Brell2334> think they forgot to use that plot device
[14:40] <@FltAdmlWolf> Oh funny, so Dax and Sisko were the ones throwing the random tribbles at Kirk's head.
[14:40] <Alucard_vess> if Kirk looks up right now he's going to see a whole other side of Dax...
[14:40] <Mirra_Ezo> Different case, same hardware
[14:40] <Guest_40677> up her skirt
[14:40] <Brell2334> oh my so thats why he keeps lookingu p
[14:40] <Mirra_Ezo> He owes her a dollar
[14:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> No wonder Kirk kept looking up there
[14:41] <Mirra_Ezo> I found I'm going to drop it....
[14:41] <Guest_40677> brb got to take my heart pills
[14:41] <Brell2334> yeah he like bomb im not holding it
[14:41] <Flynn> A weaponized tribble at its best
[14:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> No one noticed the exploding tribble?
[14:41] <Alucard_vess> see, she threw it!
[14:41] <Brell2334> how did the enterprise not notice that boom
[14:42] <Alucard_vess> perfect timing
[14:42] <Brell2334> or k-7
[14:42] <Mirra_Ezo> The main cast was busy
[14:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> they were mesmerized by the tribbles
[14:42] <Flynn> "What was that?" "Oh, just a random explosion. Nothing worth looking into."
[14:42] <Luke> "move along .. nothing to see"
[14:42] <Brell2334> it happens all the time it is the old west in space after all
[14:42] <@FltAdmlWolf> All she did was open the doors of the thing time thing. How hard was it to learn how to use it?
[14:42] <Vie_> "Well, not exactly...."
[14:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sisko pulls a fanboy moment
[14:43] <Vie_> He gave his real name...
[14:43] <@FltAdmlWolf> With that goatee, Kirk would have been suspicious he's a Klingon, dontcha think?
[14:43] <Mirra_Ezo> Spots back!
[14:43] <Alucard_vess> miss the skirt htough
�02[14:43] * Guest_40677 (kiwiirc@2.220.yj.wky) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[14:43] <Mirra_Ezo> She kept it for date night \
[14:44] <Vie_> "Are you kidding, we hate kirk! The man is a menace!"
[14:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> Why doesn't the temporal dept wear standard Starfleet uniforms?
[14:44] <Vie_> Wolf - they change too often
[14:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> Odo smile
[14:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> TRIBBLES!
[14:44] <Brell2334> they were going for the men in black look
[14:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> Tribbles fit well upon Quark's head!
[14:44] <Brell2334> so how does ds9 get rid of their tribbles by next weeks episode
[14:44] <Mirra_Ezo> Science!
[14:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> We've used that image of a tribble on Quark's head for years and years on the site :) 
[14:44] <Flynn> The question remains, is Bashir his own grandfather? :/
[14:44] <Vie_> Brell - ask Quark - he suddenly had a lot of money
[14:45] <Brell2334> they sent them to the gamma quadrant
[14:45] <Brell2334> ah tribble stew at quarks
[14:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Flynn: we may never know
[14:45] <Alucard_vess> they weaponized them against the dominion
[14:45] <RAdml_Toni> THAT was     short
[14:45] <Brell2334> and for the bajoran orphans
[14:45] <@FltAdmlWolf> That's how they won!
[14:45] <Vie_> That or he sold them to the House of Duras as a revenge weapon
[14:45] <Savan> Somehow I don't think Tribbles would like the Jem Hadar
[14:45] <Luke> how do you think all those mines the mined the wormhole with were self replicating
[14:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> but they do like founders
[14:46] <@FltAdmlWolf> Tribblemines
[14:46] <Luke> thats what they did to the tribbles
[14:46] <Vie_> ...oh wow, like.
[14:46] <Mirra_Ezo> That was fun!
[14:46] <Brell2334> fun indeed
[14:46] <Vie_> Next time I'll have to make sure I get back in time
[14:46] <Flynn> Yes, thanks for putting it together
[14:46] <@FltAdmlWolf> Thanks Cmdr. Taybrim :)